Samsung crg9 VS LG 49wl95c – Which One Is Better Choice for You?

Samsung crg9 VS LG 49wl95cSamsung crg9 and LG 49wl95c are two excellent monitors. Both give you the same features, but there are some differences. I recommend you go for Samsung crg9. 

Reason for my recommendation-

  • Samsung crg9 has a higher refresh rate of 120hz while LG has only 60hz. The higher refresh rate means more information reaches your eyes, and it is leading to smoother-looking motion.
  • Its response rate is 4ms, and LG 49wl95c response rate is 5ms. The lower response rate is better because they cut down the image issue like blurring or ghosting.
  • This monitor panel type is VA LCD, while LG 49wl95c panel type is LCD. VA panels have the advantage of a higher refresh rate with better color reproduction, higher maximum brightness, and better viewing angles.
  • Samsung crg9 is compatible with free sync and g-sync. This gaming monitor features NVIDIA G-Sync compatibility for exceptionally smooth gaming. In contrast, LG 49wl95c does not support free sync and g-sync.
  • This monitor comes with a higher contrast ratio of 3000:1, and an LG 49wl95c contrast ratio is 1000:1. A higher contrast ratio means deeper black and better picture quality.

For these advantages, Samsung crg9 is a better monitor than LG 49wl95c. Samsung crg9 is the best choice for gaming; you enjoy most with this monitor.

Similar features of Samsung crg9 VS LG 49wl95c

  • Both monitors’ display resolution is 5k. So, you can enjoy better quality footage and display more content at a time.
  • Their connectivity option is Display port 1.4 and HDMI. It helps connect with your DVD player or other devices.
  • They have the same curvature 1800 HR. The curvature monitor helps our eyes to take in everything at once without any strain.

Quick Specification

Specification Samsung crg9 LG 49wl95c
Editors Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.5 out of 5
Product Dimension 15.08 x 47.36 x 20.68 inches 47.8 x 12.1 x 21.4 inches
Panel type LCD VA-LCD
Maximum brightness 1000 cd/m2 350cd/m2
Contrast ratio 3000:1 1000:1
Refresh rate 120 HZ 60 HZ
Response time 4ms 5ms
Built-in speaker No Yes
Weight 33 pounds 33 pounds
Aspect ratio 32:9 32:9
Size 49 inches 49 inches
Touchscreen No No
Mounting type Wall mounting Wall mounting
Resolution 5k 5k
Curvature 1800 HR 1800 HR
Warranty 24 month 1 year

Similarities and Differences between Samsung crg9 VS LG 49wl95c

Display: Both monitors are ultra dual QHD displays, and their size is 49 inches. They have the same screen resolution, 5k (5120p x 1440p). Screen resolution provides us with better visuality. Their aspect ratio is 32:9. Aspect ratio means the width and height between the display.

Gameplay: This device is made based on adaptive sync technology and includes a premium feature.Its reduced input latency and low framerate compensation for the smooth gameplay. On the other side, LG 49wl95c is not made for hardcore gamers. There is a lack of adaptive sync technology, and it does not include a gaming-specific picture mode. Samsung crg9 is best for gameplay, and you can also use this monitor for any purpose.

Built for speed: The Samsung crg9 refresh rate is 120 Hz and minimizes image lag and reduced motion blur that’s good for smoother gaming. On the other hand, the LG 49wl95c refresh rate is 60hz, and it does not give you smooth performance on gaming.

Curve: Samsung crg9 and LG 49wl95c both monitors are super ultra-wide monitors. Both monitors provide standard curves. You Don’t need to move your head or eyes a lot to watch the monitor. Their curvature is 1800 HR that immerse you in all the onscreen gaming action. 

Eye protection feature: Both monitors have eye protection features. If you sit in front of the monitor for a long time, you will need this feature. Samsung crg9 and LG 49wl95c have an eye protection feature and flicker-free technology to minimize blue light and screen flickering.

Automatic brightness control: LG 49wl95c has a sensor that reacts to light; it makes the screen bright in bright areas and dark in the dark area. Besides, its competitor does not have this automatic brightness control. To adjust brightness in Samsung crg9, you have to click fn and f3 on the keyboard to raise the brightness or click the display setting option.

Connectivity: Both monitors‘s connectivity technology is super high. Samsung crg9 connectivity options are HDMI, 2x DIsplay port 1.4, 2xUSB type A. On the other hand, LG 49wl95c connectivity options are 2x HDMI, 1x display port 1.4, 1x USB-type C, 4x USB type C.

Multitask: Samsung crg9 and LG 49wl95c both provide a multitasking feature. It provides better picture quality, and you can connect easily and view multiple input sources without ruining image quality. Like you can watch a movie and do a web search while you do your work on the monitor.

Manage timeline: With these ultra-wide monitors, you can manage your whole timeline. Without closing windows, you can view thumbnails of the source’s file and upload the file to the timeline. It’s great if your timeline is managed and organized.  

Warranty: Samsung provides a 24-month warranty from the date of product purchasing day. On the other hand, LG 49wl95c provides a 1-year warranty from the purchasing day. In the meantime, if the product gets damaged, then you can contract with their site.

Final word: Samsung crg9 and LG 49wl95c both are the best monitors in the market. They have almost the same features, but I strongly suggest you buy Samsung crg9. Because it has a higher refresh rate, advanced display panel, maximum brightness level, etc. Otherwise, LG 49wl95c is also a great choice. It’s suitable for work purposes.

Frequently question asked about Samsung crg9 and LG 49wl95c

Does the monitor have an SRGB emulation made for content that was not created for extended color gamut?

Yes, it has an SRGB emulation feature.

Does this come with a built-in KVM?

No, the USB only has a connection to one pc. I bought a USB-only switch here in Amazon Roland switch mouse and keyboard and used the input select on the monitor to switch video.

How many HDMI ports are in Samsung crg9?

Only one HDMI port.

Does this Samsung crg9 have a speaker?

No, there is no built-in speaker.

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