External Keyboard and Mouse: A Necessity for a Gaming Laptop?

Being a serious gamer is a tough and expensive job. It means ensuring that you have the necessary and most up-to-date hardware and software available along with the complete set of gaming accessories.

External Keyboard and Mouse

Buying a gaming laptop usually, means that the person is pretty determined about being part of the competitive or the elite level of gaming. One of the toughest choices being faced by a gamer is whether to stick with the laptop keyboard & mouse or to buy an external mouse & keyboard.

Advantages of External Keyboard and Mouse

So, what are the various merits of an external keyboard and mouse?

Increased Productivity

Sounds strange, but most gaming laptop users report that the availability of a complete keyboard unlike the smaller keyboards on a laptop usually helps them complete their work faster and gives them a slight edge while gaming.

The highest amount of advantage is usually noticed in FPS (First Person Shooter) games where reaction times of users, especially during online play, are necessary for victory.

A rise in Comfort Level

Being able to adjust the laptop as per your comfort without compromising on the gaming front is something that most laptop users crave for.

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An external keyboard and mouse provide just that while also enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Reduces Health Risks

Usually, a distance of 40cm to 76cm should be maintained between the monitor and our eyes. Ensuring this while gaming on a laptop can be difficult without the use of an external keyboard and mouse.

Also, long hours of gaming can always cause heavy stress to the eyes. Maintaining a healthy distance from the laptop screen goes far towards preventing a visit to the eye checkup clinic.

External Keyboard and Mouse

Disadvantages of External Keyboard and Mouse

All gaming accessories have their demerits:


After spending a fortune on a gaming laptop, nobody wants to spend extra money on a keyboard & mouse.

Any cheap knockoffs can always provide a temporary fix, but if a person is dead serious about his gaming ambitions, then he has to only consider the proper gaming keyboards and mouse which usually put quite a dent to his/her wallet.

Not necessary for all genres

FPS games are usually the ones that demand external keyboards and mouse but are they really necessary for other genres?

You can definitely survive in an RPG/MMORPG game by just borrowing a cheap mouse from your home PC. Racing games never really have been known for their complex controls.

Platformer games definitely do not demand any gaming accessories neither do any of the famous sports games (You have to consider a controller for most of them anyway).

So what conclusion can we actually conjure from the above points?

If you are absolutely serious about your passion for gaming, buying an external keyboard and mouse is a long term investment that would be worth the money spent.

But if you are more of a casual gamer who simply prefers to play a game over the weekend, the laptop keyboard and touchpad are sufficient.

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