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The iPad is one of the most popular tablet computers in the modern world—in this past year alone two new versions have hit the shelves. It can be used for any of the purposes that one uses a desktop or laptop machine for—accessing the Internet, playing music, writing emails, Skyping, playing videos, jotting down notes, reading iBooks, putting things down on a calendar and checking them off as they are done, and much more.

Already three million fourth-generation iPads have been sold in the three weeks since it first came out. In the following sections we are going to explore some tips on the best ways of iPad use.


Getting the most out of your tablet

Organization: setting up folders

Thousands of apps, belonging to hundreds of diverse types, are marketed for the iPad. Users often end up buying so many apps that they have a difficult time finding a particular one when they need to use it and soon find themselves with a great big headache.

You can avoid having this happen to you by organizing all of your apps into folders. The desktop has various icons on it, and you can add as many of your own as you want. To create a folder, drag one app on top of another—simply touch the app with your finger and move it across the screen without lifting that finger. Other apps can then be placed into that folder by moving them in the manner just described.

It is often a good idea to create many apps folders, each containing those of a different type. For example, you might want to include all your personal organization apps in one folder, all your fitness apps in another, the ones that you use to streamline your business activities in another and so on. If you are in a folder and wish to get out of it, simply press the iPad home button.

Some of the best uses for the iPad

There are many purposes you can find for your iPad—because it is portable, you can easily take it from one room or place to another and use it there. One of the best is as a GPS locator—there will be no need to install one in your car separately, and you are assured of never getting lost. In your kitchen, you can use the many recipe apps and if you or someone you know is gluten free (I know two such people, by the way), there are some for such people too, such as Is That Gluten Free?.

Your iPad can also be your photo album—all the photographs that you take with a digital camera can be stored here. It can also be a TV that you can carry around in your pocket—the latest episodes of TV shows can be viewed on the websites of the stations on which they appear, and you can get Sling Box to watch your favorite videos.

You can even connect the iPad to your television set. The best way to do this is to use Apple TV and an AirPlay device, which allows you to view free TV shows and movies from Sony via the Crackle app. As an alternative, you can connect the two devices by means of an HDMI plug.

Considering your physical health

When using a tablet for long amounts of time, people often get body cramps from positions they assume. In particular the neck and shoulders can begin to hurt. To avoid this, you should position the iPad in such a way that you can view it at a comfortable angle.

Cases are available for the iPad that can double as props, so that you can place it on the table straight up or at an angle, rather than flat on the surface, in which case you have to look straight down on it while typing. You should also make it a point to shift your weight regularly and not to remain at the iPad for more than fifteen consecutive minutes.

Your iPad can be your best friend—whether at work or at play.

Get an iPad User Manual

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