Apple may release a cheaper iPhone

Apple may release a cheaper iPhone by this year

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Apple is working on a new iPhone device which will be less expensive and they planning to release this new version of iPhone within this year. Apple has targeted emerging markets like China, India and some other countries where people is interested to use cheaper iPhone smartphones.

Apple may release a cheaper iPhone

According to the news of different sources, this new device will have same configurations and hardware like current iPhone version but Apple might be using cheaper materials and less expensive body.

One of the option Apple might thinking  to make new version of iPhone less expensive is using  a different shell made of polycarbonate plastic instead of aluminum body.

Some sources said, this less expensive iPhone will have a large display with other features that current iPhone 5 have. The display size probably will be larger than iPhone 5 and it will be seems like a high end mobile device.

Apple may release a cheaper iPhone

But Cnet reported that these sources are probably wrong because Apple don’t have any reason to make less expensive iPhone after the success of iPhone 5.

Popular site Digitimes reported that Apple will will release this cheaper iPhone by the 3rd quarter of 2013 and price will be around $200-$250.

It is assumed that Apple planning on this less expensive iPhone to increase their smartphone share although Apple has declined to comment on this.


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