Top 10 Technologies 2013

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The top 10 technologies 2013 trends has identifies by Gartner. According to Gartner, those technology may be existing one that will be updated to scope with more wide range of uses. As well as, it may be a new addition to technology field that will help business with new advantages.

Gartner identifies the top 10 technologies 2013 in the recent Gartner Symposium/ITxpo. It was held in October 25, 2012.

Top 10 Technologies 2013

David Cearley, Vice president of Gartner said,

“We have identified the top 10 technologies that will be strategic for most organizations, and that IT leaders should factor into their strategic planning processes over the next two years,”

He added,

“This does not necessarily mean enterprises should adopt and invest in all of the listed technologies; however companies need to be making deliberate decisions about how they fit with their expected needs in the near future.”

Following is the list of Top 10 technologies 2013:

  1. Mobile Device Battles
  1. Mobile Applications and HTML5
  2. Personal Cloud
  3. Enterprise App Stores
  4. The Internet of Things
  5. Hybrid IT and Cloud Computing
  6. Strategic Big Data
  7. Actionable Analytics
  8. In Memory Computing
  9. Integrated Ecosystems

Following are some notes on the mentioned top 10 technologies 2013:

Mobile Device Battles: Gartner’s analysis show that Mobile devices will over take uses of personal computers as the common web access device by 2013. According to the predictions of Gartnet, in 2013 smart phone sell will be increase and Windows 8 will be in third place after Google’s Android and Apple iOS operating systems.

Mobile Applications and HTML5: Uses of HTML5 in Mobile application will increase in a significant rate and mobile applications will be more capable of offering best experiences.

Personal Cloud: Personal Cloud will play a big role in 2013 technology sector as user now prefer storing their files and other content on cloud instead on any device. Gartner notes that,

The personal cloud shifts the focus from the client device to cloud-based services delivered across devices.

Enterprise App Stores: As the Smart Phone and Tablet user growing many business will offer private App Store facilities and user will be able to buy apps from their private app stores.

The Internet of Things: Gartner Noted that,

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept that describes how the Internet will expand as physical items such as consumer devices and physical assets are connected to the Internet. Key elements of the IoT which are being embedded in a variety of mobile devices include embedded sensors, image recognition technologies and NFC payment.

Hybrid IT and Cloud Computing: A recently conducted Gartner IT services survey revealed that the internal cloud services brokerage (CSB) role is emerging as IT organizations realize that they have a responsibility to help improve the provisioning and consumption of inherently distributed, heterogeneous and often complex cloud services for their internal users and external business partners.

Strategic Big Data: Big Data is moving from a focus on individual projects to an influence on enterprises’ strategic information architecture. Dealing with data volume, variety, velocity and complexity is forcing changes to many traditional approaches.

Actionable Analytics: Analytics is increasingly delivered to users at the point of action and in context. With the improvement of performance and costs, IT leaders can afford to perform analytics and simulation for every action taken in the business.

In Memory Computing: In memory computing (IMC) can also provide transformational opportunities. The execution of certain-types of hours-long batch processes can be squeezed into minutes or even seconds allowing these processes to be provided in the form of real-time or near real-time services that can be delivered to internal or external users in the form of cloud services.

Integrated Ecosystems: The market is undergoing a shift to more integrated systems and ecosystems and away from loosely coupled heterogeneous approaches. Driving this trend is the user desire for lower cost, simplicity, and more assured security. Driving the trend for vendors the ability to have more control of the solution stack and obtain greater margin in the sale as well as offer a complete solution stack in a controlled environment, but without the need to provide any actual hardware. The trend is manifested in three levels.

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