Alienware AW3418DW vs AW3420DW – Check Out Which Is the Best?

Alienware AW3418DW vs AW3420DWA monitor with balanced features is always a dream for gamers. AW3418DW & AW3420DW are two such monitors designed for gamers. However, if you want the best of them, go for the Alienware AW3420DW.

Why Should You Go With the Alienware AW3420DW?

  • The AW3420DW features a quicker response time, which will improve your gaming performance. This monitor has a reaction time of 2 milliseconds, whereas the alternative has a reaction time of 4 milliseconds.
  • The 120Hz refresh time of this monitor will make the performance smoother with a more realistic motion. AW3418DW also has the same refresh rate, but it’s only when overclocked.
  • You will have a brighter display on this device that will make low-light scenes more enjoyable. In addition, this monitor comes with a brightness of 350cd, whereas the AW3418DW has a 300cd brightness.
  • AW3420DW comes with an upgraded outlook, and the backside of this monitor will look stunning with customized lighting. Unfortunately, the other monitor comes with an ordinary outlook.

Without a doubt, this monitor will provide superior performance. AW3420DW will be the best for any purpose.

Similar features between Alienware AW3418DW vs AW3420DW

  • They both have the same curvature of 1900R. Thus, you will get the best view without moving your head.
  • They both are 34-inch displays that will make visuals more stunning.
  • There are 5 USB ports on the monitors that make it easier to use and have quick access to the monitor.

Quick Comparison 

Specifications  AW3418DW AW3420DW
Editor’s Rating 4.5 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Color Silver-Black Lunar Light
Display Technology LED LCD
Anti-Glare Yes Yes
Display Resolution 3440 x 1440 pixels 3440 x 1440 pixels
Screen Size 34 inches 34 inches
Curvature 1900R 1900R
Refresh Rate 120Hz 120Hz
Aspect Ratio 21:9 21:9
Response Time 4ms 2ms
Brightness 300cd 350cd
USB Port 5 5
Dimension 32.03 x 12.56 x 22.08 inches 22 x 32 x 10.8 inches
Weight 26.14 lbs 23.59 lbs
Warranty 3-Years of Warranty 3-Years of Warranty

Differences and Similarities between Alienware AW3418DW vs AW3420DW


The monitors have a simply stunning outlook that will surely enhance your gaming setup multiple times. The 34-inch monitors with a curvature of 1900R look very premium and have a perfect height and width. They weigh around 25lbs and can be wall-mounted. AW3418DW has the buttons placed on the right bottom of the monitor body, while AW3420DW has the controls placed on the edge of the right bottom.


Alienware AW3418DW is an LED display, while the alternative is an LCD. They both have the exact display resolution. The 3440 x 1440 WQHD resolution will deliver you sharp graphics with more incredible details. The full HD display will make you see every action vividly. Thus, you are not missing any scene while using the monitors. They will make your gaming performance better than before and also make the videos intense.

Refresh Rate

For gaming, the refresh rate is a very crucial metric. Both the monitors come with a 120Hz refresh rate that will be perfect for most of the games. This refresh rate will make you able to see faster to react to the actions quicker. As a result, By employing these monitors, you can perform better than usual. The monitors will help you to have a seamless gaming experience.


Alienware AW3420DW comes with a 2ms of response time that means it will take very little time to shift from one color to another. There won’t be any lag during gaming because of this standard refresh rate. The other monitor, AW3418DW, comes with 4ms of response time. There will be slightly better performance on the AW3420DW because of this low response time.


Both the monitors come with the NVIDIA G-Sync technology. This spec will display full frames only when the monitor is ready to display them. There won’t be any distortion because of the NVIDIA G-Sync. The visuals will be smooth, and the images will be vibrant. With the response time and the refresh rate, NVIDIA G-Sync made the monitors an ultimate choice for users.

Lighting Effects

AW3418DW & AW3420DW come with an AlienFX lighting effect that is fully customizable. The RGB lighting can be customized based on the in-game action. AW3420DW will look amazing with the lighting effect as the back is designed to enhance the monitors’ outlook.

Quick Access

The monitors are equipped with multiple access ports that make them flexible while using. You can easily just plug and use them after purchasing. The displays include a total of five USB ports and a single HDMI connection. They have a display port and a 3.5mm audio port as well. 

Durability & Warranty

Alienware is a sub-brand of Dell, and the monitors come with the best quality materials. The monitors come with a Dell Premium Panel guarantee that allows a free panel replacement if any bright pixel is found within three years of purchasing. There is a 3-years warranty period available with the monitors.   

Final Words

AW3418DW & AW3420DW are two impressive monitors with the required specs. They are perfect for gaming. AW3420DW will be the best choice as this one has a better response time and brightness ratio. You may check the AW3418DW as well if you have a budget issue and are looking for a LED display.

Frequently Asked Questions about Alienware AW3418DW vs. AW3420DW

What is the length of the power cord of the monitors?

They come with a 6-feet long power cord.

Is there any light reflection on the monitor screen?

It’s pretty matte, so there won’t be any reflections.

Is the curvature enough for this width?

Sure. You’ll feel very comfortable with this curvature.

Do they have any other color variations?

No. They have the mentioned variants only.

How good are they for a business presentation?

A flat-display would be recommended for business presentations.

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