Best Samsung Android phones in India

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Samsung phones have captured the collective imagination of people. The company has manufactured phones in all price ranges. You can find a Samsung phone in any price range and yet be satisfied with the quality of the phone.

The following is a list of the best Samsung Android phones in India.

Samsung Galaxy s2

On first sighting, the main draw of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is its super AMOLED screen. The 4.3” screen size is a vivid canvas of high resolution images. The device is loaded with features. The four hubs characterize this phone. They are namely the Reader, Game, Music, and Social Hubs. For instance, the Reader Hub allows you access to thousands of online manuscripts in different languages.

The Game Hub lets you download games in addition to enabling you play network games. The device also supports good networking features in the form of WiFi and NFC.

Samsung Galaxy Ace

The Samsung Galaxy Ace is somewhat similar to the iPhone. The 3.5” TFT screen mimics the iPhone. The touchscreen response is excellent. Simple touches such as flicking or drag-drop are fluid. The Ace has a nice glossy finish to it. It is in every sense a premium-phone lookalike. But alas, it has an originality of its own.

The phone is a combination of Qualcomm’s processing chip and Adreno’s GPU capabilities. There are numerous high-utility apps on the device such as the AllShare app for instance.

Best Samsung Android phones in India

Samsung Galaxy S3

At the T3 Gadget Award, this phone was named the phone of the year. The Galaxy S3 is the successor to the S2, and has been a success like its predecessor. Be it the build quality, screen size, hardware, or software, everything about the Samsung Galaxy S3 is great.

On first impressions, you will not keep your eyes off the super AMOLED display on the device. The display is at 4.8 inches and with a screen resolution that is in the league of HTC One X and iPhone 4S.

There are plenty of features on the phone. For instance, the S Voice feature lets you operate the phone by speaking words. There are so many other such novel features that will never cease to amaze you. Smart Call, Social Tag, and Smart Stay are the features to take note.

Samsung Galaxy Y

There are so many plus factors with the Samsung Galaxy Y. The Android device provides you camera, video camera, multimedia player, and lots more. Being lightweight, the device is highly portable. You can carry it in your pocket without even knowing that you are carrying a phone.

The TouchWiz user interface provides that extra punch to the overall user experience. If you are already a smartphone user, you will be well accustomed to this phone. If you have never been a smartphone user, you will like the smartphone-type experience on this phone.

Samsung Google Nexus S

The Samsung Google Nexus S is a powerful device. Running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, speed is the ultimate winner in this device. Powered by the 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 (Hummingbird) processor, the device has good networking features. HSDPA, WiFi, and NFC are all part of the device.

The device also ships with inbuilt GPS, accelerometer, and Google Mobile apps. It has a 5 MP camera with autofocus, LED flash and geo-tagging features.

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