U2719DX vs U2719D – Check out which Dell monitor is the best

U2719DX vs U2719D Dell monitor

U2719DX and U2719D both are Dell’s two ultra-sharp gaming monitors. Both monitors have the perfect resolution, best color quality, and better refresh rate to give you an amazing experience. If you are looking for one to buy for gaming performance then you should have the U2719DX monitor. Because it is a better choice than U2719D. Check below to know what makes U2719DX a better gaming monitor.

Why U2719DX is the Best?

  • The U2719DX has an LCD screen. On the other side U2719D comes with an LED screen. In the case of a gaming monitor LCD screen is the best. Since LCD screens allow you to give you the leading resolution while gaming.
  • This Dell monitor gives you 1.77 times more elaborate clarity than a full HD. The U2719D does not provide you this much clarity. Therefore, your gaming experience will be more detailed with U2719DX.
  • This amazing gaming monitor is factory calibrated with 99% RGB coverage. Which is the accuracy of less than 2 delta-e. This provides you with an accurate hue right out of the monitor. Also, with the included 99% Rec709 and 85% DCI-P3 color extent finishing you will be able to see true-to-life colors while gaming. U2719D does not provide you this much accuracy.
  • The U2719DX provides you with more ports than the U2719D. Such as DP Connector port, USB upstream port so you can be connected with more ports. This is a plus point of a gaming monitor. That only U2719DX gives you.

These mentioned reasons make the U2719DX a better gaming monitor than the U2719D. Other than these two almost share all other features. So, for a better gaming experience, you should prefer the U2719DX then the U2719D. To know about these ultra shape monitors prices press the buttons below.

Similar features of Dell U2719DX and U2719D

  • Their screen size is 27-inch.
  • Both of them panel type is IPS(In-Plane Switching).
  • These two monitors’ display resolution is 2560×1440 pixels.
  • Their aspect ratio is 16:9.
  • Both of their mounting types are wall mount.
  • U2719Dx and U2719D’s refresh rate is 60 hertz.
  • Dell provides a 3 years warranty with them.

U2719DX vs U2719D – Quick Comparison

Specification Dell U2719DXDell U2719D
Editor’s Rating4.9 Out of 54.7 Out of 5
Screen Size27 inches27 inches
Display TypeLCDLED
Panel TypeIPSIPS
Product Weight13.14lbs17.95lbs
Product Dimension24.1×7.09×20.4824.1×7.09×20.48
Display Resolution2560×1440 Pixels2560×1440 Pixels
Aspect Ratio16:916:9
Mounting TypeWall MountWall Mount
Refresh Rate60 Hertz60 Hertz
Response Time8 ms5 ms
PortHDMI Connector, DP Connector(IN), DP Connector(OUT), Audio Line-Out port, USB upstream port, USB downstream port, USB downstream port(Power charging)5x USB 3.0, HDMI, 2x DisplayPort, 3.5mm audio out
Warranty3 Years 3 Years

Comparison of features between Dell U2719DX and U2719D

Screen Size, Weight, and Dimensions

These two Dell gaming monitors come with a 27” big screen. The U2719DX with an LCD screen and the U2719D with an LED screen. Their weight is different from each other.  U2719DX comes in 13.14 pounds and U2719D with 17.95 pounds. However, their dimension is the same, 24.1×7.09×20.48 inches. With their 27” big screen they supply you with a remarkable gaming experience. 


Resolution is the most important feature for a gaming monitor. Since it expands the detail of any screen. These two ultra-sharp gaming monitors give you the best clarity with their 2560×1440 pixels display resolution. Besides, U2719D gives you a 1.77 times more detailed view than the other one. This detailed resolution gives you a larger workspace for gaming.


The U2719DX monitor with its LCD screen gives you 99% RGB coverage, 99% Rec709, and 85% DCI-P3 color coverage. This ensures an accurate hue to your monitor. You feel like seeing true life color in the time of gaming. It also assures deeper blacks, better contrast ratio. So, you can have a more lifelike color palate while gaming. The color depth in these two monitors is better with 16.7 million colors.

Refresh Rate

The refresh is quite good on these two gaming monitors. They come in a 60Hz refresh rate. This means they refresh the image at 60Hz frequency. Monitor refreshing every pixel 60 times in a second is not that bad for a gaming monitor. This refresh rate helps you track moving objects easily, refuses motion blur, and builds sharp camera movements. Which most important feature to be in a gaming monitor. They give you not so bad experience in this section.

Response Time

Response time is another vital quality to look at before investing in a gaming monitor. Response time should be fast to sync with the refresh rate as it measures time while changing color in milliseconds. In this matter, U2719D gives a better backup as its response time is 5 millisecond while U2719DX’s response time is 8 millisecond. However, your eyes will not catch it as a big difference.

Panel Type

The panel type for these two ultra-sharp monitors is IPS which is In-Plane Switching. IPS panel type gives you the widest watching angle. It also provides the most steady image condition. It ensures deeper blacks. Besides, it offers finer contrast ratios than other panels. It is a frequently high-rated premium panel and surely a good one you can have on a gaming monitor.


Dell offers a 3 limited warranty for the hardware of these two monitors. It is also included with a 3-year Advanced Excenced Service. So, if your monitor needs any hardware replacement they will provide you with it during these 3 years. This warranty deal is certainly a good deal for a gaming monitor.


Overall, U2719Dx is the best as a gaming monitor. But you can also give U2719D a chance too cause it is not that very different from U2719DX. U2719Dx indeed gives you a better image quality, better contrast in hue with its LCD screen. But if you can skip these features in your gaming monitor then you should go with U2719D. However, apart from all, U2719Dx is the best for gaming among the U2719DX and U2719D ultra-sharp monitors.

FAQs about Dell U2719DX and U2719D

Does U2719DX come with a USB -C port?

No, U2719DX does not come with a USB- C port.

What is the dimension of the U2719D monitor’s base?

The dimension of the U2719D monitor’s base is 9”x 7”.

Does U2719DX come with an internal speaker?

No, U2719DX does not come with an internal speaker.

What does U2719D require, 220V or 110V?

The U2719D requires 110V.

Does U2719DX have WiFi compatibility?

No, U2719DX does not have WiFI compatibility.

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