Fluke 115 vs 117 – See the Differences & Grab the Better One

Fluke 115 Vs 117

The similar outlook of the Fluke 115 and 117 may confuse to choose the better device. With a detailed comparison, I am going to show you why the Fluke 117 would be a better choice for you. 

Why should you choose Fluke 117?

  • The Fluke 117 has a Low input impedance feature that will help you to prevent false readings due to ghost voltage whereas this feature isn’t included on the Fluke 115. 
  • This multimeter comes with an AutoVolt feature to get the AC/DC selection automatically whereas the other multimeter doesn’t have this unique feature.
  • To detect non-contact voltage there is a VoltAlert technology available on the Fluke 117 while its competitor Fluke 115 comes with a traditional technology for this purpose.
  • The Fluke 117 comes with updated sensors that will give you more accurate readings than the other multimeter.

These unique features made the Fluke 117 more preferable than the other multimeter. Go through the below buttons to check the details of these multimeters.

Similarities Between Fluke 115 and 117

  • Both multimeters have true RMS for non-linear loads.
  • They come with CAT III 600V for safety purposes.
  • There is an LED backlight included to see the measurements in the dark.
  • Both devices are safety-rated.
  • These multimeters check continuity and frequency.

Fluke 115 vs 117 – Comparison Table

SpecificationsFluke 115Fluke 117
Editor’s Rating4.9 out of 54.9 out of 5
Voltage9 volts9 volts
Resistance40M Ohms40M Ohm
SafetyCat IIICat III
Carrying Case AvailableAvailable
LED BacklightYesYes
Battery2 AA Battery (included)1 AAA Battery (included)
Warranty3-Year Warranty3-Year Warranty

Differences and Similarities in feature of Fluke 115 and 117


These multimeters are built for any environment you work for. These multimeters are tested in CAT III 600V environments and gives you the freedom to work with them without any worries. These devices are very easy to use and give you the surety of over 6000-count resolution.


These multimeters can be used for general multimeter purposes. False or ghost voltages can be measured through these devices. The Fluke 115 & 117 can be used for normal wiring checking. These have the capability to check the resistance and capacitance too. The resistance, frequency, or even capacitance can be measured through the devices.

Complete Tool Belt

For any industrial or commercial buildings, you can perform your tasks with these premium multimeters. They are specially designed with high-end materials and will last in complex circumstances. There is a LED backlight too for working in a dark environment.

Hands-Free Operation

If you are required to work in such an environment where you can’t use your hands there is no need to worry. The magnetic hanger can be used anywhere to hang it and measure objects easily. There is a carrying case included with this multimeter anywhere you want.

Non-Contact Voltage Detection

The Fluke 117 has this handy feature to save you from risky measurements. You are not required to hold the object to get the readings. This integrated non-contact voltage detection will give you get your job done faster and safer. Unfortunately, the Fluke 115 doesn’t have this feature included and made the previous one a more perfect choice for anyone. 


The Fluke 117 comes with the TRUE-RMS meter to give you accurate readings on any kind of application.  This device is ideal for commercial or hospitals or even school buildings. The measurements of Fluke 117 are tested by electricians from all over the world. The body is designed as easy-to-use and gives the flexibility to use it in any condition. Fluke 115 is also a great device but not as much reliable as the Fluke 117.

Durability & Warranty

Fluke is one of the finest electronic tool manufacturers since 1948. As these are electronic components so there was no compromise of quality. They are made of top-notch integrants and will give you long-term reliable readings.  Fluke offers a 1-Year of warranty for the devices.   

Final Words

There may not be that many differences between these two multimeters. Still, Fluke 117 offers some unique features that will keep you safe while measuring any readings. The non-contact voltage detection made Fluke 117 one of the main points to pick it. Fluke 117 offers you more than the Fluke 115 with almost the same range of price, so undoubtedly this is the winner.

Frequently asked questions of Fluke 115 and 117? 

Do they come with any case?

Yes, there is a small carrying case with the devices.

Is there any warranty from the manufacturer?

Sure, Fluke provides one year of warranty for these multimeters.

Can I work in a low-light environment with them?

Yes. There is a LED backlight to work in such environments.

Are the readings accurate?

They are very accurate. Fluke is one of the most trusted electronic tool manufacturers.

How safe are they for general purposes?

They are very safe & come with a CAT III 600V safety rated.


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