HP Pavilion 22cwa Review To-Rated 21.5-inch IPS LED Backlit Monitor

The budget HP Pavilion 22CWA from the house of HP and the Pavilion series – the best in monitors worldwide, packs in superior IPS display with a pleasing appearance, bezels or frames available in both black and white, however with fewer input options – one each of HDMI and VGA.

HP Pavilion

Key Features
  • 5 Diagonal Full HD1920x1080
  • 60 Hz IPS interface
  • 8,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and brightness level of 250 units
  • 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Screen brightness – 250 nits

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Design and Performance of HP Pavilion 22cwa


Design – It has a 21.5-inch screen, with a slim panel supported on an open wedge stand. The bezels are thin. It is stylish enough to complement any desktop and makes an ideal monitor for a smaller space and a small budget. It can be viewed from any angle owing to the IPS technology

Hardware and Technology

The IPS (In-Plane Switching) is an improvement over TN (Twisted Nematic) for better color reproduction and viewing angles, though in response times and refresh rates the TN panels far better.

The HP22 cwa has IPS panels which makes the color more vibrant and detail clearer, over a wide range of viewing angles. There is less color shift and a substantial increase in image quality. It is a backlit LED without any bleeding whatsoever.

There are two ports, HDMI and VGA. HP also includes a VGA cable in the package, but not an HDMI one. A little calibration on the menu may be required for the satisfaction of an avid gamer or graphics software user.

HP Pavilion


This is excellent value for money. Because at this price, most monitors are available with the TN panels with poor color accuracy and inadequate viewing angles. With a contrast ratio of 8,000,000:1 the HP 22cwagives whiter whites and blacker blacks and truly vivid colors.

The 60 Hz refresh rate does cause some on screen tearing and choppiness during fast-paced imagery, but 60 Hz is the refresh rate models priced higher than this one offer. A high response time of 7ms could cause smearing and blurring as the desired response time for a gaming monitor would ideally be 4ms. But even this is not noticed by reviewers.

Ports and Connectivity –

The HP 22cwa has two ports on the back of the monitor. A VGA port and an HDMI port. The monitor is provided with a VGA cable, but if HD is required, one has to procure an HDMI cable. If you own an Apple computer, then you can order a Thunderbolt Adapter along with the monitor for compatibility.

What Could be Improved?

  • There is no option for audio input, nor are speakers embedded in the monitor.
  • The 21.5-inch screen may be too small for some users.
  • The 7ms response and refresh rate of 60hz is not ideal for gaming applications.
  • Does not come with a VESA mount support. An adapter bracket has to be purchased separately.
  • The images are not very crisp. The letters come with shadows.

User Experiences

These are budget monitors for avid gamers who want the best in colors and imagery and as such users are satisfied. Though it measures only 21.5 inches across, it gives the impression of a 24-inch monitor according to some users.

As they say, a 1080p monitor with HDMI  and IPS interface is a steal for a hundred dollars and that is exactly what the HP 22cwa is. Most of those who use these for work, use it as a secondary monitor while they do their coding or browsing.

It is most satisfactory at that price. Users said the settings were easy to configure on their new HP 22cwa monitor.  Users are not happy that the outdated VGA cable has been provided instead of an HDI cable. They would like HP to keep up with the times and not cut corners.

Some users complained about the difficulty in connecting their Macs. One user complained of too many dead pixels on the screen and another of a stuck red pixel on her screen. One even complained about a tape-like strip appearing right across the screen in the presence of bright colors.HP Pavilion

One rued the fact that at only a hundred dollars, it worked exactly for a year and then stopped working, by which time the warranty was also over. Dimness and reduced backlighting which is a drawback of IPS interface is also a complaint among some users.

They complain that it catches glare from other sources of light. Some complain that the stand is very flimsy, and that the flat part of the base detaches very easily.

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The Monitor is Meant for

This monitor is meant for everyone and all but the most discerning professional gamer. Its IPS interface and HP image technology improvements will keep its owner happy as far as graphics go for a long time.

The Monitor is Worth Buying

The monitor is worth buying because at a price of one hundred dollars, you are getting features that are seen only in higher end models. At this price only TN interface monitors are available with their poor picture quality. IPS models are rare and that too this one is from the HP stable.

As a secondary monitor, it is worth the price and many users find that they have made a good purchase decision in buying this monitor. This monitor also gives the impression of a larger monitor and the IPS interface is close to the immersive experience of a curved screen.

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