Uniden r3 vs max 360 – Take the best radar detector

Uniden R3 Vs Max 360

That is not so easy task to choose between Uniden r3 and max 360. Because the devices come with so many common functionalities. Yet, with some special functionalities, the Escort max 360 laser detector easily gets ahead of Uniden r3. So, my recommendation is Escort max 360.

Now let’s have a look at the key differences between these two detectors and find out why the Escort one is the best. As well as you will find a complete description of all the major functionalities of these two items in the section below.

Why is max 360 the best?

  • It comes with a directional indication system. Which is very responsive and provides pinpoint precision and direction alert. The Uniden r3 also has a direction alert system, but it is not special like the max 360.
  • It comes with lightning-fast digital signal processing (DSP) to produce accurate direction. Whereas, the radar of Uniden r3 is less accurate than this impressive detector. 
  • Moreover, this detector comes with five levels of filtering ability, to ensure the quietest drive. Besides, it has Bluetooth functionality. Unfortunately, the Uniden r3 lacks in quality in this department.   
  • Escort max 360 appears with a high-resolution graphic display and real-time speed limit data processing system. Whereas, the Uniden r3 doesn’t provide that high-quality in these sections. 
  • It is more powerful and provides an extreme range of direction compared to Uniden r3. Also featured with the dual antenna in the front and rear positions. Therefore, this detector gets into public choice more easily than all other detectors. 

It seems that the Escort max 360 is the most suitable one compared to Uniden r3. Interested to secure the best deal, by obtaining these products at a reasonable price? Don’t feel shy, just use that key provided here.

Similarities between Uniden r3 and max 360

  • Both these detectors are capable of producing long-range signals.
  • Voice notification alert system. 
  • The OLED display is very bright and clear. 
  • Speed limiting alert system. 
  • Automatic shut-down process, when your car is in the park. 
  • Advanced false alert filtering system. 

Uniden r3 vs max 360 – comparison table

SpecificationEscort max 360Uniden r3
Editors ratingNutribullet 600 vs 900 review4.8Nutribullet 600 vs 900 review4.5
Pinpoint directionsYesNo
Digital signal process (DSP)YesNo
Real time data processingYesNo
Dual antennaYesNo
Bluetooth functionalityYesNo
Speed alert notificationYesYes
Voice notification systemYesYes
Advanced filtering systemYes (5 levels) Yes
Automatic shut-downYesYes

Comparison of features between Uniden r3 and max 360

Special features

These two radar detectors appear with so many special abilities. However, the Escort max 360 has so much on offer compared to Uniden r3. It has an exclusive long-range detecting capability. Moreover, the Bluetooth connectivity system opens a new dimension in terms of radar detection.

Also, the high-resolution display of max 360 is very useful to all users. You will get dual antennas with this radar to provide you filtering notification. It has a higher data processing ability compared to Uniden r3. 

Furthermore, both these detectors are very well known for their automatic shut-down ability in the parking situation. The screen of that display is very bright and clear. Also, the automatic dimming ability at night makes these detectors more user-friendly. 


These two radars appear with a large dimensional difference. Escort max 360 appears with a dimension of 1.36 x 5.43 x 3.6 inches. Which is way too small than Uniden r3. Because Uniden r3 has a dimension of 8.3 x 7.1 x 3.2 inches. So, it is clear that Uniden r3 is the largest in between these two items. 

Item weight and model number

You will find a slight deviation in these products’ weight also. Escort max 360 weights 1.75 lbs. Whereas, the Uniden r3 comes in a weight of 4.8 ounces. This detector’s model number is R3. and the model number of Escort max is 578678. It is slightly slimmer than Uniden r3. 

Warranty and support

You will get a 30 days return policy by taking these items from here. Moreover, a complete user manual will guide you to run these radars properly. In case of any problems, the company provides all-time customer care service on telecommunication. Also, both these items come with a handful of warranty policies of year, with repairable support from the manufacturing brands. 


Here, Escort max 360 is the most complete one. Provide many amazing features that aren’t even mentioned in the Uniden r3. Therefore, my final decision is in favor of Escort max 360. However, this radar is slightly higher in price. In case of low budget, you can take the Uniden r3 instead of the Escort max 360 radar detector.

Frequently asked questions about Uniden r3 and max 360?

Question: Can I hide the wire of these radars? 

Answer: Escort max 360 has a left-sided wire attachment. Therefore, this wire does not come in front of the user’s eye. Whereas, the wire of the Uniden r3 can’t be hidden. Which is very irritating for many users. 

Question: Does this detector come with Bluetooth connectivity? 

Answer: Max 360 has Bluetooth functionality. But the Undien r3 doesn’t come with this handy feature. You will get this facility only with a max 360. 

Question: Which one is the latest? 

Answer: Uniden r3 is the latest one of these two. Because, the Uniden r3 was released on July 17, 2017. But the max 360 provides a more modern facility compared to Uniden r3.  

Question: Tell me about the display of these two radars? 

Answer: Both these radars come with OLED supported displays. Therefore, you will get enough brightness in the daytime from the display. Hence, the display of max 360 is more clear than Uniden r3. 

Question: Which one comes with a DSP system? 

Answer: Max 360 comes with Digital signal processing ability. So, you get an instant flawless signal with this one. On the opposite side, Uniden r3 doesn’t come with this capability. 

Question: Does this detector have speed-limiting warnings capability? 

Answer: Yes, this detector has this important functionality. You can manually put up the speeding limit, and these detectors will automatically respond. 

Question: Are these radars manufactured by the same brand? 

Answer: No, the max 360 detectors were manufactured by Escort inc. Whereas, the Uniden r3 has been manufactured with the Uniden brand. 

Question: Which one has pin-point direction capacity? 

Answer: Undoubtedly, Escort max 360 is the more powerful one here. Therefore, this radar provides pin-point directions. Also, the dual antennas system helps to provide a more accurate signal system. 

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