Lg 27gl850 vs LG 27gl850-B – Which monitor is the best?

Lg 27gl850 vs LG 27gl850-BLG 27gl850 and LG 27gl850 b both gaming monitors are from the same series and in terms of performance, the latter one will be the best choice here. The LG 27gl850 b monitor has some superior and additional features that made it a winner. Continue reading to find out the best monitor.

What makes LG 27gl850-B the best choice?

  • LG 27gl850 b is the world’s first Nano IPS technology used to monitor. Which has a 1MS response time. Unfortunately, the response time of LG 27gl850 is not that fast. 
  • You will get HDR 400 display resolution functionality for a realistic and clear view with this monitor. An accurate color setup and a broader contrast ratio will improve your gaming experience. 
  • This gaming monitor gets into people’s eyes with its gorgeous black color finishing. Looks so attractive on a desktop table. But the LG 27gl850 comes in a random color.
  • LG 27gl850 b arrives with an advanced display synchronize technology that reduces screen tearing and stutter minimizing. That facility is not available with the previous version. 

So, all those features are only gettable with the LG 27gl850 b monitors. From here, you have the opportunity of purchasing these monitors at a cheap rate. Let’s check out the button below, to avail these gaming monitors at a reasonable price.

Similar features of LG 27gl850 and LG 27gl850-B

  • These monitors are specially made for a proper gaming experience.
  • 27 inches borderless display functionality.
  • Both monitors have portrait mode functionality.
  • They have a 144Hz refresh rate. Which works to produce very clear picture quality in real-time.

LG 27gl850 vs LG 27gl850-B – Quick Comparison

Specifications LG 27gl850LG 27gl850-B
Editor’s rating 

LG 27gl8504.7 out of 5 

LG 27gl850-B4.8 out of 5 
Standing screen display 27 inches 27 inches 
Nano IPS technology Yes Yes (updated) 
Portrait view mode Yes Yes 
1MS response time Yes  Yes (proper) 
Display synchronized technology Yes Yes 
Refresh rate 144Hz 144Hz 
Screen resolution 2560 x 14402560 x 1440
Maximum resolution 2560 x 1440 Pixels2560 x 1440 Pixels
Power mode AC AC 
Power requirement 110240 Volts110240 Volts
Aspect ratio 16:9 16:9 
Color options Random Full black 

Comparison of features between LG 27gl850 and LG 27gl850 b

Nano IPS display 

As these monitors are specially designed for gaming purposes they come with better display functionality. Nano IPS display setting converse 98% of the DCI-P3 color space which is comparable to the professional film industry standard. Picture quality is so high that it looks more lively than virtual reality. Stunning image transpiring ability made the virtual effect feel real.

Portrait view

The monitor can be turned into a full portrait mode from landscape mode. So, many gaming applications or software work better in portrait mode. So, having this kind of facility with a gaming monitor is a great positive.

Synchronizing technology

This monitor has advanced view functionality which synchronizes refresh processing to the GPU inside Geforce GTX and GTx-powered PCs, which works to reduce the screen view breaking and reduce the stutter for the lag input system. Which provides a proper frame of action as you clench your victories with a lag-free refreshing facility.

Sphere lighting

This monitor has the main focus for a fantastic gaming environment. Sphere lighting 2.0 exceeds the limits of the indirect lighting that helps to create a proper gaming experience. With high-quality sound and video sync mode, gamers will feel the real battlefield from their positions. A very lovely feeling when it comes to gaming.

Adjustable brightness setting

This monitor has an eye-saving mode. It is an appropriate setting for a dark time. Automatically gets adjusted with the outside lighting system. Also, the brightness resolution can be manually adjusted. Proper pixel setup takes away all the pressures from your eye. This is perfect for a long time. Even with any modern technology, the pixels can’t be visible.


On its back panel 2 HDMI ports to avail of the high definition view. The power cable has a DC port in support. Also, you will get one headphone jack with the monitor for a better sound experience. And the control panel of the monitor is located under the side.

Style and design

LG 27gl850 b monitor has attractive back color finishing. Stand size can be adjusted according to the user’s satisfaction. The most favorite part of this monitor is that it comes without the distraction of unsightly borders. That has an ultra-thin bezel for a comfortable display view. Also, the screen tilt and pivot adjustments are so versatile.


There are no major differences visible between these two monitors. LG 27gl850 b is the full black version of the previous version. Rather than some updates, it has come with a monitor. So, to increase your gaming experience, go for the LG 27gl850 b model. The general model LG 27gl850 can be my second preference as it is the first invention of this series.

FAQs about Radenso LG 27gl850 and LG 27gl850-B

Question: Can I adjust the color manually?

Answer: Yes, the color has a manual setup option.  Go to the main control panel bar of the monitor to complete that action. Also the brightness, sharpness, screen resolution, night mode facilities are there.

Question: Is VESA mounting supported?

Answer: Yes, both monitors support VESA mounting. Sometimes the recessed mounting creates problems if the mounting plate is slightly too big than the regular size. The monitor’s mounting holes require M4 bolts/screws, so make sure you order the same size kit to be fit in.

Question: Is the monitor supports HDR10?

Answer: Yes, The LG 27gl850 model is an “ultra gear” Nano IPS 1ms supported gaming monitor. But the Model 27gl850 b HDR10 screen is supported. 

Question: Can I have a Freesync facility with the monitors?

Answer: Yes, these are free sync compatible. The LG 27gl850 b also has Gsync compatibility.

Question: Is it only preferable for the gaming experience?

Answer: No, these monitors can be used for all other regular activities. Such as movies, tv shows, etc. But the main advancement comes with the portrait mode, which provides a proper gaming experience.

Question: Can I disable the blue light filter facility?

Answer: Yes, the blue light filter can be disabled manually. Someone gets irritated with any lights and color setup of these monitors, he/she can adjust them manually, from the control panel. 

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