Dewalt 12v vs 20v – which is the best drilling kit?

Dewalt 12v Vs 20vDewalt 20v Max combo drilling kit is the updated version of the Dewalt 12v Max combo kit. Dewalt 20v is the most technologically engineered drill machine in between these two. Let’s see the specialties that make Dewalt 20v the most suitable option than the Dewalt 12v drill machine.

Why is Dewalt 20v the best drilling kit?

  • This driver has an integral hook attachment for hand-free activities. But any hand-free activities are not possible with the Dewalt 12v driver machine.
  • You will get 4 powerful tools in one combo pack of Dewalt 20v. Whereas, Dewalt 12v is a combination of 2 different tools.
  • Both drivers arrive with 3 different modes of functionality. Amazingly the Dewalt 20v works stronger than the Dewalt 12v on all levels. 
  • Dewalt 20v has 120-degree head rotation ability from working on all different angles. However, the Dewalt 12v has a lower head rotation ability than this one. 
  • Dewalt 20v Max’s 4-positions blade clamp allows flush cutting with tool-free blade changing functionality. Unfortunately, this specialty is not gettable with that compared one.   

Dewalt 20v drill machine is a great combination of so many special features. Also, the Dewalt 12v works so precisely. Here, both drill machines are available at a reasonable price. Check the price down below.

Similar features of Dewalt 12v and Dewalt 20v drivers

  • You will get 3 LED light rings to provide visibility on a particular spot without any shadows.
  • Head rotation option to work properly on any angle.
  • Compact lightweight design with strong grip attached handles.
  • A nice carrying bag helps to carry all the necessary tools without any hassle.

Quick comparison – Dewalt 12v vs 20v

Specifications Dewalt 12vDewalt 20v
Editor’s rating 4.6 out of 5 4.8 out of 5 
Motor Yes (medium-quality) Yes (top-quality) 
Handle grip attachment Yes Yes 
LED light ring Yes (3-lights) Yes (3-lights)
Different modes working Yes (3-modes) Yes(3-modes) 
Standing support tool Yes Yes 
Integral hook attachment No Yes 
Blade clamp attachment No Yes 
Head rotation Yes Yes (120-degree) 
Focus light Yes Yes 
Voltage needed 12 volts 20 volts 
Warranty Yes (Yes ( 1-year service, 3 years limited warranty) Yes (3-Years Limited Warranty, 1 Year of repairing Contract, 90 Day Money return Guarantee) 
Battery included Yes (1 small ion battery)   Yes (lithium-ion 2.0 Ah)

Comparison of features between Dewalt 12v and Dewalt 20v


Dewalt 20v has a very powerful motor mechanism. It works flawlessly for many hours. With a simple click on the button, the attached pin easily gets attached with any wood. Also, Dewalt 12v has a good motor mechanism. Both drivers’ motors have a very long-lasting ability.

4 Combo kit

Dewalt 20v is a combination of 4 working tools. This is not simply a driver nor a drill machine either. This is a combo package of 4 different working tools. An integral hook system helps to work without using your hand. While Dewalt 12v is the only combination of 2 different tools. Also, you will not get any hands-free working facilities like this one.

LED work light

Both drivers have LED working light facilities. The impact driver’s light changing option gets functional within 20 seconds. Which helps to make focus on a particular working spot. That LED light lasts so long, and proper brightness helps to see the spot very properly. The driver has three LED light options. It removes all the darks and clear shadows on that working spot. Drilling and driving get so easier with the LED lights.

Working modes

At the first glance, you might think that each machine has the same three modes of working functionality. They don’t come with the same working capability. When you shift to a different working mode, you will see the difference. On each mode, the Dewalt 20v works so sharply compared to the Dewalt 12v. In the previous work, mode differences can be identified very easily. Some differences may appear in low and high modes also. The Dewalt 20v is more powerful than the Dewalt 12v.

Saw attachment

The Dewalt 20v machine kit includes a spectacular reciprocating saw. The saw is manufactured with 4 position blades. Those 4 types of clamp blades help for any tight cutting and extended positional flexibility with tool-free blade changing functionality. Cutting gets so easily with that reciprocal saw of Dewalt 20. Unfortunately, you will not get any saw attachment with the Dewalt 12v. Moreover, the pivoting adjustable shoe of the Dewalt 20v helps to work so preciously.

Engineering design

Dewalt impact drivers are very well engineered. The impact driver can work from a tight angle also. A proper slim handle comes with a top-quality grip attachment. The driver can easily manage with a single hand. The lightweight nature makes it very proper for any work. I would say Dewalt made impact drivers are the most magnificent engineered designed machines so far. 


Both impact drivers work with internal battery support. The Dewalt 12v comes with two small-size battery lithium-ion batteries. The battery works for 1.1 Ah after fully charged. Charging will take half an hour – 1 hour.  Whereas the lithium batteries of the Dewalt 20v have a duration of 1.5 Ah once it is charged properly.


Dewalt 12v comes with a one-year free service warranty contract, with three years of limited warranty support. Plus 90 days money-back warranty will be there from the manufacturing company. Dewalt 20v also comes with some types of warranty clauses. So, Dewalt long term warranty helps you to work with the tools without any tension.


It is quite obvious that the Dewalt 20v impact driver is the better option here. Because this Dewalt 20v is a combination of 4 different tools. Whereas, the Dewalt 12v is a combination of 2 different working tools only. So, my preference is the Dewalt 20v. The Dewalt 12v impact driver will be the second option here. Also, this tools kit comes at a lower price than the Dewalt 20v impact driver. For a lower budget, Dewalt 12v will not disappoint you either.

FAQs about Dewalt 12v and Dewalt 20v impact drivers

Question: Do the charger and battery cost extra charges?

Answer: No, the combo impact kit includes a free charger and internal battery option. So, as a user, you don’t need to pay any extra charges to avail of these tools.

Question: Can I get the carrying case?

Answer: These machines come with very well-decorated carrying bags. It has the proper place to put all these tools. With that carrying, bag travel gets so easier.

Question: Is this brushless designed?

Answer: Yes, both are brushless impact drivers. Also has so many additional tools to work very accurately.

Question: Where was it manufactured?

Answer: Dewalt impact drivers kit was manufactured in Mexico.

Question: Does both cordless drill and impact driver have LED light options?

Answer: Yes, both have convenient, barrel-mounted LED light options. With the LED light option focusing gets very easily from a tight angle. Bright and sharp light take away shadows from the targeted spot. That’s why it is a nice option to have with the combo kit Dewalt machines.

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