Samsung CRG9 vs Odyssey G9 – Check Out the Best One!

Samsung CRG9 vs Odyssey G9Samsung CRG9 and Odyssey G9 are two great monitors that will amplify your gaming performance. These two are integrated with a decent refresh rate and curvature will be great. But if you want the best of them, choose the Samsung Odyssey G9

Why should you choose the Samsung Odyssey G9?

  • The refresh rate on this monitor is 240Hz, while the refresh rate of the CRG9 is 120Hz. Hence, the Odyssey G9 will refresh the image quicker than the other one and will eliminate the motion blur as well.
  • Samsung Odyssey G9 comes with a curvature of 1000R and the other one has a curvature of 1800R. You will have a glance at your whole screen without turning your head on this monitor.
  • The response time of this device is 1GTG (grey to the grey transition of pixels) which will change the pixel color quicker than the competitor as the CRG9 has a response time of 4 GTG.
  • Samsung Odyssey G9 comes with a white color body structure, while the  Samsung CRG9 comes with the traditional black color. The white color will surely enhance the beauty of your workstation.
  • This monitor comes with infinity core lighting that can be customized as per your gaming setup. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available on the Samsung CRG9. 

These unique characteristics made the Samsung Odyssey G9 better than the alternative. You will undoubtedly love this device’s performance whether gaming or watching high-definition videos.

Similar features between Samsung CRG9 vs. Odyssey G9 

  • They are ultra-wide curved monitors that will provide you better graphical view.
  • The display resolution of the devices is the same as 5120 x 1440 pixels so you will get stunning quality visuals.  
  • They have the HDMI and USB connectivity option that allows you to use them at your convenience.
  • They can be wall-mounted thus you can set them on your wall if you want.

Quick Comparison: Samsung CRG9 vs Odyssey G9

Specification Samsung CRG9 Odyssey G9
Editor’s Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Refresh Rate 120 Hz 240 Hz
Color Black White
Display Technology LCD QLED
Display Resolution  5120 x 1440 pixels 5120 x 1440 pixels
Aspect Ratio 16:9 32:9
Curved Yes Yes
Connectivity  HDMI, USB HDMI, USB
Curvature 1800R 1000R
Thickness 13.8-inch 16.3-inch
Mounting Type Wall mount Wall mount
Product Dimension 15.08 x 47.36 x 20.68 inches 16.39 x 45.18 x 21.15 inches
Product Weight 33.00 lbs 31.10 lbs
Warranty 24 months of Warranty 24 months of Warranty

Differences and Similarities between Samsung CRG9 vs. Odyssey G9 


Samsung CRG9 will deliver you smooth gameplay as the monitor is integrated with the AMD Radeon FreeSync2. The adaptive sync technology will support HDR content display with reduced input latency and Low Framerate Compensation(LFC). The Samsung Odyssey G9 also has super gameplay that will be suitable for any purpose.


No doubt, the monitors will be the best option for gaming. You will have better visuals and won’t miss any details as well. The ultra-wide monitors’ decent refresh rate will provide you the best graphical view of your gameplay that will surely enhance your gaming performance. There is a dedicated gaming mode on the Samsung CRG9 to automatically adjust the color contrast and for any game genre. The other monitor, Odyssey G9 has infinity core lighting to boost up your gaming setup.

Refresh Rate

There will be no objections to the gadgets’ speed performance. They both have the specs to make you satisfied. You won’t experience any image lag on the monitors. Samsung CRG9 has a rapid refresh rate of 120Hz. This rate will minimize image lag and monitor lag. On the other hand, the Samsung Odyssey G9 has a better refresh rate of 240Hz. This monitor will improve performance rapidly and deliver a better experience than the previous one. The refresh rates will eliminate motion blurs as well which will deliver smooth gaming visuals.


Samsung CRG9 will provide you with pure and bright colors. The HDR1000 of this monitor supports a peak brightness rating of 1000 nits that will surely enhance the visuals quality. On the other hand, the Samsung Odyssey G9 with the QLED technology will deliver DCI-P3 at 95% that will make the color more vibrant and natural. You will be able to customize the color of the Odyssey G9 with infinity core lighting to match your gaming monitor with the gaming vibe.


As they are ultra-wide monitors, the curve should be standard. Both the monitors have a proper curvature that will ensure that you don’t need to move your eyes or head too much. Samsung CRG9 has a curvature of 1800R, while the Samsung Odyssey G9 has a curvature of 1000R. You won’t miss any view while gaming or watching any videos on the screen. You don’t need to turn your head around to get a glance at the whole screen.


You will be able to connect multiple input sources on the monitors easily. Thus the monitors can be used while multitasking. Samsung CRG9 and the Odyssey G9 can be used to watch movies and do web research simultaneously. You will be able to split the screen into two halves and perform various things at the same time.

Eye Saver Mode

If you are required to sit in front of your monitor for a long time, there is no need to worry as the monitors are gentle to human eyes. The eye saver mode of the devices will protect your eyes from getting defective. Eye saver mode will reduce fatigue-inducing blue light emissions.


You will be able to adjust the monitor’s angle exactly how you want it. They are tiltable on up and down angles. You can even change the swivel direction of the monitors.  If you are not comfortable with the height, you can change it as well. They can be adjusted as per your satisfaction, so don’t worry about this segment.

Durability & Warranty

Samsung is one of the finest monitor manufacturers globally, and there is no doubt about that. The ultra-wide monitors are built for the user’s satisfaction. You won’t find any lack of specs while using the devices. For the above monitors, Samsung provides a 24-month warranty.

Final Words 

The monitors are indeed the best available in the market. They have all the features to provide you performance as well as satisfaction. Samsung Odyssey G9 is the winner in this comparison with a better refresh rate and curvature. You may check the Samsung CRG9 if the curvature and the refresh rate aren’t a significant issue for you, plus you prefer the black color. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Samsung CRG9 vs. Odyssey G9

Are they available in any other colors?

No. Samsung CRG9 is available in black color, and the Odyssey G9 is available in white variant.

How many HDMI ports are available on the monitors?

You will have one HDMI port on the devices.

Do they come with any USB-C port?

No. They don’t have any type-C port.

Can I use them for multi-tasking?

Sure. You may use them for multi-tasking.

Do they have built-in speakers?

No, they don’t have any built-in speakers.

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