Nokia Lumia 1520 M

Nokia Lumia 1520 Specs

Nokia and Microsoft have brought a new windows phone Nokia Lumia 1520 which has been revealed at Nokia World in Abu Dhabi. It is the first phablet from Nokia with 6 inch full HD display and powerful 2.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor.

The phone is slim with 8.7 mm thick and lighter with only 209 gm. Supersize phone has 162.8 mm height and 85.4 mm width with wide display (1920 x 1080).  The new Nokia Lumia 1520 has fantastic display and user interface features which will be very useful for users like: controlling brightness, Lumia color adjustment, high brightness controlling mode, Corning Gorilla Glass 2 etc.  In this phone, you can view from every angle clearly with Nokia Glance screen.

It has Sunlight readability enhancements features that you can read the screen in sunlight comfortably.  Pixel density of the display is 368 ppi with ClearBlack, IPS LCD Display technology. Super sensitive touch screen technology makes comfort for users to operate the display easily with gentle touch.  There are three operating keys in the phone for controlling sound volume, camera key and power key. It has MicroSD 64 GB data storage with 7GB free cloud storage.  


Nokia also keep attention to its user’s personal demand.  They have added some features of managing user’s personal information like calculator, clock, calendar, alarming clock and etc. In this phone, anyone can easily handle official work by using office apps. Anyone can work in the MS word, Excel, Power point by this phone as they can do in their pc.

User can communicate easily with others by emailing through Nokia Lumia 1520. I think, it is the greatest combination of all necessary features in a phone that Nokia have ever made. Skype is also available in this phone that anyone can keep maintain communication via video calling.

You can also keep update your social profile such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profile through the social apps that exists in the NoKia Lumia 1520. You can also share your videos on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social profile by this phone.

Nokia Lumia 1520 has a 20MP camera with dual led flash that you can take each shot with pure view and image will be saved in a JPEG format. There is also available high resolution zoom option that you can zoom your screen multiple times than the original screen.

The battery has an outstanding performance with 25 hours talk time. You can always connect to internet and always enjoy browsing the internet as it has 13.6 hours battery support.

To tell in a short, The Nokia Lumia 1520 is an excellent windows phone version from Nokia. You will feel different with this windows phone what really goes with your demand.

LG G2 IPS Display

LG G2 Favorite Features you Gonna Like Most

There I wanna show you some of the cool features that I like best about the LG G2. I am going to skip over the specs and get straight to the features that you gonna like best.

Cool Features of LG G2

One of my favorite features is called KnockOn. This turns on the screen by tapping out twice then you swipe to unlock. You can tap on the drop-down or any blank area on the screen to turn it back off again. I love this feature and I hope it available on all Android phones. It’s awesome.

The next thing is the shortcut bar at the top of the drop down. It’s fully customizable and you can change that order up the shortcuts which is really key to me. You can see it but airplane mode, Wi-Fi Bluetooth and screen rotation right at the front of the list cause as the ones I use all the time.

LG G2 Favorite Features

It’s also got handy features like Miracast and wireless storage which let you access the phone over the network right up on the top there.  Also there’s a cool feature under the sink call Q slide that gives you a bunch of different app so you can read and small windows.

So this way you can be doing a couple things at once, you could be watching a video while you’re doing some work or talking on the phone while you’re taking notes or you can just pop the calculator up on top of the screen see you can add up some numbers that you’re looking at on a web page and you can also edit the App Center up here or arrange the order or turn them all off if you like.

Also in the drop-down there’s a shortcut to your remote control app, this controls the IR blaster on the phone you can go full screen with it also. And this controls just about every device that you can throw at it like TVs, DVD players, cable boxes, satellite boxes and you can have different sets a room so controls like my Sony TV for my bedroom and my Vizio TV for my living room.

Another thing that I really like about the LG G2 is that you can customize a soft button down the bottom here. This is really nice for me because I came from the Galaxy s3 which is the opposite of the default at the G2. So just went into the menus and switched over in the transition was nice and easy. Also you have the option to change the color the bar itself and you can even add a couple different buttons to the bar like an option to bring your drop down menu down and up.

