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I think that nowadays only lazy people don’t use messengers on their mobile devices. There are several reasons for it: SMS are more expensive and contain only text, and MMS, though can transmit multimedia, are even more expensive. As a way out different services appeared which gave the possibility to communicate freely and send different type of content to your friends and relatives.

The fact is that from the moment first such apps were developed, there appeared some leader that very quickly shared most of the audience among themselves. As a result, many alternative messengers have been released unnoticed. In this article I’d like to tell you about one of such messengers.


ChatOn Social Messenger

ChatON is a communication service created by Samsung back in 2011. It’s obvious that a lot of people don’t want to change their usual messenger for the new one because old habits die hard. But in case with ChatON such a change is worth a try.

First of all, the migration to ChatON is pretty easy – the app has a function of importing contacts from your contact list. No contact list rendering or search is necessary. Everything is done with one tap.

The second, and, actually, the main point is its capabilities and advantages. Otherwise, why would you change your messenger, right? It’s difficult to choose one short phrase that will characterize this app, but I think that something like “best from classic messengers and callers with social functions” will do.

Apart from standard text exchange, users can send each other any type of files (music, video, pictures, etc.). You can even make your own record (if you have a microphone in your mobile device) and send it to your contact when you need it. Another useful function is calendar events exchange. It will help you to plan holidays, trips and other events with other people more easily.

Different people have different attitude to smiles, but in order to be on the safe side, there’re a lot of smiles in the ChatON. And it’s not just round faces but real pictures with emotions. If a collection of static emoticons is not enough, then you may choose from animated smiles. Still isn’t enough? Then create your own smile! There’s a graphic editor built in the application that lets you to create images (including animated ones).

It goes without saying that I wouldn’t pay attention to the ChatON if it didn’t support voice calls. If you need to make a group call, then you can create a conference, or a room. Moderation and settings of such conferences are easily managed, so undesirable atmosphere in these talks can be easily escaped.

If you want to be even more social you can add a picture and some additional information about yourself to your profile. Apart from personal data, interlocutor’s activity is also taken into consideration. On the basis of these data user’s rank is calculated.

It’s also worth mentioning that on visiting different chats you can see pictures and videos that were posted previously, as well as commentaries to the messages and files.

As any quality application, ChatON is multiplatformal. There’re clients for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, bada, and a universal browser interface (the only missing client is that for Symbian). As ChatON is a product of Samsung, the company pre-installs the app on its mobile device which stimulates the popularity of this service.

Download: ChatOn

Eugene Rudenko

Eugene Rudenko is a tech writer for IT company Intellectsoft (to visit company’s site click here). The company specializes in Android, iOS, Blackberry and WP development.

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    […] ChatOn is a Social Messenger from Samsung which has made to make your chat life easy and comfortable.It Support different Mobile Device and Platform.  […]

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    […] ChatOn is a Social Messenger from Samsung which has made to make your chat life easy and comfortable.It Support different Mobile Device and Platform.  […]

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