ASUS VS278Q-P Review – Top-Rated Gaming Monitor Under $200

If you’re still figuring out which monitor is going to suit your gaming set up the best, read this ASUS VS278Q-P review and all your questions will be answered.

Pros and Cons of ASUS VS278Q-P

ProsASUS VS278Q-P Review

  • The ASUS Monitor offers a solid color contrast for stunning imagery and crystal-clear details.
  • Its super quick response time of only 1ms is one of the best in the industry. This ensures zero input lag to provide the smoothest gameplay.
  • It comes loaded with power-conserving capability under the guise of an efficient standby mode. This, coupled with its standard power consumption rate largely helps reduce electricity costs.
  • Its versatile looks and functionality make for a monster gaming display and a decent office monitor.


  • The stand is sleek in design and seems wobbly.
  • After a couple of hours of continuous usage, slight pixel fizz starts to occur.
  • There is a minor color distribution compromise while watching from different viewing angles.

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Design and Performance of the ASUS Monitor


The ASUS VS278Q-P sports a monstrous 27” inch Liquid Crystal Display backlit by LED. The screen is activated by a TFT matrix which makes the screen capable of throwing out brilliant color and light. Each liquid crystal molecule is latched to a transistor that rearranges itself when the viewing angles are altered, thereby providing maximum visual data for an immersive experience.

The monitor is supported by a sleek stand that can be tilted forward by 5º and backward by 20º. It weighs a little above average at 11.2 pounds and the screen is finished with a touch of gloss and matte.

Hardware & Technology

The VS278Q-P’s TFT matrix display, although an old display technology, coupled with a screen resolution of 1920X1080p offers splendid picture quality. The Twisted Nematic panel display lowers the cost of the monitor compared to its competing IPS-enabled monitors. A TN display also offers enhanced brightness and light modification settings along with color temperature modification ability.

Its horizontal refresh rate ranges from 30Hz to 83Hz and its vertical counterpart from 50-76Hz. The superior resolution and ASUS’ exclusive QuickFit technology make this monitor unbeatable gaming peripheral and worthy of office use.



ASUS’ VS278Q-P features an 80,000,000:1 color contrast ratio like most 27-inches in the market. This high ratio makes the monitor perfectly conducive for graphic-intensive gaming because of the vivid color combinations and lifelike picture quality.

However, the standout performance feature of this monitor is its blazing-fast processing speed under the guise of a response rate of only 1ms. Taking gaming experiences to a whole new level, ensures zero input lag for smooth gameplay.

A refresh rate of 60Hz produces new pixels every second for stellar visual performance. Although the quick response and refresh rates are made possible because of the TFT activated TN panel display, it also causes color compromise which can be easily identified when viewed from different angles.

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Ports & Connectivity

The ASUS VS278Q-P hosts a range of connectivity modules including two HDMI ports and a display port. This extends the monitor’s functionality to other devices for a better multimedia entertainment experience. The VS278Q-P however, lacks a DVI input port.

It also comes with headphones and audio line-ins to constrain the gaming sound to your ears only.

User’s Experience

Many users were impressed with the vivid picture quality offered by the ASUS VS278Q-P. Though the backlight seemed to be unevenly distributed, a few minor modifications in the settings menu concerning brightness and color temperature set the overall tone of the display pretty neatly.

Some users complained about the unsteady stand at first look, but since the overall system is rather light, the sleek build was enough to hold it steady. And some other users even complained about minor light bleed issues and compromised color quality from different viewing angles.

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The Monitor is Meant for?

A magnanimous 27” inch screen with TFT activated TN panel display provides extraordinary picture quality. A full HD 1920X1080 resolution brings videos and pictures to life! A super-responsive input mechanism functioning at only 1ms makes for amazingly smooth gameplay.


A 60Hz refresh rate produces newer pixels at an astonishingly fast rate to provide the best visual gaming experience among recent monitors. The screen can be tilted conveniently and the mixture of gloss and matte finish makes the monitor highly versatile for even office use. The chassis is built of semi-plastic and semi-metal to give it an aesthetic appearance suitable for both, weekday office use and weekend gaming nights.

ASUS VS278Q Monitor is worth the money!

Priced under $200, the ASUS VS278Q-P is your answer for a versatile and feature-loaded monitor. An HD display coupled with a super-fast response and refresh rates makes it a must-have for any gaming enthusiast.

Besides its gaming prowess, it is also powered by ASUS’ QuickFit technology to provide real scale images and documents, making it perfect for your office desk too. Its highly customizable display color settings make it perfect for using it at any time of the day, whether it’s at work or during a gaming night.

A built-in speaker, a huge 27” display, and a range of connectivity modules offer an immersive visual treat. Its video intelligence features enhance picture quality unlike any other product in the market to truly yield a lifelike visual representation of on-screen data. With a competitive price tag and brilliant technological features, it promises to offer the best value for money.

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