Bosch 12v vs Milwaukee M12 – Which one is the perfect companion?

Bosch 12v Vs Milwaukee M12

Bosch 12v and Milwaukee m12 both are multi-tasking driving tools. You will feel a lot more comfortable working with the Milwaukee m12 bare tool compared to the bosch 12v. So, the perfect option would be Milwaukee m12. Let’s see the reasons from the next segment.

What makes Milwaukee M12 the perfect wrench kit? 

  • The head length of Milwaukee m12 is only 4.8 inches. That is quite fittable to work in a smaller space. But the head length of the 5.5 inches. Which is not fittable to work on the smaller space.
  • It has 4 different modes of driving control system. That is why it is suitable for completing different types of tasks. Whereas, Bosch 12v offers fewer working modes functionalities.
  • This impact wrench has the greatest access in tight spaces with its 4.8’’ inches tools. But the Bosch 12v of not a preferable option for working in any tight spaces.
  • The Milwaukee m12 impact wrench’s 250 feet-lbs industry-leading torque functionality is better than the Bosch 12v impact machine.
  • The auto-shutdown mode of the Milwaukee M12 reduces the over-fastening working rate and increases productivity. This auto-shutdown mode is not available in the Bosch 12v impact driver kt PS42-02.

So, it seems the Milwaukee M12 has more advanced working ability than Bosch 12v impact driver. You can check out some of the amazing deals on the tool by following the button below.

Similar features of Bosch 12v and Milwaukee M12

  • Both drivers can work at 360-degree angles.
  • They need at least 12 volts of electricity to work properly.
  • Both bare tools were made of metal and come with a strong grip.
  • Users will get focus ring light facilities for proper working experience.

Quick comparison – Bosch 12v vs Milwaukee M12

Specifications Bosch 12vMilwaukee M12
Editor’s rating 4.6 out of 5 4.8 out of 5 
Working modes 3 different modes 4 different modes 
Tight angle working ability Yes (medium) Yes (accurate)
LED focus light system Yes Yes 
Automatic shut-off No Yes 
Torque functionality 81.25 Inch Pounds250 ft-lbs 
Material Metal Metal 
Weight 2.2 Pounds2 Pounds
Voltage needed 12 volts 12 volts 
Power source Battery-powered Battery-powered 
Warranty Yes (1-year) Yes (1-year) 5 yr warranty on material and workmanship
Travel bag included Yes Yes 

Comparison of features between Bosch 12v and Milwaukee M12

Motor Ability

Both driving machines have very powerful motor attachments. This motor takes a lower amount of electricity to work on its full retheme. The motor can work flawlessly for a long time. Also, the battery power reduces very slowly. Also, the driver is lightweight and an ideal choice for long-term use. Also, the auto shut-off functionality helps to reduce the over-fastening of the Milwaukee m12.


The bosch 12v driver comes with 81.25 inches pounds of max torque, which helps to repeat the driving about 85 percent fastening task. It is almost the perfect torque functionality that users desire. However, the torque functionality of the Milwaukee m12 is better than this. It comes with a torque speed of 250 inch-pounds. It helps to generate the perfect fastening working functionality.


Both drivers have superb speed working ability. The Bosch 12v has fast driving no-load RPM ratings of 0-1200 and 0-2600 and it can be optimized into 0-2700 and 0-3100 on no-load mode. Which is quite superb speed to complete the targeted task. On the opposite side, the Milwaukee m12 has a speed of 0-2700 RPM on-load RPM mode. But the speed gets higher without no-load mode. The speed gets 0-2800 to 0-3200 without no-load driving mode.


The bosch 12v brushless motor provides top-level efficiency by its greater runtime and longer battery life. Whereas, the Milwaukee m12 also serves well with its longer battery life. This wrench can work on tighter angles with its top level of efficiency. Sharp speed and good grip help a lot in finishing the harder tasks.

Focus Light

They come with focus ring LED lights. Which generates proper lighting as well as removing the shadow from the working spot. The belt clip attachment produces quick and easy storage. You will get a forward or reverse controlling the switch to have more efficient work. The head length of the Milwaukee m12 is only 4.8 inches. That is why this machine can work in a tight space too. But the head length of the bosch 12v is slightly higher than this one. Comparatively, this impact driver needs a little bit more space than the Milwaukee m12.

4-way working mode

Unlike the bosch 12v impact driver, the Milwaukee m12 has 4 different working modes. To get the proper efficiency you can set up different modes according to the task. These modes are low, medium, high, and efficient working modes. On low mode, the driver touches the speed of 1200/1800/2700/1500-2700 RPM. Then on the efficient mode, it touches the speed of 1100/2100/3200 IPM. So, you can complete multiple tasks by applying multiple modes.


Here the bosch 12v comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Which is a satisfactory term for an electric machine. On the opposite side, the Milwaukee m12 offers a warranty of 1 year, with 5 years of materials repairing support. The brands take all responsibility during that time, for all the materials.


Overall the Milwaukee m12 driving tool is the most efficient machine here. With its four different working abilities, you will be able to complete all types of tasks. As this machine is suitable for multitasking working, I highly recommend this driver for you. But if you desire to buy the bosch 12v you can take it on a slightly lower value. That is not indicating this machine has less quality. This driver machine is quite good and supportive for all users.

FAQs about the bosch 12v and Milwaukee M12

Question: Does the machine last long?

Answer: Yes, the machines are made with high-quality metal materials. That has made the machines very efficient and powerful. Also, the long-term tool’s warranty helps to get new tools if any problem arises.

Question: Can I get the carrying bag?

Answer: Yes, these bare tools come with a nice carrying case. You can accumulate all the tools and put them in the bag. Then you can make a hassle-free journey with that carrying bag.

Question: What is the torque speed?

Answer: The Milwaukee m12 has a torque speed of 250 ft LBS. The bosch 12v impact driver’s torque speed is 81.25 inch-pounds.

Question: Is it battery supported?

Answer: Yes, both drivers are battery-supported. The bosch 12v comes with 2 Lithium-ion batteries. The battery charge lasts so long. And the Milwaukee m12 is also a cordless battery-supported driving tool.

Question: What is the birth country of the Milwaukee m12?

Answer: This wrench bare tool was manufactured in china.

Question: Which one is more preferable for a car?

Answer: Impact drivers are mainly used to fasten and loosen the screws. The wrench kit is particularly made for fasting and loosening with proper efficiency. So, I recommend the Milwaukee M12 wrench tools for your car.

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