Fluke 116 vs 117 – Get the Best Multimeter

fluke 116 vs 117

Fluke 116 and 117 are two multimeters with a similar outlook that made them tough to differentiate. With a detailed comparison, I am going to show you why you should pick the Fluke 117. 

What made Fluke 117 the Better One?

  • The Fluke 117 gives you the advantage of measuring voltage without getting in touch with an object that may save you from risks. The Fluke 116 doesn’t have this feature.
  • This multimeter comes with four variations of different components that will allow you to use them with more freedom whereas the other multimeter has only 1 variation of a NIST certificate.
  • Fluke 117 is the latest one between them and comes with the latest sensors that will provide you more accurate readings than the Fluke 116.
  • This device is compatible with a magnetic hanger and allows you for hands-free operation while its competitor doesn’t provide this feature.

These unique features made the Fluke 117 conqueror over the Fluke 116. Fluke 117 is the multimeter that will make you fully satisfied with its superior performance.

Similarities Between Fluke 116 and 117

  • Both multimeters have a True-RMS feature.
  • They are CAT III 600V safety rated.
  • Can be used for resistance, frequency, capacitance.
  • There is a case included for carrying purposes.

Fluke 116 vs 117 – Comparison Table

SpecificationsFluke 116Fluke 117
Editor’s Rating4.8 out of 54.9 out of 5
CAT RatingIII 600VIII 600V
True-RMS ReadingsAvailableAvailable
LED backlightYesYes
Battery2AA Battery required (included)1AAA Battery required (included)
Warranty3-Year of Warranty3-Year of Warranty

Differences and Similarities in feature of Fluke 116 and 117

HVAC Measurement

The Fluke 116 & 117 are very popular among the electricians. These devices are designed for professionals to measure resistance, voltage, frequency, or even capacitance. You are getting all the readings with just one tool. The Fluke 116 has one advantage of detecting temperature. But the Fluke 117 has some unique features that made it more preferable between these two.


Fluke multimeters are designed to perform in any situation whether it’s a drop or shock. These will give you the highest accurate readings of any other devices available on the market. The Fluke 117 has included upgraded sensors and will give you better measurements than the other one. The devices have a LED backlight to measure readings in a dark environment. Fluke has been producing electronics since 1948 and these devices are tested among electricians all over the world. So you can fully rely on the readings without any doubt. 

True RMS

The True RMS feature of these devices will deliver you exact readings while measuring non-linear loads. RMS represents Root Mean Square, which measures alternating current with more accuracy. This is a feature that all electricians prefer while choosing a multimeter. 


The devices come with powerful batteries for a long-lasting service. The Fluke 117 has a 1AAA battery included and the Fluke 116 has 2 AA batteries with it. The batteries are pre-installed so you don’t need to hassle about the power source. Just buy them and start measuring.

Non-contact Voltage Detection

Sometimes you may need to measure something without touching the object. This is possible if you have the Fluke 117 in your hand. The integrated feature will give you access to measure the reading without any contact. You will be able to save your time and give you the chance to perform your tasks without any risk. Unfortunately, the Fluke 116 doesn’t have this handy feature that may cause you to face trouble in an odd situation.

Hands-Free Operation

If you need to work without something and at the same time you need to measure something, Fluke 117 gives you the advantage of hands-free operation. There is a magnetic hanger on the top of the device and gives you more flexibility while using this on an operation. You will not get this feature on Fluke 116. So you can’t perform any task if your hands are not free.

Low Input Impedance

The devices have the LoX feature that will prevent you from getting false readings. Fluke 116 & 117 will give you the more accurate readings possible as they will cut-off the ghost voltage which causes false readings. This feature will prevent you from any inaccurate readings.

Durability & Warranty

Fluke multimeters are perfect for any kind of use. They can be used on commercial buildings or for industrial purposes. The machines are being tested in laboratories and there is no question about the readings. The body structure is very solid and won’t break for any fall or extreme use. Fluke provides a 3-year of warranty for these devices.

Final Words

There are very few differences between these two multimeters. They are perfect for electricians for their standard readings. The Fluke 117 offers more features that will make your work easy and give you a better experience. So my final suggestion is the Fluke 117 over the 116.

Frequently asked questions of Fluke 116 and 117? 

What is the unit of temperature of the Multimeter?

The Multimeters gives reading in both units.

Do the multimeters have a NIST Certificate?

Yes, there is a separate model with a NIST certificate available.

Do the devices measure Hz?

Sure, they have Hz reading options.

Which country is the manufacturer of these devices?

The multimeters are made in China.

Do the multimeters measure temperature?

Yes, only the Fluke 116 measures temperature.

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