How Gaming Laptops Are Better Than Desktops

The Gaming Industry has evolved by leaps and bounds over the past decade. Technological advancements in the computer and graphics processing space have accorded a massive argument about the dominance of Gaming Laptops and its Desktop counterparts.

 Gaming Laptops Are Better Than Desktops

Why Gaming Laptops are better than Desktops

The following analysis of their pros and cons will elucidate where Laptops stand in the gaming dynamic –

Reasons for using Gaming Laptops

Portability: Notably, the most significant USP of a Laptop is the convenience of carrying it around. Because of the size difference, a Gaming Desktop will inevitably occupy more space. The monitors, a colossal CPU, and meters of tortuous cables only make the desktop space clumsy and diseased of over-heated hardware.

LAN party at a friend’s place? A haulable, compact Laptop is definitely a gamer’s go-to option. Convenient to carry and capable of optimum graphic performance, free of all the chaos associated with bulky, wired connections are sure to make the gaming experience a reveling hit.

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Superior Performance: The eternal debate, about how Desktop gaming graphics trump over Laptop performance, has been on its course to neutralization due to Visual Computing pioneer, Nvidia’s dedicated efforts for bridging this divide.

The latest Nvidia GeForce GTX Pascal GPUs have salvaged the Laptop’s dwindling popularity amongst gamers by providing indistinguishable graphics performance characteristics, almost on par with their desktop brethren.

Gaming Laptops Are Better Than Desktops

What Gaming Laptops miss out on

Customisability: This is one domain where Desktops are reigning since the dawn of the modern gaming era. Apart from removable hard-drives and a substandard RAM, Gaming Laptops are nearly untouchable when it comes to customizing the system.

Sure, one could replace the GPU to introduce some extra kick in the gameplay but with the hefty price tag, it seems illogical to do so. However, most systems are manufactured with GPUs embedded on the motherboards which makes it impossible to overhaul the system.

Value for Money: Given the various characteristics assayed in either device, a Gaming Desktop certainly packs in more power in comparison to its lap-based partner. The high upgradability of a Desktop can enable a gamer to alter 50% of his system while also achieving 25% more processing capability than a Laptop.

Although the compactness makes a Laptop rather handy to use, in effect, there are more components fitted in a constrained area compared to a Desktop, making it harder for the hardware to breathe, thus affecting its overall speed and performance.

As far as CPU behavior is considered, both Gaming Laptops and Desktops can run on the high-end Intel i7 processors and Nvidia’s Pascal GPUs, nulling the competition that existed in yesteryears because of toned-down versions being made available in laptops.

With all these factors in mind, in the end, it’s all about what titles a gamer intends to use the system for and whether portability and price is a dominant factor.

Gaming Laptops have definitely grown from its meek forms and given the burst in engineering research, they are destined to become a formidable force in the gaming industry.

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