HP 15-F222WM Review – An Insightful Performance Evaluation

Deciding to buy a budget laptop for casual use? Tech giant, Hewlett-Packard has come up with a computer that caters to just that. Retailing at under $300, HP’s newest addition in a long line of budget-friendly laptops edges past most of its competition so comfortably that within a week of its launch, it was lauded as being the best in its segment laptop in the market.

An extensive HP 15-F222WM review sets things straight concerning its stance in the industry and whether it truly is the best laptop in its category.

Pros and Cons of HP 15-F222WM

HP 15-F222WM Review


  • The HP 15 F222WM 15.6 laptop features a display touchscreen that is unheard of in most budget laptops.
  • An above-average battery life makes it a handy device for use on the go.
  • Its utilitarian build makes it efficient for everyday tasks and computing work.
  • It hosts a range of connectivity modules that yield accessibility on all major fronts.


  • The HP 15.6″ Touch Screen Laptop comes with a rather lackluster display that makes watching videos and movies an unpleasant experience.
  • It has inbuilt 500GB storage space which is decent for its segment of laptops, but a speed rate of 5400RPM calls for slow transfers.

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Key Features

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Design and Hardware of the HP 15 F222WM 15.6 Laptop

HP 15-F222WM Review
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The HP Notebook 15-F222WM sports an all-plastic chassis. Just like all its machines, the lid houses HP’s signature metallic logo, but the rest of the laptop is built from solid textured plastic. In most cases, the lack of a metallic finish usually makes the laptop feel ‘cheap’ in build quality but the 15-F222WM is an exception. Although HP has opted for a serviceable design of this laptop, it doesn’t feel substandard or meek in quality, if not as rich as the MacBook or Dell XPS.

Its robust structure makes it pretty obvious it is meant for primary students and people who like to carry it on the go.It weighs a hefty 4.7 pounds, which can make the shoulders sore if it’s taken around every day.

The 15-F222WM’s touchscreen display is rather unique for laptops its size and price. However, it is coated by a glossy protection shield that makes it difficult to use outdoors, especially if the Sun is right on top. It might take a little effort to find the right tilt angle to escape excessive glare.


The 15.6″ Touch Screen Laptop is powered by Intel’s Quad Core Pentium N3540 Processor clocking a speed of 2.16GHz. It can be piped up to 2.66GHz with Intel’s Turbo Boost if the extra applications ask for more processing power. Like most laptops under $300, this too runs on Intel’s Integrated Graphics card. It’s limited graphical prowess makes it impossible to run graphic intensive games, but is strong enough for mild, casual gaming.

It functions on a 4GB DDR3 SDRAM, which offers moderate operation capacity but cannot handle more than eight simultaneous applications. It comes with a generous 500GB of memory space and a Serial ATA hard drive interface. It runs at approximately 5400RPM which in comparison to an SSD hard drive, gives slower application launch times and copy/paste operations.

Most of the technical arsenal of this laptop is what one would expect of a standard 15-inch under $300 but HP’s 15 F222WM packs in one more phenomenal feature; its 15.6-inch touchscreen display. Though not the best in quality, it’s rather uncommon to find a mundane laptop with a touch-sensitive display, which is characteristic of the premium build range.

It also consists of a mediocre front VGA camera and decent keyboard, making the laptop’s hardware game nearly the best in its class.

Performance Review of HP 15-F222WM

The HP 15-F222WM performance standards are not the best of the best in the market, but the laptop definitely promises a glitch-free experience within its operating conditions. A combination of a quad-core Pentium N3450 Intel chipset with 4GB of dedicated RAM space is not an unconventional combination for budget-friendly laptops.

The processor clocks in at 2.16GHz but performance can be boosted up a notch to 2.66GHz if required. This makes mild data processing and video streaming a breeze without any persistent problem.

The absence of a high-end graphics card like the NVIDIA GeForce M series in Acer and Asus’ $500 laptops in the 15-F222WM makes heavy graphics oriented gaming almost impossible. It is game for smaller entertainment mediums, but anything that functions best with heavy graphics will not work as it should on this laptop.

The standout touchscreen display with a paltry 1366X768 resolution is as paradoxical as it can get. Although the sensitive display is unequivocally the best feature in the laptop given its monetary standing, the average pixel density manages to reduce all that excitement by a bit. However, such a resolution is what most budget laptops provide. This edges the HP laptop past its rival computers in the market.

