Best mobile device and tablet antivirus software

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Mobile Device and Tablet Antivirus software

In addition to the old-fashioned desktop and laptop computers, mobile devices and tablets have become common ways of accessing the Internet, sending emails and performing all sorts of other tasks. Relatively few people, however, realize that these portable pocket devices are as susceptible to viruses, Trojan horses, malware and other potentially destructive programs as the older ones are.

Such threats, in fact, continue to be on the rise as more and more people own and use phones and tablets—a number that is currently in the millions. In the case of mobile phones, such malicious software presents a problem of its own: Somebody can send something to your phone and hijack information that he can use to make calls from your number, thus running up huge bills that you may have no hope of recovering.



Fortunately, computer scientists are always making it a point to keep themselves up to date on the events of the online world so that they can develop antivirus software specially for handheld computers. Also, the iPhone is now practically invulnerable because the iOS on which it operates is continually being encrypted and re-encrypted. Other smartphones, particularly those that use the Android system, remain vulnerable. Below is a description of some of the best such software that you can use to protect yourself.

AVG Mobilation for Android
About two years ago AVG released a mobile version of its antivirus program, which rightfully ranks number one on our list. With it, you can lock all your apps with a password to keep them from being viewed by prying eyes. AVG filters your emails to prevent those with malicious software from ever reaching you.

If any viruses do find their way onto your phone, you can remove them with just a click of a button! As an added bonus, you can use GPS to locate your phone or tablet if it is misplaced or stolen. In the meantime, the phone will be locked to prevent unauthorized access of the precious data that you have stored on it. There are three versions of the software—free, pro and pro for tablets. All can be downloaded for free except where otherwise indicated.

NetQin is another antivirus program for smartphones and tablets. Not only can viruses be detected and killed via Cloud + Client, but any malicious website can be blocked. Four scanning options are available—one-touch, full, scheduled and real-time protection. The software also includes an “anti-lost” part that works by remote control, alerting the owner of the phone gets lost, tracing exactly where in the world it is and even allowing him to delete the contents should he give up hope of ever being able to recover it.

Lookout Mobile Security
Lookout Mobile Security is one of the highest-rated apps of its kind—it has been given five stars and is trusted by millions of phone and tablet owners. Their software is equipped with security and privacy protection and a missing phone finder—and also allows you to automatically backup the data on your phone in case it gets lost so you will have it even before it gets returned to you. You can even manage the phone remotely from Lookout’s website!

Tips on how to stay safe
No matter what antivirus apps you install on your device, or how well it works, you also have to follow certain rules to ensure its safety from hackers. Among them are the following:

  • Use a passcode on the phone to keep data from being accessed by outsiders.
  • If an app must normally paid for, take warning if you see it being offered for free. The same holds true if the site claims that other apps can be downloaded through this one app.
  • Scrutinize your phone bill for any signs of suspicious activity.
  • If you click on a link to a website that asks for account information, be sure that it is the site that the link claims it to be.

It is always better to keep bad things from happening than to remedy the situation after disaster has struck.

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