HP Pavilion 27xw Review – One of the Best Monitor under $300

The HP Pavilion 27xw 27 inch IPS LED Backlit Monitor combines ultra-wide IPS viewing with full HD resolution to give high color fidelity across a 27-inch diagonal screen. This is the largest screen option in the HP Pavilion series. At 7.67 kgs, it is noticeably large and heavy for a computer monitor.

HP Pavilion 27xw Review

Key Features
  • Aspect ratio 16:9
  • Item weight 12.3 pounds (7.67 kg)
  • HD Resolution 1920 x1080
  • Dynamic contrast ratio 10000:1
  • Technicolor Color certification

Design and Performance of The HP Pavilion 27xw


The slim design in white and silver gives it a very contemporary look. The minimalist style of the monitor which claims to be without a bezel is totally clutter-free. The frame is in fact present but at a slim half-inch width.

The power buttons on the underside of the right corner of the screen can’t be seen. An open wedge stand which slides into a set of locking slots at the bottom effortlessly gives the user easy accessibility to the ports on the back of the monitor.

The product is well packaged as with all HP monitors. Assembling the monitor with the help of the instruction booklet is quite easy.

The 27” screen provides stunning vantage points for everybody from everywhere There are no built-in speakers but that is not usually there in such models. There are no audio ports either. The screen has a glossy finish but does not have issues of glare or reflections.

There is no standard VESA mount provided for mounting on a wall, but a VESA adapter can be ordered separately.

HP Pavilion 27xw

Hardware and Technology

The IPS (In-plane switching) viewing panels have been incorporated because they are capable of wide viewing angles, (178 degrees both vertical and horizontal), the wider tonal range of color, and greater color accuracy. Hence they are a favorite of photographers and artists.

Color-sensitive computer applications like photography, design, and print layouts use IPS panels. The downside of these are that they are more expensive, not as bright as TN(Twisted Nematic – the oldest type of panels in use) panels.

They also don’t change as quickly, leaving behind a trail or ghost. Because of this their response time also is more as compared to the TN panels.

It comes with an Energy Star certification as well and is built for optimal power saving. It is also Technicolor Color certified which means that the color what you see is exactly what the creators intended. This is important for online shopping and entertainment, as you can be confident that the color viewed is accurate.

HP Enhance+ technology improves the quality of the image and reduces noise or visual distortions to make for an enhanced viewing experience


From the start – it comes on very easily, with a menu that is easy to navigate. Initially, while browsing, the promised quality may not be seen and some adjustments are required.

Some calibration and tweaks on the control panel ensure what it is promised –  its crystal clear clarity is unmatched and enhanced with the use of HP’s Enhance+ technology.

The 10000:1 ratio illuminates the whites and darks to the maximum extent for great color contrast.

Ports and Connectivity

This comes with one VGA port and two HDMI ports. HP seems to be supplying either the HDMI or VGA cable in different regions or for different customers.

Most customers have got HDMI.  Both are not included together, The ports which are at the back are easily reached through the open wedge stand.  There are no audio ports.

What Could be Improved?

One of the negatives is that you cannot adjust the height of the monitor, only the tilt angle. Another negative is that only one cable is provided. Either the VGA or the HDMI, not both. The 8ms response time is not the fastest.

This may be because 1440p is more suitable for 27” monitors rather than 1080p which the HP 27xw is configured with. The monitor is quite heavy too. There are no speakers, nor are any audio ports provided. It may not be compatible with MacBook Air.

HP Pavilion 27xw Review

User’s Experience

One user declares that once anybody has an IPS panel experience, he or she will never want to own anything else. The quality and color accuracy are remarkable and the viewing angles of 178 degrees make for easy viewing.

The anti-glare, low haze coating minimizes reflection and makes watching movies and playing games on this monitor easy for the eyes.

One user said that there were only two flimsy tabs holding the stand in place and it tended to fall forward, face down. The HDMI ports being at the back of the monitor posed a problem for some users.

Many users felt it was great value for money, it worked like a charm and the clarity of the picture was amazing. Many felt it complemented their PCs without costing as much as them.

One could easily view two windows fully and clearly without having to scroll them as is the case in smaller monitors.

One user had an issue that it was not compatible with her Macbook Air because of its drivers. This was nowhere mentioned on the company website nor in the instruction manual.

Unfortunately, one user had this scathing opinion – that the color was bleeding terribly. Another said that the contrast and black levels were abysmal and it was good only for surfing and non-graphics usage. Some have complained that it stops working after about six weeks.

The Monitor is Meant for

The monitor is meant for those interested in gaming, or watching HD movies and whose work involves picture and video editing.

The Monitor is Worth Buying

The monitor is worth buying because the LED technology is superior and no other monitor can match the longevity of this one. Its energy consumption is also less and this technology provides for the slimmer look that is so attractive in a computer monitor.  The picture quality is unmatched and it is ideal for graphics.

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