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Karcher K1900 Review

The Karcher K1900 model of electric pressure washer provides the best features which have been designed primarily to enhance the way you do your cleaning. It is constructed using integrated metal extrusions, which means that it has been designed to last for a long time. Also, the use of oversized wheels makes it a standout among the rest.

The overall robust design of this model enables you to bring this washer wherever you need it to go and clean. Among the easy to use features of this model include its tall handle, high cord wind, rotating handle, bucket storage bin, a detachable detergent tank, as well as an innovative and efficient on/off foot switch.

It even comes with quick-connect wands, as well as a standard M22 connection for the hose, making it easier to use the nozzle and the accessories.

Karcher K1900

Pros and Cons of Karcher K1900


  • Stepping on the foot pedal makes the turning on of this model easy
  • Comes with extra storage through its huge removable storage bin
  • Equipped with a detachable detergent tank
  • Uses a rotating handle, which makes it a space saving feature
  • Three-year limited manufacturer warranty


  • Motor capacity is not that powerful compared to other models

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Features of Karcher K1900

There are several features that make the Karcher K1900 a unique model on its own. For example, it is equipped with an on/off pedal switch. All you need to do is to step on it, which is more convenient because most of the time, you would be standing while operating the unit. This is an ergonomic feature because it reduces the back strain that comes as a result of bending over frequently just to turn the unit on and off.

For more convenience, this equipment is also designed to have extra storage. It comes in the form of a large detachable storage bin which can easily hold all of your accessories as well as personal items while you are cleaning. This means that you will not have to worry about losing stuff along the way.

Convenience is also the reason why this model is equipped with a unique power cord storage that provides amazing cord management. With this feature, you can now say goodbye to tangles and accidents that usually happen when dealing with longer cords and cables.

Karcher K1900

Unlike other models, the detergent tank that is built-in with this model is removable. It is enough for 1-gallon storage, which makes it very easy to apply detergent while cleaning.

You no longer need to carry a separate bucket that can hold your detergent while cleaning. Not many pressure washer models come with a design like this. The detergent tanks are usually permanently attached to the body of the machine.

At the same time, since this model is equipped with a rotating handle, you can expect to save more space efficiently. This is because the handle can be folded down easily to make it possible for convenient storage right after you complete your task. This is another unique feature that makes the K1900 a good option to take into consideration.

The moment you receive the package that contains this unit, you will notice that it arrives in a double box, making sure that all items inside are protected accordingly. Every unit is packed individually and safely.

The instructions on how to assemble this model is also pretty straightforward, which means that you do not have to waste your time completing this part of the process.

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Karcher K1900 vs. Karcher K5 Premium

Being under the same brand and manufacturer, the K1900 is usually compared with other models, including the K5 Premium. The latter has a capacity of 2000 PSI, which is higher compared to the 1900 PSI offered by the K1900 model.

The K5 Premium also seems to be equipped with more features that are considered advanced, including the use of a dirt blaster spray wand, which allows you to deal even the most challenging cleaning tasks in half the time needed. It also comes with a water cooled induction motor, which simply means that you can expect your equipment to last longer than a standard model.

It does not mean, however, that the K1900 model is inferior in terms of quality and performance. In fact, it is equipped with some of the most useful and unique features that are not available with the K5 Premium, as well as other models.

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The use of a detachable detergent tank is very convenient, as well as the use of a rotating handle design, making it easy to keep the cord to avoid accidents and tangling of the cables. It can be concluded, therefore, that these two models come with their own set of capabilities, which fit depending on the actual needs and preferences of the user.

Karcher K1900


This all-new K1900 electric pressure washer from Karcher was designed in order to deliver maximum cleaning performance while making sure that there is an incomparable ease of use with this unit. In terms of capacity, this model delivers 1900 PSI TruPressure, which provides a guarantee of the maximum level of cleaning power and performance. This is made possible by the use of a rugged induction motor.

It also includes some highly convenient features, including an on/off foot switch, huge one-gallon detachable detergent tank, a handy storage bin, oversized no-flat wheels, as well as the use of an integrated aluminum frame which makes the entire unit durable.

It even comes with four spray nozzles, which also includes a turbo nozzle that makes intense cleaning possible. The quick-connect nozzles are universal, which is compatible with standard M22 hose connections. This makes the attachment easier.

Most importantly, you no longer need other tools for assembling this unit. In fact, you can set it up and assemble, and start using the model in just five minutes, or even less. After cleaning, you can easily fold the handle down for a more compact storage. As a product that is backed up with a three-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, you can be assured of support just in case you need it.

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