LG G2 Apps View

Here is another option I think is really cool on the LG G2. You can make an icon four times then original size and these icons look nice and clean the edges are nice and Sharpe and they’re definitely high definition looking so. You don’t lose any quality by going bigger you could go for a real minimalist look if you just use one or two apps all the time just put like four big icons on your home screen.

Here is a great little shortcut, hold the down button down for three seconds and it will bring you straight into camera mode no lock screen or anything or if you hit up for three second to set him the power button turn on, it will take you to right to the quick note memo mode and finally to take a screenshot on the LG G2 to hold the power button and the down button to get a screen capture. But if you swipe up on the home key and drag to the right there’s another screen capture option right there and it takes you right into the memo pads you can make notes on your screen capture if you wish as well or you can just save it with no notes.

LG G2 is something I have found using an innovative back button. It’s awesome. G2 is about the smallest phone with the biggest screen that you can find. Let’s thanks to the awesome small vessel that they put on there. I seriously recommend the LG G2. It’s something that I always like to have in my pocket.

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VIZIO M401i-A3

Vizio M651d-A2R 65 Inch Review

Vizio M651d-A2R Full View

A View from my Home

Today I wanna discuss and review about the VIZIO M651d-A2R 65-inch 3D smart TV. This is VIZIO’s latest ultra thin design and you can see it has also got a very slim bezel. It has a a 240 Hertz LED panel with smart gaming, movie theater, 3D, so you want the battery-operated glasses anymore, built in Wi-Fi, Ethernet, four HDMI port and optimal audio port and much more.

VIZIO M651d-A2R has got a bunch of apps too including Netflix, HULU PLUS  and amazon prime on one device, usually you won’t find all the three apps together and of course you’ve got YouTube Pandora video and lots more Apps.

Features and Specs of VIZIO M651d-A2R 65-inch


Vizio M651d-A2R Remote

First take a look at the remote. So you have got an app shortcut button right at the top here. You have got your media playback controls right after the app shortcut button and after that here is a multi directional pad which usually uses a lot on this TV. Over here you get a button for all of your apps and volume up volume down. Also you get some screen setting controls here and your keypad.

Here are the cool features of the remote, its lights up when you press the middle arrow button so you can see at night. And on the back it has got some warm feeling soft touch plastic.

3D Glasses

These are the 3D glasses comes with this VIZIO M651d-A2R TV. It has polarized lenses like the kind you get the movie theater and they work great. I used to have the battery operated shatter style glasses on my old TV and it didn’t work anywhere near as well. It gives me a headache in the 3d quality didn’t look as good. Plus when you buy this TV from certain retailers like Amazon, you get 8 pairs of glasses instead of the standard four.


Next I removed the stand and set the TV on the wall along with my Samsung sound bar. The built in speakers are actually pretty good, I can say better than my last TV. But the sound bar I have got just sound awesome. I highly recommend it for any LCD TV.

Picture Quality

I used to special ultra thin tilting wall mount, it gives it a clean look like a picture frame and leaves very little room behind the TV. As you can see the TV in the below image, has really a wide viewing angle, look still look really great even from the side.

Vizio M651d-A2R Display

A View from my Home


Now let’s take a look at the apps. So if you hit the apps button on your remote once, you will see your favorites and you have got Hulu Plus, Netflix and Amazon Prime on one device. These guys usually don’t allow all their stuff to be in one place at the same time. If you hit the app button twice you can see all your apps that are available on this weekend and chose to add one to your favorites.

It has some pretty nice apps on here and then there also some pretty clean apps on here. A lot of these TV channel don’t even have video ornament. Just a little sidebar where you create news whiles you watching TV.

This TV has one of the best looking versions of YouTube that I have ever seen. It takes graphics from the YouTube channel and put it into the UI. I just wish It was a little bit faster. You can check this out, you can send a YouTube video from your phone to the TV. Now you need to be on the same home network to do this and I’m using a galaxy s3 but I think the phone is just barely fast enough to keep up with, this is something more like a galaxy s4 or one of the latest Android phone would probably be better.

