Choose The ‘High-Rated’ Tablets For Yourself!

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Why do you I need a tablet? Many people are in a notion that tablets haven’t done that great as it was expected to do. However, the fact is that the users with this particular “notion” have never tried to make most use of their tablets. There are few features of it that make it a “must-have” asset of a user, of course those who can afford it.

A tablet works very well for a professional, who is away from office and want to know what is happening out there. You might think that a laptop can do the same, but a tablet is more portable and it will not burden your luggage during a travel.

It can also be used as a source of entertainment and an e-book reader. You can watch a movie or read a book in any position you want to, as it can be handled in many positions which could be tedious with a laptop.

With an eventual increase of uses and addition of applications, users are developing an interest towards buying a tablet, despite of having a desktop or a laptop.

Here are few of the tablets of this year, which have proved to do well:

iPad 4th generation– Could be your first option!

Apple Ipad Tablets

Buy iPad 4th generation

Many of the features of this generation is similar to the previous generation, but one thing we can bet on, is that the old iPad users will definitely envy this model, as it has many way beyond enhanced features. Few of them are: the lightning connector, the processor of the third generation has been replaced by A6X and graphics has been improved.

Rest remains the same, such as: size, weight, Retina display. However, none of the accessories will work without an expensive lightning adapter.

Again, Apple rules the market of tablets with its improved features and it costs $499.

Google Nexus 7Could be your budget tablet!

Google Nexus Tablets

Buy Google Nexus 7

The 8 GB version of Google Nexus 7 is no more available. So, if you want to buy this model, you have to go for the 16 GB version of it that costs $199. With innumerable tablets that have been released this year, you might be confused, as in which one to go for. Keeping this in mind, we thought of bringing on the features to you that set this model apart, other than the regular features of a tablet. So, here you are:

  •      Price becomes the first issue, and we have already intimated you about the low cost. However, if you desire to go for the 32 GB version, then you have to pay $299 that is cheaper again.
  •     Battery life is a major part of concern, when you’re travelling and Google Nexus 7 provides a pretty long battery life, when compared to others.
  •     While reading a book or playing games, quality of the screen is an important factor that cannot be neglected and developers have taken care of this factor, as you get to view a sharp screen.
  •     It has an environment of Android 4.2 and it can be handled comfortably.

Overall, you have a tablet that fulfills your needs and fits into your budget comfortably.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9– An Entertaining device!

amazon Kindle Fire Tablets

Buy Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9

Are you a “media” kind of guy? Are you interested in purchasing a Kindle Fire? If the answer for both the questions is a ‘Yes’, then we would suggest you to go for HD 8.9.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8.9 has a low price. It has a bigger screen with higher resolution and faster processor. Due to a faster processor, the streaming of the videos or music files is incredibly fast. It also has an access to a media ecosystem.

Basically, it does well in the field of media and entertainment. However, the appearance of this tablet is very simple. You cannot expect a great web based performance and the app store will mainly have entertainment apps, which is good news for certain users, but a disappointment for the gamers and other kind of users.

These are few of the tablets that have been rated high by the users. You can pick any one of them, according to your requirements.

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