Uniden dfr9 vs r3 – which one is the best performer?

Uniden dfr9 vs r3

Both radar detectors are common in many ways. But, there are some major differences between Uniden r3 and Uniden dfr9. Here I am influenced to make my decision in favor of Uniden r3 over Uniden dfr9 because of its user-friendliness.

Now, let’s go forward to understand all the key factors, which has made the Uniden r3 the most beneficial radar detector of these two. 

Why is the Uniden r3 the best?  

  • Both these radar detectors come with a built-in GPS. The false alert cleaning filter system of Uniden r3 is better than Uniden dfr9. Therefore, you will get true alerts with this detector. 
  • The Uniden r3 is an extremely long-range detector. Whereas, the Uniden dfr9 is also a good long-range detector. But not more powerful than Uniden r3.
  • You will get an extra USB support system for getting the connection from a cigarette lighter adapter. BUt the Uniden dfr9 doesn’t include this useful feature. 
  • Uniden r3 comes with an exclusive auto high-speed-sensitive alert system. Which generates automatic alerts on crossing the speed limit. However, the Uniden dfr9 doesn’t have a high-quality high-speed alert system.

The Uniden r3 easily advances Uniden dfr9 with those superior features. If you want to get any of these devices at a deal price, go ahead follow the button given in the below section.

Similarities of Uniden dfr9 and r3

  • These two radars have a micro USB port system. 
  • It has a maximum speed warning system. 
  • These detectors can automatically shut down in parking situations. 
  • Multiple arrows indicators display.
  • Automatic display dimming system.  

Uniden dfr9 vs r3 (Quick Comparison Table)

SpecificationUniden dfr9Uniden r3
Editors ratingUniden dfr9 and Uniden r3 4.5Uniden dfr9 vs Uniden r3 4.7
RangeSuper long rangeExtremely long range
Automatic shut downYesYes
Red Light & Speed Camera AlertsYesYes
Built-in GPS YesYes
Quiet Ride (Speed-based Auto Mute)YesYes
Display features OLED WirelessOLED Wireless
Red light alertYesYes
False FilterAdvanced K /KA BandAdvanced K /KA Band
Voice AlertsYesYes

Comparison of features between Uniden dfr9 and r3


Both these radars indeed appear with lots of useful features. But the Uniden r3 comes up with more specialties with it, compared to Uniden dfr9. Uniden r3 is a remarkably long-range radar indicator. Therefore, you will get long-distance directions with that. On the opposite side, the Uniden dfr9 is also a superb distance radar. But it is not so, long-range in comparison to Uniden r3. 


Also, these items will provide you, OLED displays. This display does include several arrows to provide your clear note. These radars can put real-time on display. And with the help of this amazing innovation, they can automatically be dimmed at night hours. 

Special features 

Another lovely feature of Uniden r3 is its false alert filtering capability. It can reduce all the false alarms and send true directions. 

Furthermore, both these radars come with a voice notification system. The high-speed alarming system of these radars is also quite great. Besides, you will get an automatic shutdown mechanism with these items. 

Item weight and model 

Uniden dfr9 comes in a total weight of 12.8 ounces. Whereas, the Uniden r3 has a total weight of 4.8 ounces. Also, the Uniden comes in a model number of DFR9. On the opposite side, the Uniden r3 comes in a modern number of R3. That means you will find many versions of radars within these models. 


There is a slight dimensional difference between these two radar detectors. The Uniden dfr9 comes in a dimension of 7.4 x 2.4 x 6 inches. Which is slightly smaller than the Uniden r3. Because this radar appears with a dimension of 8.3 x 7.1 x 3.2 inches. But overall the dimensional difference is very marginal. 

Customer support and warranty

You will get a 30 days replacement or returning clause by purchasing these items from here. Furthermore, Uniden will provide all-time free customer service through phone calls or directly. Therefore, as a user life will be easier with these items. 


In the first instance, you will not identify so many significant distinctions. After going through this proper analysis, all the key differences are visible now. By that conclusion, it is clear that the Uniden r3 surely gets ahead of Uniden dfr9. Therefore, my final judgment will go in favor of Uniden dfr9. However, the Uniden dfr9 is also a good radar, on a lower budget. That can be a magnificent alternative to that Uniden r3.

Frequently asked questions of Uniden dfr9 and r3?

Question: Tell me the meaning of 360-degree scanning view? 

Answer: The detector can have an eagle eye view. Therefore, you will not miss any notifications on your surroundings. 

Question: Can I hide the wire which is attached to the detector? 

Answer: No, it is a big fall of these two detectors. But you cover it with the assistance of a kit. The wire will not irritate you. 

Question: Which one comes with the more powerful sensor?

Answer: Obviously, the Uniden r3 comes with a more powerful sensor. Hence, It can detect from a notably long-range distance. 

Question: these two have a free software update process? 

Answer: Yes, both these detectors software update is fully free. Therefore, you will get the latest benefits with these radars.  

Question: User manual included? 

Answer: Yes, both these items come with a very helpful user manual. All the directions and safety support processes are also defined there. 

Question: How much power do these radars need to run these radars? 

Answer: You will need a minimum of 12v power to run these radars. That voltage support always has with all the vehicles. 

Question: Do these detectors work outside of the USA? 

Answer: Yes, these detectors work pretty well in some countries outside of the USA. But you have to manage that one, which one was made for your location. 

Question: Can I return my Uniden dfr9?

Answer: Yes, if you collect any of these items from here, you will get 30 days return policy. So, don’t be so concise in taking your gift. 

Question: Can run these detectors depending on battery power? 

Answer: No, You have to connect these items to a direct electricity socket. That voltage power has to be at least 12v capacity.   

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