Epson V11H501020 Review

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Epson V11H501020 Review

Epson V11H501020/Amazon

One of the newest high-tech entertainment gadgets available in the market is the Epson V11H501020 home theater projector with 2D and 3D capabilities. It hit the stores in October 2012 and you can buy it online. This device is especially designed for dedicated movie lovers who want to enjoy high quality home entertainment. Can it actually give you this?

The 3LCD Advanced projection technology is the primary feature of Epson V11H501020. It gives you 3 times brighter colors thanks to its two chips. Indeed, the HD picture is superb with bright colors and clearly seen blacks and whites. One of the major benefits of this technology is that it provides for 2300 lumens of colors brightness and 2300 lumens of white brightness. This lets you enjoy a fabulous picture quality in a dark home theater and in the living room in the middle of the day without the curtains being down.

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The C2Fine technology of Epson V11H501020 works to give you super smooth images with a high contrast ratio which may reach 40,000 to 1. You will actually feel as if you are in the movie theater when using V11H501020. The 3-D Drive technology allows for greater brightness and eliminates blackouts when using the 3-D glasses included in the package. The 3D movie watching experience is fantastic especially if you have a big screen.

The 2D to 3D conversion technology of V11H501020 lets you watch all kinds of 2D content including movies, TV shows and sports games in 3D format. Perhaps the best thing about this feature of V11H501020 is that it can be used with the switch of a button. This is super convenient. More importantly, the conversion works quite well with the picture quality being superb.

Epson V11H501020 Review

Epson V11H501020/epson

In addition to its major features, Epson V11H501020 has a split-screen feature in 2D mode. One of the best things about it is that you can choose whether to minimize or maximize the images and swap them as you like. The built-in 10W stereo speakers work well to give you a complete home theater experience. The E-TORL lamp of V11H501020 lasts up to 5000 hours and minimizes the diffraction and leakage of light efficiently. You can expect to enjoy the home theater projector in any environment for many years to come.

Features of Epson V11H501020

  • 3LCD Advanced projection technology – gives you superb brightness and excellent picture quality irrespective of the environment

  • C2Fine technology – you get smooth picture with high-contrast

  • 2D to 3D conversion technology – watch 2D content in 3D format

  • Split-screen feature – follow the action from all angles

  • E-TORL lamp – extends the useful life and improves the performance of V11H501020 in any environment

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Pros and Cons of Epson V11H501020


  • Great picture quality

  • 3D fun

  • Automatic 2D to 3D conversion

  • Portability


  • Could work even better in bright environment

  • The 2 3D glasses included in the package may be insufficient for the whole family

Final Thoughts

Epson V11H501020 is a superb choice of a home theatre projector. It works to give you diverse high-quality entertainment and will continue to do so in the long term.

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