Why iPhone Goes Straight To Voicemail? How To Fix It?

iPhone users usually suffer from a problem known as iPhone straight to voicemail. When it occurs everyone becomes panic. At that time they think has their expensive iPhone gone in vain? No dear, there is nothing to worry about. Your expensive phone did not go in vain.

The problem you are facing is easily solvable. If you have the straight to voicemail problem on your phone, then take a look attentively at our tutorial today. Hopefully, your problem will be solved after reading this article. Let us find out the possible causes and solutions for the straight to voicemail.

Why Iphone Goes Straight To Voicemail How To Fix It

Why iPhone Goes Straight To Voicemail?

We have got a lot of facts about why this problem arises on the iPhone. Notable problems among those are no service, DND remains turned on, updated with cellular carrier etc. Basically, due to these reasons, the problem arises on the iPhone.

How To Fix iPhone Straight To Voicemail

If this problem occurs on your iPhone then follow the steps we have shown one after one. The tasks which need to be done in the straight to voicemail problem are here.

Check Whether The Airplane Mode Is Turned On Or Not

It may be that you have moved far away from the locality or are in an airplane where there is no cellular network. As a result, the phone moved to auto airplane mode. Besides, you can also turn airplane mood on by any mistake. If airplane mode is turned on then disable it.

Disable The Dnd Mode

If the DND mode is turned on in the phone then if the call comes, it sends voicemail. So check whether the DND mode is turned on or not. If it is turned on then disable it.

Enable Announce Calls

You should change Announce calls to Always. Go to Settings -> Phone -> Announce Calls, tap always, and then try it out.

Keep The Carrier Setting Updated

Many times when the carrier setting is backdated, then there occurs voicemail. So keep iPhone updated with cellular carrier settings at all times. To update the carrier settings, go to the iPhone settings and click on ‘About’ to see whether there is any new update or not. If there is an update available, please make it up to date.

The Problem Still Exists? Contact Your Carrier

If the problem is not solved yet, then you should contact the carrier at the last step. Maybe it is their problem that is becoming voicemail. If it is happening due to the network problem then they will fix it.

The problems that are found on the iPhone are mostly due to the unawareness of the users. These problems can be solved by changing the settings slightly. We have given the complete solution to the straight to voicemail. All the techniques we have mentioned are very easy to follow. Hopefully, from today, there will be no such problem to anyone. Stay tuned with us to get solutions regarding iPhone related problems.

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