You can pretty much share any video that you have on your phone using an app like iMedia share. Just select the video and chose share tube, chose iMedia share and then you will see your VIZIO M651d-A2R TV available and send it there.

Vizio M651d-A2R Apps

Netflix is also one of the best apps that come on the VIZIO M651d-A2R TV. The UI looks pretty much like anywhere else but the video playback quality look really good. The main strings of that TV itself are the video quality is excellence and the 3D is really amazing. There are a few really good apps on here but a lot of them don’t really do much or they require a subscription fee for something that you are not sure what you are going to get.

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Android Mini PC

Here is a great upgrade for your new TV it puts full android jelly bean on your TV and gives you access to thousands of apps. It’s called an android Mini PC or AMP. It will make your new M651d-A2R smart TV smarter than any TV on the market today. You can actually install whatever app you choose and it is very expensive to you.

The best way to control your AMP is within Air Mouse remote control like this one. This one also has a keyboard which is very nice for quickly entering text. You just tap or drag the screen just like you would on a Smartphone or tablet; it’s very easy to use.

Web browsing on the Android Mini PC is much easier than on any device I have ever used. Also watching YouTube videos is actually very easy and here intensity of the keyboard, you can do full searches which is really nice.

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The VIZIO M651d-A2R can also play video from USB devices like hard drives and flash drives but a lot of formats are not supported like MKV, attaching an AMP can help play a range of formats.

Down and Plus sides of VIZIO M651d-A2R 65-inch

The only downside that I noticed on this TV is the remote could have a little bit stronger signal sometimes and the menus can occasionally be a little bit laggy.

On the plus side, the VIZIO M651d-A2R has a ton of great features as a great panel with awesome picture quality in the 3D looks amazing. All the TV Company should have done 3D like this to begin with and it would have been much more successful. Its thin and has a super small bezel which looks very modern and you get excellent hardware for the price.

It’s about a thousand dollars less than a comfortable Samsung or LG. Plus VIZIO’s actively updating the firmware for the m651d-a2r. I’ve already had two firmware upgrades in the past few weeks. This means more apps may be added in the future.

So if you really understand what you gonna get with this awesome VIZIO M651d-A2R M series 3D Smart LED HDTV and found this review discussion helpful, Please share and tweet this discussion with your friends and like the post.


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VIZIO M401i-A3

VIZIO M401i-A3 smart LED HDTV Review

VIZIO M401i-A3

Image Source:
List Price: $529.99
Current Price: $498.00
You Save: $31.99

Let’s take a look at some of the features of VIZIO M401i-A3 smart LED HDTV. VIZIO has put out a full bright flat panel LED backlit TV that is capable of displaying full HD quality picture at 1920 by 1080 resolutions.

The M401i-A3 M series razor comes with a 40-inch bright view screen that offers full dimming option to adjust TV contrast and sharpness to its surroundings. It’s 120Hz refresh rate is ideal for HD content.

Now let’s take a look at the positive and negative aspect for VIZIO M401i-A3 smart LED HDTV.

VIZIO M401i-A3 is no doubt a better TV yet it lacks some of the other features of it’s higher end model such as 3D display and a higher refresh rate.

Now let’s have a look at some positive aspect. The M401i-A3 has a flat panel 40 inch display and 120Hz refresh rate with full HD 1920 by 1080 resolution. It includes an HDMI interface for gaming and watching Blu-ray movies and also support WI-Fi connectivity.

Here is our conclusion. The VIZIO M401i-A3 is the latest series of LED HDTV available in electronics shop and it has got a great interest from the M series razor LED smart TV.

For more information on this HDTV, Please Click Here.

VIZIO M401i-A3


Google Nexus 10 1

New Google Nexus 7 Review (2013)

What’s up Guys! This is a review for Google’s New Nexus 7. Let’s start with the hardware made by Asus. The new nexus 7 still has a soft touch interior like previous  Nexus 7 models but this one is more refined and elegant.

