Uniden dfr7 vs r3 – Get the best long-range detection radar

Uniden dfr7 vs r3

Uniden dfr7 and r3 both are pretty effective radar detectors in terms of their long-range detection ability. Considering R3’s extreme long-range detection ability, I am recommending the Uniden r3 instead of Uniden dfr7.

There are also multiple other key factors that have made the Uniden r3 the most suitable one. Here are the reasons behind my recommendation. 

Why is the Uniden r3 the best?

  • Uniden r3 is an extreme-long range detector. This one appears with a built-in GPS specialty. Which clarifies all the false alerts able to learn from signs and signals. But the drr7 doesn’t offer this useful functionality. 
  • With the help of that GPS Uniden r3 automatically detects the time. Therefore, it automatically dims down at night time. You will not get that handsome feature with Uniden dfr7. 
  • Uniden r3 arrives with a powerful sensor system. This sensor helps to close down the detector, as well as the door when your car is in the parking position. Whereas, dfr7 requires manual instruction to complete these functionalities.
  • Uniden r3 offers a high-quality display. Which has the options of compass, altitude, and time. However, Uniden dfr7 doesn’t include this smart option. 

The Uniden r3 is the most beneficial one. Hence, the Uniden dfr7 also has many basic functionalities. If you necessitate taking any of those things at a fair cost? don’t feel shy. Just click that batch.

Similarities between Uniden dfr7 and r3

  • These two are extreme long-range radar detectors.
  •  You will have a useful carrying case with these items. 
  • Both have a voice notification alert system. 
  • An Exclusive OLED display system.

Uniden dfr7 vs r3 – comparison table

SpecificationEscort max 360Uniden r3
Editors ratingUniden dfr9 and Uniden r34.5Nutribullet 600 vs 900 review4.7
Automatic shut-downNoYes
Buil-in GPSYesYes
Auto dimming abilityYesYes
Several display optionsNoYes
Speed alert notificationYesYes
Voice notification systemYesYes
Advanced filtering systemYesYes
Power SourceCorded-Electric, BatteryDC

Comparison of features between Uniden dfr7 and r3. 


These radar detectors offer so many exclusive features. These items are manufactured with high-quality OLED displays. It is bright enough to give a fair view of the display in particular daytime.

GPS sensor

GPS systems help to show the exact time of the day. Moreover, this gets automatically dims down at night time. Helps to close down the door also. Smart GPS sensors can read out and learn signals to assist you by voice notification.

Special functionality

Moreover, both products can provide automatic signals, when you are crossing the speed limit. A clear voice notification alert will assist you to read the condition of your surroundings.  Also, the automatic shut down ability of the Uniden r3 detectors is quite a smart ability to have.


These products appear with quite a similar dimension. Uniden dfr7 has a dimension of 8.25 x 2.7 x 7 inches. That is slightly slimmer than the other one. Because Uniden r3 comes in a dimension of 8.3 x 7.1 x 3.2 inches. Therefore, the display of this item is also slightly larger than the Uniden dfr7.

The model number and weight

Uniden dfr7 comes in a model number of DFR7. The weight of this particular product is  1.1 pounds. Whereas, the model number of Uniden r3 is R3. and the mass of that product is 4.8 ounces. So, Uniden r3 is less weight than Uniden dfr7.

Warranty and customer support 

You will get 30 days returning policy obtaining these items from amazon. A beneficial product manual will assist you to know the way of the best use of these radars. Also, the manufacturing brand will assist you in case of any difficulty through the helpline. Besides, you will receive a 1-year warranty against these products. 


These two products appear with so many common functionalities. Therefore, identifying the best one at the first glance was so difficult. Hence, it is clear that the Uniden r3 has a slight advantage over Uniden dfr7. Therefore, my final choice is the Uniden r3. However, you can take the Uniden dfr7 in the situation of lower budget money. I hope none of these items will disappoint you.

Frequently asked questions of Uniden dfr7 and r3? 

Question: Can I hide the wire of these items? 

Answer: Thanks for your interest. You cannot hide the wire of these products. However, you can use a special wire hiding kit, to remove the irritating wife in front of you. 

Question: Do these radar Bluetooth supportable devices? 

Answer: Sorry, any of these items are not Bluetooth supported. But these radars are so special that they fill the gaps of Bluetooth connectivity. 

Question: Can I use these detectors outside of the United States? 

Answer: Yes, these detectors work pretty fine outside of the USA. But you have to obtain the model that is manufactured for your country.

Question: Can I return these items if I don’t like them? 

Answer: Yes, amazon provides a 30 days return policy with these products. So, you have the chance to return these items within 30 days of receiving them. 

Question: The user manual is hard for me, can I take help from other sources? 

Answer: Yes, you can take assistance from youtube. You can easily learn from youtube about the best usability of these items. But the user manual is also good assistance to have. 

Question:  Which battery should I select to run these items? 

Answer: These are not able to run with any battery. Rather than they can be run by AC cig cord. Also, you will need at least 6 volts to run these items. 

Question: Does this product have a software updating system? 

Answer: This product doesn’t include a free software updating system. You need to obtain Unden’s other latest products to get the automatic free software update process. 

Question: Which one provides long-range detection?

Answer: Uniden r3 is the most extreme radar detector of these two. Therefore, I will suggest you Uniden r3. But the Uniden dfr7 is also a nice one to have.

Question: Do these items come out with 360-degree detectability? 

Answer: Yes, both these detectors come with 360-degree detection ability. That’s why you will notice your surroundings. Because these radars can provide an eagle-eye view. 

Question: Do these products have antennas? 

Answer: These items don’t include antennas. Hence these products don’t require antennas. Because they are designed to provide necessary assistance without having any antenna.  

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