Samsung CF591 Review – An Excellent 27-Inch FHD Monitor

This sleek 1800R curved FHD 27-inch, Samsung CF591 computer monitor offers a great immersive viewing experience, though the monitor itself is a bit shaky on its stand.

Key Features
  • 1800R curvature of the screen
  • Built-in 5-watt stereo speakers deliver full
  • rich sound for watching movies or playing games
  • Eye Saver Mode

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Design and Performance of Samsung CF591


The monitor is encased in a slender silver-white bezel. The texture of the monitor screen is smooth thanks to a matte anti-glare surface coating. It has an unconventional dish-shaped circular stand in the same metallic white finish which takes up more desk space than necessary, but it is handy to place something important like a cell phone.

Its side aspect is a mere 10 mm at the narrowest portion though it swells out in the center towards the bottom. The back of the monitor is glossy white plastic. The stand attaches at the center bottom above which there is a panel of ports and input slots. Weighing in at 4.4kg, this sleek Samsung SVA (Super Vertical Alignment) LCD panel is one among Samsung’s now popular curved monitor series flooding the market.

Hardware and Technology

It runs on AMD Free Sync technology which is a variable fresh rate technology integrated into the port controllers (DP1.2a and HDMI 1.4a) found in the CF591. This technology based on the VESA Adaptive-Sync technology allows the GPU to communicate with the monitor the frame rate that the content is currently running at.

The latter is able to continuously match this while refreshing its running rate when possible. This removes the anomalies noticed with VSync technology.

An additional plus point to monitors offering this same VESA Adaptive-Sync technology is that a separate motherboard for this is not required and the existing monitor electronics are used. This brings down the cost of manufacture, and the number of compatible displays is more as mentioned above.

There are two settings for this Free-Sync Technology to choose from if you select System on the OSD control panel. There are the ‘Standard Engine’ and ‘Ultimate Engine’supporting different ranges of refresh rate.

Ultimate has a larger range, so it is better to stick with that always. Outside of this range, Free Sync gives way to VSyncwhich has to be activated – it is configured under the gaming section of Radeon Settings (the GPU)

This takes care of the latency penalty as well as the tearing and Juddering for the most part.

Samsung CF591

In the times of 4K resolution, such a big hit in gaming displays, Samsung has decided to give the best in the conventional 1080p display. There is an eye saver feature incorporated which reduces the harmful blue light emissions. It has built-in Crystal Color Technology which gives striking, vibrant colors in games. Any title in your library will respond to this technology brilliantly.

A good feature is the JOG button or a joystick located on the rear of the monitor on the right side as viewed from the front, with which you can control the OSD and power state of the monitor when you approach it in the dark.

It has two 5W down-firing speakers.

The monitor comes with different settings such as Gamma = Mode 1 (factory setting), Mode2, or Mode 3, Color tone = Warm2, Eye Saver Mode, Game Mode, and Magic Bright


The concave curve of the screen is much more natural to the eyes. This is a well-thought-out feature of this series of monitors. This one particularly runs comfortably Up to 72 Hz (frames per second) at its resolution of 1080p.

Gaming performance is quite good for the VA (Vertical Alignment) Model that it is. Pixel transitions have been reported to be adequate, though there are a few slow ones here and there.

Perceived blur and overshoot are not commonly noticed. Blu-ray titles also play well on this in spite of the frequency of about 24 fps at which they run. Any discrepancy in viewing is because of this factor, not the monitor.

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Ports and Connectivity

All the ports are backward-facing in the rear of the monitor.

  • One DP1.2a
  • One HDMI1.4a
  • One VGA port
  • 5mm Headphone jack
  • 5mm Audio input
  • DC Power input

Most often cables for the first two are included along with the power cable.

Samsung CF591

What Could be Improved?

One negative is that it is reported to be unsteady on its base. It wobbles at the slightest pretext. The curvature is considered too sharp by some. As in other VA models, responsiveness is not a strong point here either, but the trailing was less pronounced than in other VA Models.

It is not the best thing for color-critical work. It is priced quite high. It is not ergonomically flexible offering only a two-degree tilt forwards and a twenty-degree tilt backward. In the era of increasing high-resolution monitors, some think that at its price, there is nothing new to offer like a 4k.

Users’ experience

Users found the LED display stunning and beautiful, immersive and vibrant. It is ideal for gaming with praise for responsiveness and sharpness. One was relieved that it hooked up to his Mac. Many users were so happy with it that they were planning to buy a second one! The eye saver function was appreciated.

One user felt that the angle at which it pointed down was too low and required a monitor stand for user comfort. Another user found the start button a little hard. The internal speakers did not interface with laptops or docking stations using AUX cables as stated in the directions. Samsung needed to rectify this anomaly, according to some users.

The Monitor is meant for

The Monitor is meant for gaming, watching movies, and regular computer work. The richness and variety of shades coupled with the light matte screen surfaces result in images that are vivid but not overblown.

The Monitor is worth Buying

The Monitor Samsung CF591is worth buying because it is a fairly responsive performing monitor. Equipped with some rapid pixel transitions and a low signal delay, with FreeSync and 72fps capability working to give the best picture quality, the curved design really adds to the experience without being unnatural or distracting. It is a great buy.

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