Dewalt 12v vs Makita 12v – Find the best drill machine

Dewalt 12v vs Makita 12vComparing the performance with the Makita 12v, Dewalt 12v driver combo kit is a very efficient drill machine. Dewalt 12v comes with more power, runtime, and ergonomic design. That’s why our preference is Dewalt 12v, not the Makita 12v driver kit. Here, is a complete analysis of the characteristics of Dewalt 12v and Makita 12v driver kits.

Why is the Dewalt 12v the best?

  • This drill machine is 20% shorter and 32% more powerful than an ordinary drill machine. Works so faster and precisely with that elegant design.
  • The brushless motor of the Dewalt 12v has more runtime and durability compared to the Makita 12v drill machine.
  • This Driver comes with 3 different modes of working ability including the precision Drive mode for accuracy. It is a remarkable engineering improvement. Whereas, the Makita 12v has one regular working mode.
  • Although both drivers have softer handles with a stronger grip, the Dewalt 12v Max is a comparatively easier one to work with.

All those specialties of these drill machines make our life easier. Luckily, both drivers can be obtained from here at a cheaper price. So, take the opportunity!

Similarities of Dewalt 12v and Makita 12v drill machines

  • Soft grip provides comfort and increases working ability.
  • Both machines need 12 volts of electricity to be functional.
  • A nice carrying case helps to make a regular journey.
  • Standing tools enable proper standing ability.

Quick comparison – Dewalt 12v vs Makita 12v

Specifications  Dewalt 12v Makita 12v
Editor’s rating  4.8 out of 5  4.5 out of 5 
Dimensions  5.97 x 5.25 x 8.4 inches 14.5 x 4.4 x 12 inches
Motor  Yes (brushless-high quality)  Yes (medium quality) 
Grip handles  Yes (Softer and comfortable)  Yes (Soft) 
Standing tool included  Yes  Yes 
Notification light  Yes (3 LED light ring)  Yes 
Working modes  3 (low, high, and precise)  One fixed mode 
Battery  1 lithium batteries included  2 lithium batteries included 
Warranty  Yes ( 1-year service, 3 years limited warranty)  Yes (3-year limited warranty on tools)
Weight  1.9 Pounds (very lightweight)  2.3 Pounds

Comparison between Dewalt 12v V and Makita 12v drill machines


Powerful motors come with great working ability. Here the Dewalt 12v drilling machine has a very powerful brushless motor. This is 32% more powerful than a general motor. Works so faster and accurately. However, the Makita 12v also comes with a speedy motor. That delivers power and speed in an active mode.

Power and speed

The Makita 12v drill machine has 970 in. lbs of max torque. Also the changing speed of 0-2, 600 RPM, and 0-3, 500 IPM is provided for an extreme range of fastening process. On the opposite side, the Dewalt driver has 52% more torque than a regular drill machine. So, Dewalt is the clear winner in this section.

Mode setting

The Dewalt comes with very fascinating features of 3 different mode settings. This driver can work on low, high and precise modes. You will be able to sift into different modes by pressing the controlling switch. Sometimes, drill machines require more precision than hard work. So, Dewalt will be the option if you want to use a drill machine for all types of drilling works.

Built-in light

These drill machines come with built-in LED light options to illuminate the focus point. Also, the battery notification light shows the current charge of that battery. The Dewalt 12v has a special LED footlight function for proper illumination. So, working will be so accurate with these built-in light systems.

Chuck function

You can change the bit of the Makita drivers very quickly with a convenient 1/4 inches hex chuck system. Amazingly, the Dewalt offers 3/8 inches of ratcheting chuck which has a numerous variety of bits. So, as a user, you have the option of taking the best, as they provide top quality in every section.


The most important part for a user. Both drill machines are designed with proper engineering efficiency. They are very lightweight, and the strong frame was made up of top-quality steel. Both drillers are very slim and rubbery grips so tightly attached with the hand. At the right angle, the machine can work very properly.


As they are battery functional you will get a built-in battery with both drill machines. Makita has a 12v max CXT lithium-ion 2.0Ah battery. An integrated LED light will notify about the charge level of the battery. The Dewalt also comes with 1 lithium-ion battery with a notification light. The battery protection circuit reduces the chance of overloading and overheating.


Both drill machines appear with the same type of warranty support. Makita 12v drill has a 3-year binding warranty, particularly on the tools, battery, and charger. But the Dewalt 12v has 1 year of service warranty, 3 years of limited warranty.


The Dewalt has more working ability and modes than the compared one. So, my first preference remains the same. But if you want a slim design drill machine for your house and factory the Makita can be a great choice. But the top quality and high working ability are only available with the Dewalt 12 volts.

FAQ about Dewalt 12v and Makita 12v drill machines

Question: What is the major diversity among an impact driver and other drivers?

Answer: An impact driver has multiple working abilities. This device is not purely a driver nor a drill. High top-level speed and accuracy, these impact drivers are suitable for almost all types of drilling and driving works.  

Question: How many clip belts are there? 

Answer: Both drivers have a clip belt adjustment system. You will get one clip belt for proper adjustment.   

Question: Can I buy the kit without a charger? 

Answer: No, both driver kits combination of several tools. All those tools are equally important and come with the box. And these driver kits will come to your home with all those tools.

Question: Where did the Dewalt Xtreme was manufactured? 

Answer: The Dewalt Xtreme was manufactured in china. 

Question: The chuck is durable?

Answer: Yes, the chuck lasts so long. Because the chuck was made with top-quality steel metal.

Question: Does it come with the carrying case?

Answer: Yes, you will get this lovely carrying case with these drivers. The size of the Dewalt carrying case is approximately 8’’x13’’.         

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