The Top Ten Essential Business Apps For Your Smartphone

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The degree of competition in the contemporary world of business is fierce. You need to be extremely dynamic and forward-looking in the manner in which you conduct your corporate activities, to keep your competitors behind, in the race to become the market leader. Mobile technology has, thankfully, proven to be a viable, cost-effective medium, to lending that extra edge of smartness to your business operations. You should have the services of a qualified mobile app developer (preferably on a full-time basis) at your disposal, to be able to derive maximum advantages from these cellular application systems.

Essential Business Apps For Your Smartphone

In this article, we will be acquainting readers with ten really useful business apps for Smartphone devices. Make sure that you install them on your handset:

  • Expensify – Keeping a tab on all channels of business expenditure can be a challenging task. This is precisely where the advanced Expensify app can come to your aid. With it on your phone, you will no longer have to worry about unaccounted, unnecessary expenses.
  • Office Suite – The mobile office suite is probably the most convenient app for creating and/or editing Microsoft Office documents on the go. Easy remote access is one of the best features of this multi-utility app, which is supported by the Google Docs system. Communication would cease to be an issue, when you start using this application.
  • Skype – Speaking of communication, there are few better mobile apps for this purpose than Skype mobile. You can send instant messages as well as place voice calls through Skype. Apart from being one of the smartest Android apps, Skype can be used on Blackberry phones and other smartphone devices as well.
  • Google Maps – Gone are the days when you did not need to step out of your office, for business purposes. Irrespective of whether you are at a foreign city/country to meet a client, or to attend a corporate party, keep the Google Maps application as your travel companion. Powered by the GPS technology, it has assumed the stature of a ‘must-have’ in any Smartphone.
  • Dropbox – Need to share files and important business documents, while on the move? Ask your mobile app developer to install Dropbox on your handset. You will be able to sync files of different types, between your PC and your handheld device. The total storage space of this app is also more than adequate.
  • PhoneDeck – This one is meant for streamlining the contact list on your mobile handset. With the help of this app, you will be able to do away with the risk of misplacing contact numbers and email ids – for good!
  • Remember The Milk – If efficient task scheduling is your primary concern, the ‘Remember The Milk’ app is something your mobile phone should definitely have. You will be able to create smart ‘things-to-do’ lists via this app, making deadline management a much easier process. Apart from serving as an Android app, it can also be installed on other varieties of smartphones.
  • Instapaper – Have you come across an interesting article on the internet – but do not have the time to read it immediately? Simply save it on your handset, via the Instapaper app. You will never miss out on informative business articles on the web, if you have Instapaper with you!
  • LinkedIn – Seamless social networking is one of the basic perquisites of the business world, and having a LinkedIn profile is considered to be an absolute must, in this context. Make sure that you have the LinkedIn app on your phone, so that you will never be out of touch with your peers and stakeholders.
  • Leaf.Me – If you are a business owner, the importance of efficient customer relationship management is probably not lost on you. Try out the Leaf.Me business app, and make your business interactions smarter, and much more effective.

You should also avail of the services of a good mobile apps developer, who would be able to develop creatively designed, engaging apps for promoting your business. You also need to research on the web, and find out about all the latest mobile business apps. The technological aspects of business are fast evolving – and you simply cannot afford to lag behind!

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