It also runs the flagship Windows 10 Operating System making accessibility to a whole bunch of productivity, entertainment, and multimedia applications easy. The Laptop sports two stereo speakers in the front that do not yield pristine audio quality, but again, its performance according to its price-tag is more than one could ask for.


HP’s 15-F222WM sports a 15.6-inch touchscreen with overall size being 20X12X3 inches. It weighs a significant 5 pounds that probably will stress the user’s shoulders and back if carried along every day. It houses an Ethernet connector and an 802.11 bgn Wi-Fi connecting capability that makes it simpler to connect to the internet on the go.

It runs on a 3-cell Lithium-ion battery with enough juice to last an average of 6 hours (as the company claims). Its 110 Volt battery promises to fill the laptop up from 0 to 100 in just over 2 hours. The 15-F222WM’s serviceable battery life makes it usable for work and mild entertainment purposes, making it quite the handy machine.

HP 15-F222WM Review
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Ports & Connectivity

The budget-friendly HP 15.6-Inch laptop comes with an HDMI port on its left side which caters to a user’s possible multimedia needs. It also houses two 3.0 USB ports and a single 2.0 USB port. It lacks the latest Type-C technology, but it’s not something one would expect to exist in an under $300 laptop.

This laptop uses a standard 802.11N Wi-Fi connectivity module like most 15.6-inch laptops. It also comes with an Ethernet LAN in case the routers are having a bad day at work. A Secure Digital (SD) card reader is provided on the side panel to transfer media from a camera memory card as well.

Mousepad & Keyboard

An extensive 15-F222WM review showed the hits and misses of this laptop’s input/output functionality. The keyboard layout is pretty comprehensive with a separate numeric keypad on the right. It’s not lit from under making it difficult to use this laptop in the dark. Like most pocket-friendly laptops, key travel in HP’s latest is low too.

It can be used comfortably for short word processing, but will end up feeling smudgy when used for long. The mouse pad is provided with two left-right click buttons at the bottom to give it more of a conventional feel.

What Could Be Improved?

Although the 15-F222WM uses a touchscreen display, which is unheard of in cheap, utilitarian laptops, it’s resolution is still a mere 1366X768 pixels. Lack of a High Definition screen makes it irksome to watch movies and play HD games on this laptop.

A Pentium processor coupled with the standard graphics capability yield slower processing speeds, but are just enough to get through the day for daily tasks. Simultaneous video streaming and application usage may cause lag depending on its toll on the processor.

HP 15-F222WM Review
Image Credit:walmart.com

User’s Experiences

The HP 15-F222WM 15.6 notebook has achieved what it had set out for. What consumers expected was a functional laptop for everyday browsing and work from a $249.99 laptop and that is exactly what this laptop delivered. Plus, a surprisingly good touchscreen display has made them swoon over.

Users found that the HP affordable laptop takes a tad bit longer to load image-intensive web pages. While powering up, however, it takes just over 3 seconds longer than a computer running on Intel’s i3.

The only omnipresent complaint that the majority of the users had was regarding the flimsy keyboard. Pressing keys too lightly give an unsatisfying feeling, but pressing them harder actuates neighboring keys as well, making word processing work a frustrating piece of the effort.

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The Top-Rated HP Laptop is Meant For?

A 2.16GHz processor with standard integrated graphics and an independent 4GB DDR3 SDRAM makes for a computing system capable of casual gaming and mundane tasks. It’s worth a shot if all one is looking for is to get by the day engaging in mild work and browsing and fancies a sporty display touchscreen just for the sake of it.

Alternate Solutions

HP’s newest 2017 Flagship 15.6-incher 15-AY191MS is an upgrade from its predecessors, both in terms of technical prowess and cost. Equipped with a 1TB hard-drive, Intel’s 7th generation i3 and a dedicated 8GB RAM makes the 15-AY191MS a beast of a machine.

With its fluid touchscreen display and the latest operating software by Windows, it’s arguably the best in the budget computer category. Retailing at $372.24, the 15-AY19MS is the benchmark for reasonable, but efficient laptops in the market right now.

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HP Notebook 15-f222wm: Worth the Money?

HP’s 15-F222WM’s decent technical specifications and an ergonomic design provides bang-for-the-buck performance. Its functionality is miles away from being stellar, but given its price tag, it is more than sufficient to complete everyday tasks. The right mixture of utility and a fancy user interface at just $282 makes this laptop a top choice to satisfy computing needs and also staying portable in the truest sense.

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