Dell S2721DGF vs S2719DGF – Which One is the Best & Why?

Dell S2721DGF vs S2719DGFDell S2721DGF & S2719DGF are two impressive monitors for gaming. And if you want to grab the best one between them, then I would recommend you to pick the Dell S2721DGF.

Why Do I Recommend the Dell S2721DGF Monitor? 

  • Dell S2721DGF comes with a 165 Hz refresh rate that will provide you incredible clarity of the visuals. Thus, your gaming performance will be better than usuals. The other one, Dell S2719DGF, has a refresh rate of 155 Hz.
  • The IPS panel type of this monitor will ensure a higher color reproduction with a superior view. The competitor comes with a Twisted Nematic (TN) panel type.
  • Dell S2721DGF supports 1.07 billion colors. Thus, the graphics will be stunning on this monitor for sure. In contrast, the  Dell S2719DGF supports 16.7 million colors. 
  • This is a flicker-free monitor that eliminates harmful light emissions and keeps your eyes better.  In contrast, you won’t get this feature on the other one.
  • This monitor comes with 400cd of brightness, whereas the alternative comes with 350cd of brightness. You will get the advantage of this specification while the scene gets dark during a game.

These are the facts that made Dell S2721DGF a better device than the alternative. You will surely enjoy the performance of this monitor while gaming.

Similar Features between Dell S2721DGF vs S2719DGF

  • They both have a similar resolution of 2560 x 1440p that will deliver you excellent quality visuals.
  • Both flat monitor dimensions are 27 inches. So you will have a better view of the screen.
  • The response time of the monitors is the same as 1ms that will provide you a smooth performance.

Quick Comparison: Dell S2721DGF vs S2719DGF

Specifications Dell S2721DGF  Dell S2719DGF
Editor’s Rating 4.9 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Refresh Rate 165 Hz 155 Hz
Brightness 400 cd 350 cd
Flicker-Free Yes No
Panel Type IPS Twisted Nematic
Screen Coating Anti-glare with 3H hardness N/A
Screen Size 27-inch 27-inch
Resolution 2560 x 1440p 2560 x 1440p
Response Time 1ms (gray to gray) 1ms (gray to gray)
Contrast Ratio 1000 to 1 1000 to 1
Monitors Dimension 24.08 x 2.67 x 15.51 inches 24 x 7.2 x 15.5 inches
Color Support 1.07 billion colors 16.7 million colors
Warranty 3-years of warranty 3-years of warranty

Differences and Similarities between Dell S2721DGF vs S2719DGF


The monitors from Dell have a stunning outlook with solid build quality. Dell S2721DGF comes with a gaming-centric design with a bold look that looks very premium. The other monitor, Dell S2719DGF, also has a three-sided thin-bezel design that will expand the view of your monitor. They both are 27-inch flat monitors. Thus, you will have a better view of the screen. There is built-in cable management on the devices that will make you able to set up the monitor easily without any complexation.

Smooth Gameplay

The gaming monitors will amplify your gaming performance multiple times. They are engineered to deliver superb performance with incredible speed. The NVIDIA G-Sync with compatible certification will be a plus point for your gaming adventure. By reducing image distortion and stuttering, AMD FreeSync technology will improve gameplay.

Refresh Rate

Both the devices come with a decent refresh rate that will enhance your gaming performance for sure. The first one, Dell S2721DGF, comes with a refresh rate of 165Hz. Thus, the screen will provide you a rapid response to the first-moving visuals. There won’t be any lag or tear of the visuals. On the other hand, Dell S2719DGF is also an excellent monitor. This device has a refresh rate of 155 Hz. The graphic will be smooth, and this can be used as a gaming monitor.

Panel Type

This is one of the segments that make Dell S2721DGF the winner without any further discussion. This monitor comes with an IPS panel type, while the competitor has a TN (Twisted Nematic) panel type. In terms of performance, the devices are pretty diverse. The IPS panel was designed to increase color reproduction and to overcome the limitations of the TN-type panel. IPS offers excellent color and viewing angles, so if you’re looking for a gaming monitor, you should pick the Dell S2721DGF without a second thought.

Response Time

They both have the same response time of 1ms GtG (gray to gray). This indicates the monitor’s speed and how fast the pixel will convert from one color to another. You will get a seamless performance from the monitors. If you are on a high-speed action on the devices, the performance will stay the same, and there won’t be any visual lag. The 1ms response time ensures that you’re not facing any motion blur.


You will have a comfortable viewing experience with a flicker-free monitor. There will be fewer blue light emissions on a flicker-free display. Dell S2721DGF is a flicker-free display that will enable you to control the brightness through a direct current. Unfortunately, the other monitor, Dell S2719DGF, doesn’t include this feature.

Durability & Warranty

Both the monitors will provide you a long span of service. They are built with premium components. You will have a free panel replacement during the warranty period. You will enjoy 3 years of warranty while purchasing the monitors.

Final Words

Both the devices are specially designed for gamers, and they will be perfect for other applications as well. You will have better performance than usual by using these monitors. Dell S2721DGF  is the winner in this comparison because of the higher refresh rate, which is one of the most important metrics for a gamer. You may try the Dell S2719DGF  as well if you’re satisfied with the ordinary features.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dell S2721DGF vs S2719DGF

Does S2719DGF include any speaker? 

No. There is no built-in speaker on this monitor.

Do they have an IPS panel?

Only the Dell S2721DGF comes with an IPS panel.

Can I change the screen height?

Sure. The height can be changed or tilted. 

Are they recommended for gaming? 

With a regular refresh rate and decreased reaction time, they are definitely the finest. 

Do they both have the same response time?

Yes, they both come with a 1ms of response time.

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