The new Nexus 7 sports a 7-inch display with a resolution of 1920 by 1200 which means that it comes out the 323 pixels per inch. Which makes the display really sharp. That has good viewing angles and beautiful color reproduction. the screen gets really bright and is excellent watching video. Especially when coupled with the both stereo speakers that Google and Asus have put into this tablet.

The overall media consumption on this new Nexus 7 is excellent. I can spend hours watching YouTube videos and movies on this awesome display.

There’s also a new five megapixel camera on the back of the Nexus 7. This not real good and usable anything low lighting conditions.

Let’s Compare the Old and Latest Nexus 7

New Google Nexus 7

Img Cred:

Moving on the performance the new Nexus 7 runs on a faster processor and graphics unit that Google claims is more than four times as powerful. Google also doubles the RAM from the last generations Nexus 7 making it two gigabytes.

To make it simple, the new Nexus 7 is fast games are great, even the more graphically intensive owns and this performance carries throughout the UI of the Nexus. Scrolling is smooth and it is an overall better experience of using that tablet than any other android tablet, I have ever used in the past.

This is probably because of being a Nexus device which means you always run the latest version of android which we are talking about is actually 4.3 jelly beans.

For two hundred and twenty nine dollars, you will not find anything that beat this tablet. Its battery gets me through the whole day with plenty of juice left.

The new Nexus 7 is definitely recommended and pretty much unbeatable at this price point.

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Nexus 4

Google New Nexus 7 Review by the Verge

Google New Nexus 7 Review

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This is David from the Verge and this is Google’s New Nexus 7. Last year Google’s first Nexus 7 immediately became the best Android tablet on the market but in the last 12 months, it’s become slow and buggy. So Google back with another rocking tablet, this for $229 dollar bringing the device way up to date.

It’s sorts of the hardware that made by Asus. The Nexus 7 has a 7.02 Inch 1920 by 1200 IPS display that is way better than the last model or even something like the iPad Mini. It is fantastic viewing angles and gorgeous color reproduction and it’s just insanely sharp. At 323 pixels per inch, it’s good enough that you can even read tiny texts. I can actually read a book through the screenshots in the Play Store.

Everything from movies to books, it just more pleasant to look at. The screen is incredibly bright and absolutely destroyed the battery when it’s turned all the way up but it’s overall one of the best tablet display, I have ever seen. Even while improving the screen, Google managed to make the New Nexus 7 a little bit thinner and a lot later. It’s a little taller now and it feels a lot taller.

The bezels on the sides are thinner the last year model but the top and bottom’s bezels are still big in fact. It makes the device feel kinda asymmetrical which the optional camera lens on the front doesn’t help either. But the new Nexus 7 is more comfortable and usable on one hand than ever. The New Nexus 7’s still soft touch and comfortable, it feels much more grown up somehow.

Google and Asus also added a stereo speaker which is great. No matter how you hold the New Nexus 7, you get the genuine stereo sound that’s pretty loud and pretty clear.

There is a new 5 Megapixel rear camer as well but it’s not very good or very interesting. For 229 dollars you can only expect so much but Google did make bigger promises this time.

The new Nexus 7 runs on a faster processor and the GPU that Google says it more than four times as powerful. There’s top of the RAM now which is a big upgrade and it’s fast. Other than the fact that the Google has somehow not figured out, how to animate scrolling properly, there are basically zero performance issues with this Nexus.

Google Nexus 7 and New Nexus 7 Comparison

Google New Nexus 7 Review

Img Cred:

Games are great even intensive one and the operating system flow smoothly. The new Nexus 7 runs on the latest Android 4.3 Jelly Bean but it does bring a few new things to the tablet.

The restricted profile basically just gives you parental controls for the tablet. You can pick and choose which apps a certain user can access. It’s a feature that lots a tablet have had though it just now backed into the OS.

One genuinely cool new feature is play games which are essentially and not hideous game center or x-box live for Android. It tracks your achievements or highest scores, shows you what your friends are playing and so on.

