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GreenWorks GPW1950 Review

GreenWorks is a company that offers a wide range of systems and power tools. One product under their brand is the GPW1950 model. This pressure washer is high powered and equipped with a portable and convenient handheld design which makes it perfect for getting rid of punk, cleaning, as well as eliminating stains from various areas.It is capable of ejecting pressurized water at 1.2 GPM (gallons per minute).

This model is equipped with a washer and hose reel, both of which are designed as professional grade. At the same time, the powerful pressure of water produced can cover a distance of up to 35 feet at maximum capacity. To customize your cleaning, you also have the option to choose from the three nozzle tip measurements (0,25, and 40 degrees)

GreenWorks GPW1950

Pros and Cons of GreenWorks GPW1950


  • Equipped with accessories that are essential for the function of this machine
  • Comes with a low-pressure sprayer which is useful for the foam
  • Cable holder and hose makes it easy to transport the machine
  • This machine is easy to store
  • One of the most compact and lightweight design model


  • On the more expensive end of the pricing scale
  • The pressure-per-inch is relatively lower compared to others

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Features of GreenWorks GPW1950

As a pressure washer that comes with 1950 pressure per inch measurement, it is easy to conclude that this model is a light-duty equipment. Still, despite being compact, it is designed to assist individuals who need to complete small tasks, completing them all with ease.

Aside from being compact and small, this machine also boasts the capability of removing stains effortlessly, while brightening untidy areas seamlessly. This is one of the reasons why this unit is well loved by many.

It is equipped with a 25-feet hose (high pressure), which is mounted on a 35 feet electric cable. This length of cable makes it quite versatile and convenient to move around. This is perfect if you need to work on some hard to reach areas in your home or clean spaces that might be awkward to work on.

While other machines come equipped with one soap tank, the GPW1950 comes equipped with two soap tanks. This translates to maximum performance while using, minus the need to worry that this machine might stop working.

GreenWorks GPW1950

If you live in a house with smaller siding and fences, you will definitely find this model a very useful option. This is because its size can allow you to work on those intricate projects that need to be completed, though you may not really expect high professional quality output. The nozzle tips of this model come in three-degree options – 0, 25 and 40.

Even though some machines have five, this machine makes up with the lack of the inclusion of a low-pressure sprayer which is used with the foam. It even comes with a wand to ensure seamless operation.

The benefits that are mentioned above are obviously the major ones. As extra, the package for this unit even comes with accessories that make the overall performance of the unit a very functional one. For instance, as mentioned, it comes with a low-pressure sprayer, which is used together with the foam.

You even have the option to use the wand that is included as well. Since this machine is also equipped with a cable holder and hose, you can easily transport, as well as store the machine quite easily, without the need to worry whether or not this will fit anywhere.

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It is worthy to note, however, that this model is quite pricier compared to other models. This is despite its small and compact size. Still, the fact that this product is made by GreenWorks is already a guarantee to quality.

As such, you are in a sense paying for the reputation of the company, the included accessories that come with the package, as well as the unique quality of the product as a whole. This means that the moment you receive the product, you have everything that you already need in order to get started.

As a bonus feature, and for more convenience, this pressure washer is also designed with wheels. Despite having a smaller output compared to other bigger models, the use of wheels matches its capability with style and size. Despite the fact that this model is one of the smallest options out there, it is still an ideal option for those who need convenience and ease in completing cleaning tasks.

GreenWorks GPW1950

GreenWorks GPW1950 vs. Karcher K1900

Another model that is usually mentioned in comparison with GreenWorks GPW1950 is the Karcher K1900 model. Looking at the product name alone, it is easy to tell where the main difference lies. While GPW1950 comes with 1950 pressure per square inch, the Karcher model only has 1900 pressure per square inch capability.

Also, while the GPW1950 is compact and lightweight, the Karcher K1900 model is a full-sized model which is made of heavy duty frame. The latter is also relatively more expensive compared to the GPW1950 model.


Overall, if you are looking for a pressure washer that offers convenience and affordability without sacrificing quality, the GreenWorks GPW1950 model is an option that is certainly worthy of your consideration.

Among the notable features of this model is the use of a portable handheld design which makes it an ideal option for removing some gunk, cleaning, as well as stripping stains, regardless of where they are inside your home.

The use of a hose reel and a washer also makes it possible for the release of powerful pressurized water which can cover a distance up to 35 feet, at maximum capacity.

Among the standout features of this model includes the use of a dual built-in soap tanks, in contrast to the single soap tank used with other models. It is also designed with wheels to make it even more convenient.

All-in-all, this machine is ideal and recommended for individuals who are looking for a light-duty machine which can still work on dealing smaller tasks.

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