Uniden r1 vs r3 – Go for the best long-range radar detector

Uniden r1 vs r3

Uniden r1 and Uniden r3 both are fantastic long-range radar detectors that appear with so many identical features. But with some advanced features, the Uniden r3 gets ahead of Uniden r1 very easily. Therefore, my recommendation is Uniden r3.

Now, let’s move forward to see all the varieties and connections between those two products. In this section below, you will find all the key factors behind my selection.

Why is the Uniden r3 the best? 

  • You will get a built-in GPS with this radar. That helps to separate motionless false alerts of speed signs and automated door openers. Whereas, the Uniden r1 doesn’t include this handy feature. 
  • Uniden r3 appears with an automatic speed-sensitive alert muting system. Anything touching the speed limitation will automatically generate an alert. But the Uniden r1 doesn’t offer this smart innovation. 
  • Ther Uniden r3 can sense the time and automatically dim down the display at night hours. This smart functionality was only possible because of the GPS chip. Unfortunately, the Unden r1 doesn’t possess this mode.   
  • With the help of an automated sensor system, the Uniden 3 automatically shutdowns the detector in the parking position. Whereas, you need to manually shut down the radar detector of Uniden r1.
  • Uniden r1 always displays the heartbeat scanning on the screen. On the opposite side, Uniden r3 comes with different display options of compass, altitude, and time.

From the above-mentioned differences, it is quite clear that the Uniden r3 radar is a nice one to have. However, the price tag of the Uniden r1 is 100 dollars lesser than Uniden r3. Now, if you desire to perceive any of those two items at a fair price value? Just go to the button underneath and make the best possible deal.

Similarities of Uniden r1 and Uniden r3

  • Extreme range laser radar. 
  • These two radars offer 360-degree voice alerts.  
  • Both these radars have a voice notification system. 
  • An exclusive carrying case. 
  • Both these radars were manufactured by Uniden.     

Uniden r1 and Uniden r3 compare table

Specification Uniden r3 Uniden r1
Editors rating Nutribullet 600 vs 900 review4.8 Nutribullet 600 vs 900 review4.6
Speed sensitive alert Yes No
Battery 1 lithium-ion battery required 1 lithium-ion battery required
Voltage 12 Volts (DC) 12 Volts
Voice notifications Yes Yes
Built-in GPS Yes No
Time display Yes No
Dimensions 8.3 H X 7.1 X 3.2 IN 8.3 H X 7.1 X 3.2 IN.
Display features OLED Wireless Wireless
Weight 0.3 Pound 1.1 Pound
Warranty 1-Year 1-Year

Comparison of features between Uniden r1 and r3 


In this section, you will not notice any notable distinction between those two detectors. Because both these radars appear with similar dimensions of 8.3 H X 7.1 X 3.2 IN. Therefore, these two radars are quite delicate in size and shape. Which is very easily attached to the mirror of the car.

Built-in GPS facility

In this section, a significant difference can be identified. The Uniden r3 gets ahead of Uniden r1 with this smart functionality. This GPS avails the time system with this radar. Whereas, the Uniden r3 doesn’t have time to display functionality. With that smart sensible feature, the Uniden r3 gets automatically stopped while your car is in the parking position.

Moreover, with this GPS you will get a release from false alerts. It can learn from speed signs and provides true singles when necessary. Furthermore, this GPS helps to generate an automated alert notification while running with over speed.

Where in Uniden r3 you can replace the heartbeat display from the radar screen with a compass and time display. But the Uniden r1 doesn’t provide you all these smart facilities of having a GPS.

Product weight and model

These items come with different weight measurements. Uniden r1 comes with a capacity of 1.1 pounds. Whereas, the Uniden r3 comes with a capacity of 4.8 ounces. Also, the model numbers of these two products are quite different. Uniden r1 has the model number R1DSP. On the opposite side, the model number of Uniden r3 is R3.

Battery requirements

These two radars require a battery to run. These two radars run with 1 lithium-ion battery. Without this battery, any of this radar can’t run properly. Also, you will get a carry case for these radars from the Uniden radar brand.


Both these radars come with the same types of warranty clauses. The company doesn’t provide any lifetime replacement warranty with these products. However, these items appear with a lifetime repairable warranty and support from the manufacturing company.


Uniden r1 and r3 are the most useful Radar detectors available in the market. The Uniden r3 is the latest one and fulfills all the lacking of r1. This radar also comes with an amazing GPS facility. Therefore, Uniden r3 does cost you a little bit more than Uniden r1. Yet this Detector is worth that cost of money. However, the Uniden r1 can be radar instead of Uniden r3. Because this radar also provides many similar facilities to accept exclusive GPS.

FAQ’s about Uniden r1 and r3

Question: Can these Radars be plugged into a cig lighter to USB adapter?

Answer: Cigarette lighters are slightly lower in volts needed to be run. Therefore, you may not be able to power up this radar with a cigarette lighter.

Question: Can I hide the wire in front of my eye?

Answer: sorry, I know it is an irritating one. But you can use a wire cover kit to hide this object from you.

Question: Can I return my Uniden r3 within testing time?

Answer: Yes, within 30 days of availing of this product, you can return this product. This specialty also comes with Uniden r1.

Question: Do these items come with Bluetooth functionality?

Answer: No, none of these products don’t have Bluetooth functionality. However, you will get GPS functionality with Uniden r3.

Question: Can I get the updated software free of cost?

Answer: Yes, the updated system software of these radars is fully free cost. Recently, I have updated my system software free of cost.

Question:  Can I get any user manual with these items?

Answer: Yes, you will get a very helpful user manual with these radars. Furthermore, you can take assistance from you-tube to enrich your understanding.

Question: How much is the contrast in the cost of Uniden r1 and r3?

Answer: With that exclusive GPS functionality Uniden r3 product will cost you about 100 dollars more than the Uniden r1.

Question:  Can I set up the GPS outside of the USA?

Answer: This is supportable in some parts of Latin America and Europe. You must go for the regional fixed model.

Question: What is the most exclusive feature of Uniden r1?

Answer: Both these radars come with 360-degree clear voice notification. Also has long-range detection capability. For me, it is the most stand out feature of Uniden r1 radar.

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