Uniden dfr7 vs dfr8 – Which One is the Best Radar Detector?

Uniden dfr7 vs dfr8

Dfr8 is the latest of these two detectors. So, going with this one instead of Dfr7 was a straightforward option here. If you are yet to separate the most desirable one here, just read the segment underneath. This will assist you to know the reasons for picking Dfr8.

What makes the Uniden Dfr8 the best radar detector? 

  • Both radars possess superb long-range detecting ability. But the Uniden Dfr8 comes with a more powerful detecting ability than the Uniden Dfr7.
  • THE Advanced K/KA band filtering system of Uniden Dfr8 clarifies false alerts very sharply. While the Uniden Dfr7 doesn’t possess a great filtering system like this one. 
  • The ultra-bright color OLED display of Uniden Dfr8 is more clear than the Uniden Dfr7 radar detector. 
  • They come with a spectacular carrying case. Eventually, Uniden Dfr8 comes with a more orderly carrying case of the two radar detectors.   

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Similar features of Uniden Dfr7 and Dfr8.   

  • They come with red lights and speed-up camera alert systems.
  • The voice notification system is a great assistance to have in a driving situation. 
  • Automatic muting and shutdown ability of the radars. 
  • Smart GPS technology helps to learn new signs and signals of the roadside. 

Uniden dfr7 vs dfr8 – Quick Comparison 

Specifications  Uniden Dfr7   Uniden Dfr8 
Editor’s rating  4.6 out of 5  4.7 out of 5 
Built-in GPS  Yes  Yes 
Sensitivity  Long range  Superb long range 
Voice alerts  Yes  Yes 
Display  OLED ( easy to read)  OLED (multi-colored) 
Carrying case  Yes (Proper)  Yes (orderly decorated) 
Red light alert systems  Yes  Yes 
Speed camera alerts  Yes  Yes 
False alert filtering ability  Yes  Yes 
Battery required  1 lithium ion battery included 1 lithium ion battery included
Signal strength meter  No  Yes 
Auto dim technology  Yes  Yes 
Warranty  1- year (limited)  1- year (limited) 

Comparison of features between Uniden Dfr7 and Dfr8. 

GPS technology 

It makes a radar very useful for any car. Because it helps to generate immediate notifications while driving the car. Deliberately it goes in favor of drivers who are mostly unknown on the road. Providing timely voice alerts from the new signs and signals is the development of GPS technology. Both radars were manufactured with this smart innovation of modern technology. 


High-Quality sensitivity is the most prominent feature of a radar detector. It helps to provide true alerts on a quick session. The tremendous ability of the sensor makes these devices more sufficient and powerful. They come with superb long-range detecting ability with the help of the sensor system. 


Both radar detectors offer a nice OLED display. You will get a brilliant fair picture of the arrows signal on the detectors. Moreover, the multi-colored OLED display of the Uniden Dfr8 is far better than the display system of Uniden Dfr7. 

Notification system 

If someone is looking for high-quality radar detectors, the most prominent requirement would be the ability to get proper notification alerts. Both radars can provide voice notification in necessary situations. Furthermore, the false alert removing the ability of these devices is proper and magnificent. Also, the auto-dimming ability of the devices is a top quality that users get satisfied with.

The speed camera provides timely signals. They can learn new signs and signals. To provide updated notification about the road system. 


Uniden provides a 1-year limited warranty with the radars. Also provides customer service through telephone in case of any difficulty. On the opposite side, you will get 30 days to return policy with these devices from amazon. 


As they belong to the same series, it has so many common functionalities. However, the latest one is Uniden Dfr8. Here it has some improvement over the previous one. That is why my favorite is Uniden dfr8. Some people might argue this one is slightly higher in price. My answer is proper and an improved one’s charge is definite. 

Frequently asked questions of Uniden Dfr7 and Dfr8?

Question: Is it easy to use? 

Answer: Yes, it is very useful. Because they come with a proper user manual guide paper. Also, you will find many useful tips on youtube. For further clearance, Uniden will provide all-time telecommunication customer service of these devices. 

Question: Can I carry them? 

Answer: Yes, carrying them is so easy. The company offers a proper carrying case with all the supporting ports and cables of the radars. So, you will be able to carry the devices with you at any time. 

Question: Which one comes with a more powerful sensor? 

Answer: Here, Uniden Dfr8 comes with a more powerful sensor. It provides superb long-range detecting ability. Although the sensitivity of Uniden Dfr7 is quite good. 

Question: What does it indicate by the OLED display system? 

Answer: This is a clear and bright display. Provides crystal clear view of the screen. The brightness is very visible even in the hard sunlight. That is the most beneficial thing about an OLED display. 

Question: Does it require any external batteries? 

Answer: No, they do not require any extra batteries to be run. But this device includes one ion lithium battery to run the internal functionality. Which is fixed and provided in the machine. Otherwise, you will get an electric port to power up these devices. They need 12 volts of electric supply to continue the functionality.   

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