ACER H236HL Review – Best Budget Friendly Gaming Monitor

With a recent spurt in the PC gaming domain, gaming enthusiasts have ditched their consoles to search for smoother gameplay that a personal computer offers. Besides an intense gaming experience, monitors also promise to be a superior multimedia entertainment medium. Talking about superiority here’s the affordable, ACER H236HL review that might just end a gamer’s quest for the best gaming monitor on the market under $150.

ACER H236HL Review - Best Budget Friendly Gaming Monitor

Features that Makes ACER H236HL Best

  • ACER’s H236HL sports an exceptional pixel density of 1920X1080 that provides crystal-clear and detailed imagery.
  • A splendid IPS Liquid Crystal Display offers a strong viewing experience from any angle.
  • The H236HL’s 5ms response rate promises smoother gameplay and quicker machine-monitor operation.
  • A sharp contrast offers stronger colors and makes for a sweet visual treat.

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Design and Performance


The Acer H236HL sports a stunning 23” display that extends right till the edges. Though not bezel-less, it still manages to offer a stellar visual experience. Weighing a decent 7.9 pounds, which is how much most 23-inches in the market weigh, it comes with a sleek, magnetic base for solid mounting.

It’s zero frame structure and glossy screen finish pips the H236HL to the big leagues with respect to the superb color contrasts and overall entertainment experience.

Hardware & Technology

The H236HL comes with a sharp one million to one contrast ratio for enhanced and detailed imagery. A 1920X1080 pixel density makes for a fluid display that offers crystal-clear visual content. Acer’s eColor Management tool makes it simpler to tweak brightness and contrast settings for customizable image quality. It also boasts of a quicker refresh rate of 60Hz to present a smooth viewing experience with practically zero lag.

ACER H236HL Review


A 1080p LCD display powered by sleek in-plane switching yields the same visual performance at all possible viewing angles. Unlike most monitors that give a compromised color ratio when the screen is tilted, the H236HL’s liquid molecules arrange themselves more efficiently that prevents any color difference when viewed from different perspectives.
It also boasts of a quicker response rate of 5ms that frees it from any input lag.

This deft performance also makes for pretty smooth gameplay. The H236HL comes with the power saving capability which can help conserve electricity and cut out on additional costs that arise when the machine is in standby mode.

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Ports & Connectivity

A smartphone is great! It’s handy; hosts internet connectivity for instant messaging and besides making calls, it holds within itself amazing entertainment choices like music and video streaming. With screen sizes as huge as 6”, it provides a rather pretty experience when it comes to satisfying multimedia needs. However, watching a 3-hour long movie on a smartphone screen might not be the most pleasant of feelings. But, watching is on Acer’s H236HL’s 23” display is.

This monitor comes with a range of ports for optimum capacity connectivity that ensures a splendid movie or gaming experience. The design features a VGA, HDMI and DVI port. The existence of an HDMI port also extends its connectivity capability to a home theater or television.

What Could be Improved?

Complex UI
The Acer H236HL hosts a complex user interface. The menu system is unnecessarily a lot complicated than most of the monitors on the market. Its IPS-enabled LCD display exhibits strikingly beautiful colors and imagery, but even slightly tweaking a brightness or contrast setting is a task in itself. This makes the entire set-up and configuration or customizability an irritating affair.

Poor placement of ports
This monitor houses many connectivity modules to ensure that it is always connection-ready, whether it’s to watch a movie or play games. However, the ports are placed at the top of the monitor orienting cables at right angles. There is no scope to hide these which makes it look rather untidy. With rooftop ports, placing a mobile device on the base requires a fittingly long cable which adds to the misery of the user.

Unsteady base
Though the H236HL comes with a magnetic paper-clip mount, unlike what Acer claims, the base is far from being solid and steady. It makes the entire system feel wobbly and uncertain of grip.

Glossy Display
The screen is finished with a touch of gloss. This might make it reflect light when used in shiny rooms.

ACER H236HL Review


User Experience of ACER H236HL

Users are far and wide deeply satisfied with the Acer H236HL’s stunning and life-like picture quality. The stark color contrast and near bezel-less display makes for a splendid gaming set-up. The monitor’s numerous and omnipotent connectivity modules have gained the users’ favor too.

However, some users complained online about dead pixels after a few months of usage. They were not particularly happy with the complicated UI as well. The entire set-up procedure was a little too frustrating to carry out.

The Acer Monitor Meant for?

The Acer H236HL’s 1080p pixel density offers crystal-clear imagery and detailed pictures. The in-plane switching arranges the liquid crystal molecules conveniently so that there is no color compromise in the viewing experience while watching movies. This makes the perfect budget-friendly monitor for gaming.

Most games are best enjoyed in 4K, but the H236HL’s high resolution offers an unflinchingly good gaming experience. The fast rate of response also enhances the gameplay by avoiding any lag. The zero frame build also makes multiple monitor setups possible.

It is worth buying!

With a price tag of a little over $100, the Acer H236HL is a quality monitor. A high resolution, a range of connectivity features, and an IPS-enabled display make its usage a pleasant experience and entirely worth the money.

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