Google talking about a lots of tablet apps and how many of them look good and work well on the new nexus 7. There are definitely signs of life in the Android eco-system here. Apps like Flipboard and Evernote and pocket, works great on 7-inch device and Netflix can now play in gorgeous 1080 Pixels but there still plenty of examples like Cardio which is just a blown-up phone app and looks pretty bad.

Particularly for game players to their just many more great apps on iOS than Android but for most things Android caught up and on seven inch size. Even the blown-up phone app store looks quite so terrible.

The new Nexus is far more powerful than the old, there’s no question about that. But I am still a little nervous in our benchmark test, it’s raw number are much better but relatives the completion there about the same as the Nexus 7 was a year ago.

I was hoping for an insane crazy power so this tablet be able to hand around for a year but that may not be the case. I guess we might just be stuck paying $229 dollar per year for ever which does makes the more expensive models like 32GB model for $269 dollar or 32 GB + LTE for $349 dollar, a much harder sell.

Better lives another thing that was odd about the old Nexus 7 at least the one I bought. It was great for a couple of months and then basically fall of a cliff. For now the new model easily last through a full day of pretty heavy use with some gaming and movie watching and it burns almost no battery on standby which is not true the Nexus 7 about a year ago, I am hoping that hold up.

So yes, I am still a little worried about the future but in some sense such as the press a progress and the new Nexus 7 has such good build quality such a gorgeous screen and finally such a good selection of Tablet apps that for as long as the processor can hang around.

This is going to be one of the best Android Tablet on the market. I wanna tell, it’s great for reading, watching movies, browsing the web and checking your email, the new Nexus 7 for $229 dollar is pretty much unbeatable.

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HTC ONE MINI: What the rumors say


The reports suggest that the cheaper version of HTC’s flagship device, HTC ONE, is definitely coming in the third quarter of this year. We will cover everything that is being suggested by rumors and reports.

The new device, which has been code named M4 by HTC is due to release coming August. The phone is supposed to be slightly smaller in size but not totally metallic, like the HTC ONE. It will also have plastic parts, like the plastic rims around the metal body, according to the recent leaks and rumors. However, the Aluminium will still cover the majority of the HTC ONE Mini, even as the mobile’s front face has a thin bezel around it.

Leaving that and the size, the new Smartphone will look very similar to HTC ONE. This means the phone will have very much the same, great feel as the HTC ONE and the metallic surface will make it look good too. The smaller size of course also means that you will be able to hold the device easily and more comfortably in one hand.

The phone will have an impressive 16GB internal memory but will be lacking an external memory card slot. The sleek little device by the Taiwanese company will come in black as well as white.

The phone is expected to have a smaller 4.3inch screen as compared to HTC ONE’s 4.7inch huge display (At 1080p). The resolution will be 720p. The high pixel density (~342ppi, as compared to HTC ONE’s 469ppi) will also ensure that the display is extremely sharp and crisp. The handset will be running Android 4.2.2 (Jellybean) with HTC’s Sense and Blinkfeed. The processor on which the phone will run on is most likely to be a dual core 1.4GHz Snapdragon 400 along with 2GB RAM. The HTC ONE works on a 1.7GHz quad core Snapdragon 600 and 2GB RAM. This makes it a pretty fast and smooth running Smartphone.

The ONE Mini will sport either an 8MP camera or will borrow the 4MP high resolution UltraPixel camera with LED Flash and Autofocus. There is no way of confirming before the official reports which one it will be. It will definitely be able to record HD videos at 1080p at 30fps and at 720p at 60fps though.

This is all we have as for now according to the leaks, reports and rumors. You’ll do well to keep in mind that these are in fact just rumors. We will have to wait for the official announcement from HTC to see if we have got the specifications and design right or not.

Keeping in mind the reduced price, the HTC ONE Mini offers great value for money. It sports almost the same good looks and a great camera, along with a decent processor makes it a great buy. It will definitely give the other phones great competition in the mid-range criterion. The phone will most likely come out in the fall of this year.