HP Photosmart 7525

HP Photosmart 7525 Printer Review

HP Photosmart 7525 Printer Review 4.52/5 (90.43%) 23 votes

HP Photosmart 7525

Few days back my 2 years old Printer was experiencing some issue, so I was looking for an All-In-One Printer for multitasking need and I found HP Photosmart 7525 the best one for me. This awesome printer helping me many ways like Printing, scanning, copying and e-faxing. HP Photosmart 7525 has almost all of the features, I need to keep up my office tasks.

I am really satisfied with its print and photo quality. One of the most important thing that impressed me, the printer has no problem handling the resolution while printing photos from my dSLR‘s. Also it’s fast print speeds let me do more in less time. Before ordering this HP Photosmart 7525 from Amazon online store, I have made some comparison between the other printers which are competing with this one.

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HP Photosmart 7525

List Price: $199.99
Current Price: $152.48
You Save: $47.51 (24%)

I bought this printer because I found this really worth buying for $119.95 considering all it’s features and performance.

Features of HP Photosmart 7525

Following are some main features of this All-in-One Inkjet Printer:

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a printer, I will never hesitate to recommend anyone. This printer really worth buying for the price considering it’s great performance. HP Photosmart 7525 saving almost 50% of my time and paper.

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