Radenso Pro M vs Uniden R3 – Which one is the Best Radar Detector?

Radenso Pro M vs uniden r3

Uniden R3 and Radenso Pro M are two great radar detectors. If you want to choose one but confused about deciding, I would say Uniden R3 is a better option for you as this has some unique features and some advantages.

Why should you choose the Uniden R3?

  • The  Uniden R3 comes with a programmable voice alert to keep you concentrated on your ride while the Radenso Pro M doesn’t have this feature.
  • There is a multiple-color OLED display included on the Uniden R3 with easy-to-read digits. On the other hand, Radenso Pro M has an ordinary OLED display. 
  • The GPS of this radar detector can remember false alerts thus doesn’t repeat the false mistakes twice whereas this feature isn’t included on the other one.
  • The advanced K/KA filtering of this device offers the latest amount of false alerts and also a collision-avoidance system that is not available on its competitor.

These unique features made the Uniden R3 over the other one. If you want to get fully satisfied with your radar detector performance, pick the Uniden R3 without any second thought.

Similar features of Radenso Pro M and Uniden R3

  • Both of the devices have ultra-bright OLED displays.
  • There are red light and speed camera alerts included on the devices.
  • Both of the radar detectors come with advanced GPS technology.
  • These are long-range radar detectors.
  • They have a premium build quality.

Radenso Pro M vs Uniden R3 – Quick Comparison

SpecificationsRadenso Pro MUniden R3
Editor’s RatingRadenso Pro M vs Uniden r3

4.5 out of 5

Uniden R3 and Radenso Pro M

4.6 out of 5

Display TypeAmber OLED OLED 
Voltage12 Volts12 Volts
Product Dimensions3.5 x 2.3 x 1 inches8.3 x 7.1 x 3.2 inches
Product Weight0.6 ounces4.8 ounces
BatteryN/A1 Lithium-ion battery required 
Mute False AlertYesYes
Red Light YesYes
Programmable Voice-AlertNoYes
Speed Camera AlertsYesYes
Warranty1-Year of Warranty1-Year of Warranty

Comparison of features between Uniden r7 and Max 360c


The Uniden R3 is an extreme range laser radar detector. This will detect even from a very long range of miles away. The other one, Radenso Pro M is stated as an ‘excellent’ range radar detector. The incredible sensitivity of the device will give you access to up to several miles.

Quiet Ride

The radar detectors will make sure that you are getting the quietest experience during a ride. If you want a quiet ride on the Radenso Pro M, there is an option called auto-city mode. On the other hand, the Uniden R3 also has this feature included for a quiet ride. This will work based on the speed and will mute automatically.  

False Alert Filtering

The false alert filtering feature of the Uniden R3 will save you to get the same false reading multiple times. Advanced K/KA filtering is included on the Uniden R3 that offers you a fewer number of false alerts from blind-spot monitoring. Unfortunately, this handy feature is not available on the Radenso Pro M.

GPS  Technology

The GPS technology of the Uniden R3 will remember the false readings and will mute common false alerts. Radenso Pro M also has the feature of eliminating false alerts. You are required to press and hold a single button to add a GPS lookout on the Radenso Pro M.


Both of the radar detectors come with decent display quality. There won’t be any objection about the displays of the radar detectors. Radenso Pro M comes with an Amber OLED display while the Uniden R3 comes with a premium OLED display. They both offer multiple color displays to have a better user experience and read the display without any hassle. 

Voice Alert

You will be able to get voice warnings for a hands-free operation. The Radenso Pro M is included with 360 different types of voice alerts. There is a programmable voice alert feature on the Uniden R3. This will help you to get fit in your driving style and there won’t be any distraction on the road during a ride

Red Light & Speed Camera

The pre-installed red light and the speed camera locations on the Uniden R3 will ensure better performance. You will stay always updated as the firmware and the database will be updated frequently. This feature is also included on the Radenso Pro M and the built-in USB port will update the database on a monthly basis.

Durability & Warranty

Uniden r Radenso is two of the best radar detectors that can be considered to purchase. These devices can be used for a long period without any doubt. There is a 1-year of warranty for both of the devices. Radenso provides telephone and e-support for USA users. Radenso also has a 1-year radar ticket free for the detectors.

Final Words

They both are packed with so many essential features. I guess you are no more confused to choose the better device between these two. Uniden R3 will definitely give you better performance and some supremacy over the Radenso Pro M.

FAQs about Radenso XP and Uniden r3 laser radars. 

Question: Does the Uniden R3 notify if a Cop is around?

No. If the cop has a radar gun only then this will notify.

Question: Is it possible to hide the wires?

You need to customize the setup to hide them.

Question: Can I return the devices if I’m not pleased with the performance?

Sure. You can return them within 30 days.

Question: Is there any additional charge for the red light update?

No, there are free speed and red light camera updates.

Question: Does the Radenso need batteries to run?

No. You are required to connect it to the cigarette lighter receptacle.

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