Uniden r1 vs dfr9 – See Which Radar Detector is the Boss

Uniden r1 vs dfr9Uniden r1 and dfr9 are the most favorite radar detectors of recent time. But Uniden dfr9 includes some top specialties that are not available with Uniden r1. So, my selection is Uniden dfr9 radar detectors here. In-depth details are provided in the following section. 

Why Uniden dfr9 the best radar detector? 

  • This radar detector has a long superb long-range sensitivity with leading performance compared to all other radars. 
  • Uniden dfr9 includes built-in GPS technology with a free software updating system. But Uniden r1 radar doesn’t have software update technology.  
  • The false alert filtering system of Uniden dfr9 higher than Uniden r1 radar detectors. It provides instant alerts with a voice notification system. 
  • Both radar detectors have three ( X, K, KA)  separate band display systems. But the bigger OLED screen of Uniden dfr9 provides a proper view than the competitive one. 

All those special abilities of those devices made them compulsory for an amazing driving experience. Here is an opening for taking the radars at a sensible price. If you fancy grabbing this chance, directly tick the color batch.

Similar features of Uniden r1 and dfr9

  • Both devices possess a 360-degree digital signal processor.  
  • Speed up alerts with red light camera capacity. 
  • They use GPS technology to provide true signals on an instant matter. 
  • A proper carrying case to carry the device with you without any hassle. 

Uniden r1 vs dfr9 – Quick comparison

Specifications  Uniden r1  Uniden dfr9 
Editor’s rating  4.5 out of 5  4.7 out of 5 
Built-in GPS  Yes  Yes 
Software update ability  No  Yes 
Display  OLED ( regular)  OLED (multi-colored, large)  
Voice notification  Yes  Yes 
False alert clearing ability  Yes  Yes (very accurate) 
360 degree digital processor  Yes  Yes (front and rear detection)
Speed up alert  Yes  Yes 
Voltage required  12 volts  12 volts 
Battery  1 lithium ion battery (built-in)  1 lithium ion battery (built-in)
Warranty  Yes (1-year)  Yes (1-year) 
Carrying case  Yes  Yes (orderly designed) 

Comparison of features between Uniden r1 and dfr9. 

GPS technology 

It helps to generate proper alerts in an instant. Increase the detection ability of radar. Process high-quality filtering ability. Here both radar comes with built-in GPS technology. That is why they can provide long-range detection ability. 

Eagle eye detection  

The radar possesses a 360-degree detection ability. It will not miss anything in its surroundings. Eagle eye detection ability means front and rear detection ability of the radar. So, that the radar can learn new things and produce the notification immediately. 


They have a multi-colored OLED display system. It produces a crystal clear view of the screen. Even in the daytime, the screen looks bright enough. Here the better quality display is available with Uniden dfr9. Because it has a more magnanimous screen than that alternative one. 

Notification system 

Advanced K/KA band filter provides a timely indication. Voice notification assists the driver. Speed up camera system works to produce automatic alerts. That is also known as the max speed warning system. The GPS works with the red light camera to produce a proper notification. 


The radar was manufactured with a very good quality sensor. This sensor can learn new signs and signals at a regular interval. Automatic dimming alert systems are also a good innovation of sensors. It works to maintain the time status. Has the ability to understand the weather condition too. 

Carrying case 

Both radars come with an orderly decorated carrying case. It has a cigarette charger with a mute key. Also, the USB cable can be placed on that box very easily. That carrying case helps carry the radar with all the wires and cables with you. Generally, self-drivers get benefited from that carrying case. 


Uniden provides a 1-year warranty on the products. Sometimes the warranty clause doesn’t require you to play. Because they have long-lasting capability. On the opposite facet, you will receive a 30 days return policy from amazon. Alongside the warranty clause, all-time customer support is available with these devices.


At the initial stage, many users will not be able to distinguish the real difference between those devices. After that proper discussion, we can stand more positive aspects of the radars. Eventually, Uniden dfr9 proves to be the better one here. Therefore, my final decision is in favor of Uniden dfr9. However, the Uniden r1 is also a good one for normal service. So, in the case of lower budget money, this one can be a great companion of yours.

Frequently asked questions of Uniden r1 and dfr9?

Question: Is this clock system enabled? 

Answer: Yes, the GPS helps to provide a time system. With that time system, the radar automatically dims out at night time. Here this advance is available with both radars. 

Question: Which one has a free software update process? 

Answer: Uniden dfr9 has automatic software updating ability. This device will not cost any extra amount to be up to date. Unfortunately, the Uniden r1 doesn’t include an automatic software updating system. It has a fixed firmware built-in GPS. 

Question: Is the user manual available? 

Answer: Yes, Uniden provides a proper user manual for their users. It has instructions with attached pictures. Besides, you can acquire support from Youtube for unveiling more user-friendly features. 

Question: What is the way to get instant service?

Answer: Uniden provides all-time customer service through telecommunication service. You can contact the manufacturing company through the main website for any further inquiry. 

Question: Which one comes with a longer range ability? 

Answer: Although both radars are capable of providing longer range detection. But the Uniden dfr7 comes with an extreme level of detection ability. Also, it has a more powerful sensor, to provide accurate notification.    

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