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HP Photosmart 7525 Review- A Great Little Printer for Small Office

Printers have always been an excellent addition to the rooster in a computer set. Not only does it allow to pen down your coded thoughts, but a good printer can also be used as a scanner as well and several other small functions.

The best printers are hard to find though, particularly when you have to consider a lot of things like the printing quality, the cartridge quality, the overall setup and the size occupied by the printer, not to forget, the cost of it as well. When you find yourself in any difficult regarding anything related to computers, trust HP to pull you out from anything.

Key Features
  • Print:(Draft Speed)up To 34 Ppm Black
  • 33 Ppm Color
  • Optical Resolution Up To 1200 Dpi
  • Reduce/enlarge 25%-200%

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HP Photosmart 7525 Review

The printer scenario is no difficult as Hp presents the new ‘HP Photosmart 7525 Printer’, which has been evenly balanced and perfectly blended with deep functionality, intense looks and outstanding performance.

Let us dive a little deeper and find out more about the gem of a machine. The HP 7525 series has been embraced with positive feedback from most of the customers, saying that the speed and the quality of the prints have considerably improved when compared to its predecessors.

To start with, the HP Photosmart 7525 can print and cover the ink area from 25%-200%, subjected to enlargement according to the choice of the user.

Pros and Cons of HP 7525  Printer


  • High color density and vibrant printing achieving a maximum color resolution of 9600×2400.
  • High enlargement capacity up to a maximum of 25%-200% enlargement.
  • Bluetooth and easy connectivity with smartphones across all platforms.
  • Features a 4.33-inch Touchscreen, which is capable of carrying out all the functions of the printer.
  • Fastest printer in its class capable of achieving a speed of up to 34 Ppm Black.


  • Functionality has a little glitch with paper troubleshooting problems.
  • Solely dependent on the brand specific software, with no third-party installation software, which can incur extra charges.

HP Photosmart 7525 Review

Features and Performance of HP Photosmart 7525

Talking about speed, this is one of the fastest printers available in the market currently, which can obtain a draft speed up to 34 ppm black. As with the functionality of this printer, the printer is capable of covering large areas of the paper.

Mostly, we see the more the area of the paper the printer covers, the lesser vibrant the colors become if it is a color printer. Otherwise, the black and white printers’ characters get pixilated. With the Photosmart 7525, no matter how much the enlargement of the characters are, the contents of the paper are always vibrant, colorful, and does not get pixilated at any stage.

The optical resolution of this printer is capable of going up to 1200 Dpi, which is more than enough, considering the use of the printer in a small office or a medium business start-up. Coming to the technical part of this machine, the part which the students and modern entrepreneurs will enjoy is the Bluetooth connectivity.

One may argue that it is provided in most of the printers nowadays, but the USP of this feature is the range and the connectivity, which connects to all smartphones of all platforms and at big ranges. The automatic two-sided printing is a bonus and is essential for printing many copies at once.

Also, the automatic document feeder and tray reduces the effort of the user. This printer also features a 4.33-inch Touchscreen with all the available functions of the printer such as, easy print, copy, scan, fax and accessing the web content.

The hp 5725 ink is capable of printing a paper of a maximum color resolution of 9600×2400. This light machine, weighing a mere 22.8 pounds ensures that it can be easily ported and connected to any different machine, should the need be.

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HP Photosmart 7525 Review

Final verdict

The verdict about this product has been mostly positive, achieving a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 stars. However, some customers have had complaints regarding some of the basic hp photosmart 5725 printer problems, which include abrupt stopping of the functioning of the printer along with the cartridge  problems during the printing of high-quality photos.

Taking everything into account, the HP e-All-in-One Printer is actually one of a kind machine, that is capable of printing 8 pages per minute, one of the fastest printers around at its price points, and consuming less space and is just the perfect for a small office and a medium start-up. Those who are looking for a great printer for their small office- do not waste a while and grab your HP Photosmart!

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