Are Laptops Good for Gaming? Let’s find out if they worth it

Are you a gamer and wondering whether or not are gaming laptops worth it? If yes, then you might be with many questions and in confusion. Don’t worry friend; let me help you with this. Gaming laptops are convenient, efficient and can be a suitable choice if you believe portability is a priority to you.

Are Laptops Good for Gaming?

Pros and Cons of Gaming Laptop


  • Convenient to use
  • Portable
  • Consumes less power


  • Durability decreases on using
  • Expensive

Let’s learn are gaming laptops worth it at all?

Not all laptops are built for gaming, so it depends on how you choose the product or laptop based on the features. If you want to buy a laptop, especially for “gaming” though, you have to spend more compared to the desktops as a laptop is portable, has good battery life, RAM, high-quality graphic card, and also storage space.

It’s all in choosing the laptop; consider your specifications while purchasing, such as the quality of the graphics card, storage space, and processor.

Also, it depends on what are games you plan on playing. Without a good processor and high-quality graphics card, the laptop may easily get heated over time, which leads to damage due to a lack of airflow for continual gaming on it.

Are Laptops Good for Gaming?

Mostly gaming laptop’s lifetime is 2-3 years. They are expensive and prices vary from country to country. They cost more because of their performance and quality. Laptops should be potent enough when you use them for gaming. It depends on various factors including budget, performance, and durability, and also if you have any brand biases.

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It can compete with other computers if you run with high-end gaming laptops. Make sure about the best graphics cards and motherboards and the powerful performance of the laptop. If price is not an issue, you can go with gaming laptops such as the Asus Republic of Gamers.

You have to clean them frequently, at least once every six months. And another one is the laptop consumes much less power than computers. Though you have gaming laptops in the market, prefer desktops for gaming if money is an issue. You can easily upgrade your systems.

Most gamers’ dissatisfaction comes from the controls not being easy to use; their keyboards and touchpad are difficult to game on because when looking up at the PC screen size, peripherals, interface, etc add to the ease and fun of gaming.

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The cons outweigh the pros; so guys it’s your decision now whether you go with gaming laptops or desktops. I recommend you to go with the desktops because of gaming features suitable for all games. If you feel money isn’t a problem, set off with laptops. So if you have good, choose for the better; if you have worst, then choose best from the worst.

Recommended Gaming Laptop

If you still want a gaming laptop then here are some good laptops in the market:

5 thoughts on “Are Laptops Good for Gaming? Let’s find out if they worth it”

  1. I use both laptop and mobile for gaming. I found the laptop to be more convenient than a mobile. Moreover, the big screen of the laptop gives me extra amusement as it looks more clear and real.

  2. You said we should consider the specification including storage space, graphics card and the process at the time buying a laptop. As a game lover, I can’t but agree with you. My laptop performing great because of its high-quality graphics card, storage space, and processor.

  3. I don’t agree with the statement of making sure about the best graphics cards and motherboards and the powerful performance of the laptop if someone plans to buy it for gaming. I would say there are a few games which needs a high-quality laptop for smoother performance otherwise general laptop can perform great in terms of most of the games.

  4. A laptop is far better than any other device like mobile for gaming. And you are right that if we want smooth performance for a heavy game then we need to focus on the specification of laptops like graphics card, storage space and also the resolution of the screen. Thanks for all the knowledge you shared.

  5. You are saying that desktop gaming features are suitable for all games but it really doesn’t matter to me because Desktop is not portable. Playing games in the same place is boring to me as it’s like playing in the gaming zone and it’s not possible to move.


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