Uniden r7 vs Max 360c – Compare and Find the Winner

uniden r7 vs Max 360c

We have considered Max 360c as the best radar detector because it has so many exclusive features that are absent in Uniden r7. So, let’s check out the major difference between Uniden r7 and max 360c, to justify our decision.

What makes Max 360c the best laser radar?

  • Max360c is the first introducer radar detector to offer a wifi facility. So, you can connect this detector with your smartphone directly through the wifi. Uniden r7 doesn’t offer any wifi connectivity.
  • Another major difference is that the max 360c laser radar has Bluetooth functionality. But the Uniden r7 doesn’t have any Bluetooth functionality.
  • The false alert reducing technology is more preferable to the Uniden r7 radar. Because it has an auto sensitivity mode to clear up the false alert properly.
  • Both radars come with a multicolored display setting. But the max360c has a larger easily readable display than the compared one.

Both radars offer so many useful features that will amazingly assist you in driving mode. You can take the radars from here at the lowest value. Check out the buttons below to know more about these devices.

Similar features of Uniden r7 and Max 360c

  • Both radars have eagle-eye (360 degrees) detection ability. 
  • A powerful built-in GPS sensor is there for extreme range detection. 
  • The multicolored OLED displays of these devices are customizable. 
  • The voice notification system is the most powerful assistance of these radars.  

Uniden r7 vs Max 360c – side by side comparison

SpecificationUniden r7 laser radarMax 360c
Editors ratingUniden r74.7Max 360c4.9
Built-in wifiNoYes
Live traffic alertNoYes
Voice alertYesYes (Clear)
OLED displayYesYes (larger/customizable)
Long-range detectionYesYes
Built-in GPSYesYes
Auto learn technologyYesYes
360 degree detectionYesYes

Comparison of features between Uniden r7 and Max 360c

GPS technology

Both devices offer built-in GPS technology. That’s they can provide real-time notification. GPS technology helps to detect different radar bands including X, K, KA. Also, long-range detection is possible with that powerful GPS service.

OLED display 

We know these devices come up with OLED displays. But the most advantageous side of the display, its multicolored setup. It displays all the arrows in a different color. A very large display system avails a proper view. Drivers can read the screen from their seating position. Also, the color setting can be adjusted according to the driver’s choice.

Built-in wifi

Here max 360c offers exclusive built-in wifi connectivity. You can connect the smartphone to other wifi supported devices with that radar. This customary setting provides a software updating system of the radar. It automatically notifies the user to get a new update. If enabled in the automatic software update mode, it will automatically get up to date by that wifi connectivity.

Special features

Max 360c is a combination of GPS and wifi technology. Furthermore, this radar has a Bluetooth facility. By which you can connect the radar with the mobile phone. Another notable specialty of these devices is auto-learn technology. The device has the ability to learn from the new signs and signals.

Location marking comes with proper information about the place. Also, they have automatic sensor technology to eliminate false alerts. Both radars have eagle eyes detection ability. Can detect all the devices in your surroundings.

The manufacturing brand provides everything you may ask for. Such as the convenient traveling case. Which has a smart cord USB connector. You can make tours with that carrying case. A hassle-free system made radars more desired for all types of users.


Warranty clause is an issue for purchasing electronic products. Uniden provides a manufacturer warranty of 12 months with the Uniden r7. On the opposite side Escort, max 360 comes with 1-year limited warranty supported. So, users must be aware of the limitation clause of that warranty before using this device.


Directly you can not pick a radar from here. Because both radars are very good in their way. But if you analyze for sometime differences are visible. Escort max 360c offers wifi and Bluetooth facilities that are not included in Uniden r7. So, our first choice is maxed 360c laser radar. This radar will cost you 50 dollars than Uniden r7. You can take Uniden r7 to save some money.

FAQ’s of Uniden r7 and Max 360c

Question: Is the user manual included?

Answer: Yes, this user manual is provided with the radar. Any driver can take the instructions from that user manual. Because it is designed with pictures attached. Also if you have lost the previous user manual, check out the website for important user information.

Question: where is the mute button?

Answer: the mute button is situated on the power cord. The Control panel of these devices is pretty easy. All the buttons are easily accessible.

Question: Can I use the battery as the main power source?

Answer: No, both radars have a built-in battery setup, it is only for internal functionality. Direct current is needed to run the radars. The power source will eventually activate the internal battery. Then the machine works properly.

Question: Will it work in Japan?

Answer: Yes, bother radars will work on every location. But these radars have a location marking setup. Which function will not only work for American countries. To avail the full functional radars, for your region you can take the international version radar. Because this version has a customizable location marking facility. So, you can mark your regional location.

Question: Can I get Bluetooth functionality?

Answer: Yes, Escort offers a Bluetooth facility with max 360c radar. But this facility is not available with Uniden r7 radar detection.

Question: Does it work with 6-volt electricity?

Answer: No, you at least need 12 volts of electricity supply to run the device. But 14 volts of DC is needed to work properly.    

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