Asus vg27aq vs LG 27gl850 – Choice for the best gaming monitor?

Asus Vg27aq Vs LG 27gl850For the best gaming experience, simply pick the LG 27gl850 monitor. because this monitor has some exclusive features that are not available with the Asus vg27aq monitor. Let’s take a deep look at both monitor’s features and find out what makes the LG 27-inch monitor the best choice for the gaming experience.  

  • The world’s first Nano IPS technology has been used in this monitor. Which provides the most exclusive video view. But Asus vg27aq doesn’t have this technological improvement. 
  • LG 27gl850 has a 1ms minimum response time. That way faster than the Asus vg27aq gaming monitor.   
  • In the connectivity function, LG 27gl850 has a USB port panel. Unfortunately, Asus vg27aq doesn’t have any USB port functionality. 
  • Both monitors have a height-adjustable option. But the LG 27gl850 has a capacity of extending the height to almost 35 inches. Whereas, Asus vg27aq has lower height adjustability. 

As you can see from the features comparison above, the LG 27gl850 is way ahead of its competitors. Follow the buttons below to find out the best deals on the market.

Similar features of Asus vg27aq and LG 27gl850

  • These monitors have a great LED display for a proper gaming experience. 
  • Portable headphone jack system, for a 3D sound experience. 
  • Both monitors are AC power mode supported. 
  • They come with QHD wide 1440p resolution systems.

Asus vg27aq vs LG 27gl850 – Quick Comparison

Specifications Asus vg27aqLG 27gl850
Editor’s rating 4.6 out of 5 4.8 out of 5 
Standing screen display size27 inches 27 inches 
Screen resolution 1440 pixels 1440 pixels 
IPS Nanotechnology No Yes 
USB port functionality NoYes 
HDMI port Yes (2-ports) Yes (2-ports) 
Stand height adjustable Yes Yes (35 inches) 
Eye saving mode Yes Yes 
Headphone jack supported Yes Yes 
Response time 1 ms 2 ms 
Power system AC mode AC mode 
Power volts 240 volts 240 volts 
Warranty Yes (1-year) Yes (1-year) 
User manual Yes Yes 

Comparison of features between Asus vg27aq and LG 27gl850


These are LED, supported gaming monitors. Here, LG 27gl850 is the first Nano IPS technology used gaming monitor. That is an advantageous feature to have. Mainly the Nano IPS displays are very well known for their stunning image reproduction ability. Which makes the display almost turn into a real-life formation from a virtual point.   Usually, the response time of the other functionality provides proper pictures in a quick time without any failings. Here, both monitors come with a 1MS response time. Both monitors appear with a quick refresh rate of 144 hertz.

HDR 400 technology

Both monitors display HDR 400 technology support. Which provides realistic visual immersion that maintains accurate color with a proper contrast ratio. This technology makes a balance between color and contrast ratio for a clear picture. Which helps to experience the battlefield feelings from your home.

Sphere Lighting system

For the best gaming experience, LG 27gl850 provides sphere lighting of 2.0 which creates a proper gaming experience. This technology creates spotlights to identify the enemies at vital moments. Monitors headphone jack supportability creates proper sound quality. Overall all those technological improvements make a lovely experience on the battlefield.

Highly detailed visuals

VG27AQ technology of the Asus monitor delivers up to 77% more screen desktop space compared to a proper full HD display with the WQHD (2560 x 1440) panel. So, it delivers an outstanding color view with a 1,000:1 contrast ratio.

Eye care technology

As these monitors’ colors and regulations are too high sometimes it can cause problems to your eye. This eye care technology helps to adjust the brightness, sharpness, color, tearing, resolution, pixels in a perfect setting. Night view mode takes away all the bad effects from your eye.  This eye car technology is very important for long time work with the monitor.


Here, the LG 27gl850 monitor has USB supportability. But this USB connection is not possible with the Asus vg27aq monitor. However, both monitors come with dual HDMI-supported functionality. Also, they have a headphone port to generate realistic sounds.

Size and design

These stunning monitors come with a 27 inches clear display setting. Very an ergonomic stand system the height can be adjusted very easily. A three-sided borderless system provides a full display with great resolution. Furthermore, the shadow boosting mode clarifies dark areas of the game without exposing them. Overall these monitors deliver a perfect display for the game. Also, the LG 27gl850 monitor can be turned into a vertical and horizontal mode, for users’ convenience.


Asus vg27aq comes with 1 year of warranty service. Also, Amazon provides a limited replacement warranty for a certain period. LG 27gl850 monitor also appears with a 1-year limited warranty service from the manufacturing company.


These monitors are specially designed for gaming purposes. But some exclusive quality has made the LG 27gl850 the best monitor here. With some less price, you can take the Asus vg27aq. That is also a nice gaming monitor. 

FAQs about Asus vg27aq and LG 27gl850

Question: Which one comes with RGB colors in the Back?

Answer: Here, the LG 27gl850 monitor comes with RGB light on its backside. But the VG27AQ doesn’t come with any RGB lights.

Question: Can I watch tv with these monitors?

Answer: Yes, you can watch tv by connecting the HDMI cable to the HDMI port. But for sound management, you have to use the desktop, because these monitors don’t support remote functions.

Question: Are these G Sync compatible?

Answer: Yes, both monitors are G Sync compatible with Nvidia. By enabling the g-sync on the graphics card free sync mode gives a smooth experience. So, your user experience will grow with that mode.

Question: What is the pixel resolution? 

Answer: The max screen resolution is 2560 x 1440 pixels.

Question: What is the best connection for top performance?

Answer: For the best gaming performance, the display port is the best connection option. Provides a clear image with realistic display performance.

Question: Can I stop the Blue Light setting?

Answer: Yes, the Bluelight can manually stop. Also, the eye-saving mode provides a proper resolution image for a smooth experience. That will not cause any damage to your eye, even after a long time of use.

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